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      thank you ^^ I always wanted to be a cartoonist!
    2. Greetings, and welcome to my dream world!
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    Sleep, those little slices of death; Oh how I loathe them.
    -Edgar Allan Poe

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    my room has been... Go to Last Comment
    02-16-2012  09:17 PM
    Big Fancy buildings... Go to Last Comment
    05-01-2013  09:41 AM
    55th Shared... Go to Last Comment
    11-28-2011  02:54 AM
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    my room has been rearranged!!!

    by thebeastofold on 02-16-2012 at 09:17 PM
    i was standing in my room and i tried to adjust my very small glass tube tv, then i realize my flatscreen is gone...I WENT OUT TO THE LIVING ROOM and asked mom where it went and she said i dont know, i went back in rooma nd found my flatscreen perched on top of a large library card type wooden file cabinet balancing onthe corner of my bed O_o the rest of the dream went this way as well, noticing things missing, asking mom then finding missing items in impossibly precarious places...woke up...
    memorable , non-lucid

    Capt Jack Sparrow leads the way...

    by thebeastofold on 02-16-2012 at 09:10 PM
    It started out i was wandering the halls of some office building, endless halls, couldnt find my way out or around or anything...allof a sudden Jack sparrow appeared carrying a very long ladder, he said follow along now, we're practically finished! so i grabbed the back of the ladder and he lead me all over the place from one hall to another neverending hallways...then woke up...
    non-lucid , memorable

    5 dollar a gallon gas, brahma bull riders, healers, old ladies, africa...and strange streets...

    by thebeastofold on 11-19-2011 at 09:34 PM
    5 Dollar a gallon gas, africa and bullriders and healers...

    It started I was driving around some town and came to a gas station on an otherwise deserted corner...I noticed the gas was $5.25 a gallon, and i was shocked! I kept saying tio myself, "i reslly should take a picture of this..nobody would believe me otherwise" I stood there staring at the multiple price signs over and over again, then an old lady walked out of her car and said to me..."you need to go to Africa" all of a sudden, dream shifted, I was in africa...and i was helping uinload a large truck full of african kids of all ages...as i helped the last one out of the truck, i suddenyl noticed a small flat box sitting infront of me..i picked it up and handed it to the kid and he smiled and did a silly dance and ran away...weird... i hopped off the truck and saw 2 guys riding brahma bulls running in my direction, then i noticed they were chasing a regular cow calf.....the calf looked at me and ran behind the truck between the truck and a huge warehouse that wasnt there moments ago.....and it crouched down ontop a big pile of blankets and was watching the two bullriders under the truck...they looked at me and i shrugged and they rode away..as i turned to check on the calf...i was in a holet room somewhere and there was a witchdoctor/healer type guy there and he was chasing me around the room he kept telling me to move my arms in certain directions etc..he also kept saying he could heal my bad arms..over and over again (IRW i do have messed up shoulders..) he then showed me a video of myself running around an odd obstacle course and every so often i would pickup a log over my head and throw it.....interesting cure =)

    dream shifted

    I was walking down a city street somewhere and all the shops and businesses etc were below street level, you had to walk down a flight of stairs to get to every door on the street, i walked by a place that had only a movie theater type ticket window sticking out the front of the building and there was an old lady sitting in the booth and there was a small crowdof people standing around the booth and one guy had his head tipped down so he could speak through the little opening in the bottom of the booth window, and he kept asking "so where DO we get our mail" woke up...

    4th of july fireworks, small plane in parade...making copies and doing someone elses laundry?!?!?!

    by thebeastofold on 09-14-2011 at 08:16 PM
    Started out i was standing by a booth along what looked like our 4th of july parade route...it looked like it was going to rain, there was thunder, and sporatic rain falling......and i was thinking our fireworks wouldbe cancelled again...(the fireworks were cancelled this year due to extremely high fire risk...irl) i turned around and a small plane landed in the street and the pilot go tout and tid a rope to the propeller and started walking the plane down the street, i turned around and my dad was running the booth, he told me to tell him he couldnt be in the parade if the plane was only self powered...so i walked over to the guy and told him what i was told, and he went over to my dad and started argueing with him...i walked up the hill behind the booth, there were like 3 or 4 other booths along the parade route..one ws in the middle of the highway! i was walking towards where the fireworks wouldbe launched, and i notidced how cloudy, windy and cold it had gotten, and it was even lightly raining this time..allof a sudden fireworks started going up as if it was the grand finale..i decided i should have video taped the fireworks for mom, sicne she was in the hopsital and could see them this time..(shes not in the hosptial irl, thankfully) i turned and started walking back to the booth, and i noticed everytime the lightning would flash or the fireworks would go off i would see the shadows of everything that could cast shadows..including my own..i became lucid this time and turned to the left and down the hill heading home....i ended up walking down a small dirt alley behind a home i lived in many years ago..i saw a long dead cat wandering around, i stopped and petted him..havent seen him in many years, and continued on my way......i saw a guy i know in town here irl, walking towards me, suddenly i realized his laundry was finished...um...ok....so he followed me into the house and i opened the dryer and started pulling out clothes..the clothes had like white gunk all over them...i told him..guess youve got to come back later...he said, i'll come back later....... i walked into the living room and there was an old lady standing there buy a table by the door..i decided to do a RC and turned on the lamp on the table where she was standing, it came on..and i observed the surrounding area and noticed shadows etc normally associated with turning on a lamp irl....but i still knew i was dreaming...RC failed! hehe... she handed me some pictures of some girl..or lady..and ask for 2 copies of each(i manage an office supply and make copies every day practically irl) i walked over to the kitchen and realized the copier was out of town....i started rummaging in the cabinets...then woke up...
    lucid , memorable

    yet another very old hotel..sheesh

    by thebeastofold on 09-01-2011 at 10:45 PM
    Ive been dreaming about old hotels alot lately for some reason..heres yet another one!

    I was walking through the lobby of an extremely old, very gothically ornate hotel, my current employer appeared in a doorway in the back of the lobby i was walking through so i walked up to him and he said, I have to do it, but your're not gonna like it...come on...and he turned and walked through the doorway he was standing in...i followed into a huge sitting room of sorts, there were chairs back to back everywhere, antique high back leather chairs...and i immediately climbed up on a table and onto a walkway that circleed the entire room and started looking in every cabinet i came across, and there were cabinets everywhere...in most of the cabinets there was bits and pieces of antique train sets, like a train car and pice of track etc.....i finally went all around the room and got back down and my employer walked out of the room so i followed him again..he stopped in the middle of the lobby and turned to me and said "make sure he follows not to closely..." and when he turned i looked towards the entrance and saw an old friend of mine walking through the door...we walked over to him and then then my employer walked to a door to our right past the freakin huge overly ornate front desk and turned and motioned us over.....i told my friend he shouldnt be here but we'll see this through.....why i said that i dont know..he just smiled..we went through the door andit was a restaurant, we walked over and sat down with my employer and we ended up getting served grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches on huge slices of bread like frisbees...my employer then said, if you go that way home is always an option, i followed where he was pointing and saw my old house back east i moved from like 20 or so years ago....my friend and i went to the house and started to open the door and my mom opened the door and said, "nice try, but you cant come back yet...alarm woke me up....
    non-lucid , memorable