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    a link on a gide on luicd dreams


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    the broken dream

    by thedanknight on 01-21-2013 at 12:30 AM
    im in my house and i walk out side with my dad he says hey look theres a dead guy here a dead guy i say i turn to see him pulling out a bald skinny naked man i queckly relise this mut be a dream i do a RC it works i put my hands together and say stablize this seems to break my dream world so i run and jump over the fence and say here we go i start to wake up so i try to stay still and go back in i go back to sleep not lucid

    lucid in the wastland

    by thedanknight on 01-15-2013 at 12:57 AM
    my dream starts to form and i am councous that it is happining but i can still feel my real body and the vibrations that come with a wild i know
    this is a dream then i see a man he climbs over me and lays on the opposit sid of the bed this frightens me but i do not move i close and tell myself i need to go deeper and feel myself sinking into my bed thin i am in a room the same shap as mine but it is dark so im not sure i walk out into the hallway and turn into a room then i say wheres my scythe i see a dwarf like man spinning it it has a small blade and is black i get it and then im outside and there is 3 dog thing i cant explain what they look like but i kill them then the dream goes blacl

    theft shop

    by thedanknight on 12-30-2012 at 10:10 PM
    I am in town I do not recognize and I am with someone who I also do not recognize but we seemed to be friends on a small hill is a building we go inside and talk to the man at the counter he is wearing a top hat and a flannel shirt he says if you can steal enough items for me you will get a prize so we go off to loot the city I don't remember actually taking anything but returned to the building and he tells us that leave earned almost enough credit to win this he pulls out too long smoking pipes he says you need 24 1/2 credits to win these you do not have enough so we leave once more at the bottom of the stairs I stop turn back and enter the building I observed him talking to another person telling him that he needs a certain amount more of credits to win this large vehicle the vehicle is orange and brown has three wheels and is about 7 feet tall the guy sprints off out the door I look around and find the two pipes I grabbed them and ran into the back room of the building this room resembled bathroom but had a sliding paper door and a glass wall where I could see two people watching TV I sit down and commence smoking out of the pipes realize one does not have a hole for the smoke to go through so I throw to the side I finished to get up to leave and then I wake up

    dreaming dogs

    by thedanknight on 12-30-2012 at 09:55 PM
    i was in my front room looking at the dogs sleeping on the couch then I notice they're breathing gets faster and I think they must be entering our REM then everything turns black and white and it looks like the couch is melting inward I wake up

    title not available

    by thedanknight on 12-29-2012 at 08:30 PM
    i was outside a bilding on a dirt rode my mom was supposed to pick me up but shes not there so i get in a silver car on the rode there is a young man driving and his mom is in the passenger seat the she says to the guy hurry up shes about to crap her pants then a young darks skined girl holding her stomacha gets in and we drive up a hill and the guy looks back at me and says why are you here i say stop ill walk the rest of the way so i get out and walk towards the building i just came from mid way up the hill its to steep to walk so i get down on all fours and crawl the remander of the hill on the way up i notice the the dirt is very light in coulor i get back to the building and go in inside is version of my freinds house there all yelling at each other and fighting for spots on the beds this gose on for about 2 or 3 min then i wake up