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      Thanks! It looks like you know what you're doing, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask me or anyone around here. And great job with your DJing consistency! I wish I started doing this much earlier myself. xD
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      Hey, whats up?

      Btw, welcome to DV!
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    About TheMorningStar
    Don't really know where to start here. I'll leave the stuff about me for later. As for now, here is a list of people who have appeared in my dream Journal and if needed a brief description of their relation to me. Just a little something for some context.

    Mom-Anyone might say this about their own mom but honestly she's the closest thing to an angel any human could be. Her presence seems to lift everyone around her, she's inspiring, sweet, kind, and is always there for people. She works as a hospice nurse, meaning she cares for those who are terminally ill and are very near death. Her job is not to heal them, it is to guide them into death and help relieve some of both their, and their family's pain and suffering.

    Dad- Engineer for 30 years. Where I got a lot of my genes. He's now retired which gave him more time to do what he loves, read. He soaks up information and is incredibly insightful in almost every subject you would care to ask him about. What can I say, he's been a fantastic and loving father.

    Older sister- When she was younger she was very shy and awkward but has since grown to be quite independent and strong. She never really excelled in any field well enough to consider a profession in it and as such has changed "what she's always wanted to be" many many times. Currently though she is working hard to become a dental assistant.

    Younger Sister- She's your typical teenage girl. Always on the phone and wanting to go to the mall with friends. She's at the age where she's beginning to loose her innocence and learn about some of the not so great stuff out there which hadn't occurred to her before, because she's such a terribly nice little girl.

    Co- Good friend of mine from way back. Him and his little brother CH are the younger brothers I never had. They own a nearby farm we'd play on when we were younger.

    Ch- Younger brother by 3 years of Co

    TF- Fellow physics student and friend of mine from university. Not only a borderline genius at physics, but was also a state championship wrestler.

    Hs- Middle eastern acquaintance from first year university. He's built like a tank and tries hard to appear humble despite constant boasting.

    DM- Current room mate. Really nice guy, incredibly smart, him and his family are all fantastic people. For you ladies out there, he's single ;)

    GR- Older sister's boyfriend of a few years now. He's the typical working class man. Has a troubled past and is rough around the edges but he's like family now. My older sister and him are currently living with my family.

    JS- Moderately cute brown haired girl from high school. She's intelligent and knows what she's talking about and independent. She and AC have had on and off relationships but I think she's perfect for him.

    AC- High school friend of mine. He's a charming womanizer with Greek blood(tall with dark hair). Intelligent and up to date on current events he's always in the know about what's happening in the town he's in. Dependable until girls are brought into the mix. Long running skirmishes with JS.
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    Recent Entries

    Summer Night - 03

    by TheMorningStar on 06-16-2012 at 10:26 PM
    Gem studded shore
    There had been a flood in my back yard and I was out dealing with the aftermath. Huge puddles that ran waist deep were everywhere and in one I saw a giant moving centipede lagoon monster.

    I was like wtf is that and ended up getting a sword and cutting its head off. Once I had done this, the waters in my yard receded and left everywhere where fantastic gems the size of fists and flakes of gold. I immediately ran inside to get my sisters and some things to put gems in and then started collecting it.

    [+]Some other dreams that I couldn't quite remember when I woke up. Something about a building and being in a sketchy elevator.

    Summer Night - 02

    by TheMorningStar on 06-15-2012 at 10:09 PM
    Murder mystery
    I was with a bunch of other dead people. We were spirits/ghosts and we were in the mental world & or, in the memories of, someone who had recently been murdered. The scenery continued to shift as we went through different memories and parts of their life leading up to their murder. It was really eerie. Also, there was someone else in the memories with us, it was the murderer and as we got closer to the memory of when the person was murdered we could feel his presence growing stronger.

    [+]I was in a park walking somewhere. Instead of walking around, people would bend the paths and space to go where they wanted to. An old lady made a path bend to somehow end at a bridge she wanted to get to.

    [+]I was swimming with a bunch of girls I'd been introduced to. Think some of them were on a swim team together or something.

    [+]I was involved in trying to track down some convict. A bunch of other people were trying to get there hands on him as well, involving some of the real nasty people of the criminal underworld. I was on a motorcycle at night, pulling up to a gated off property. Rumor had it that he was somewhere around here. I could see a fire and people talking by it. I turned off my lights as I pulled in and hid my bike in a bush nearby. After jumping the fence I eventually came to a large hill that rounded off and went in to a steep drop off. It eventually became a vertical cliff and on the other side it was a canton. I sat there and looked at it for a bit.

    [+]Getting physics exams back, a physics T.A. called me out for a particularly low test score, I got pissed.

    Summer Night - 01

    by TheMorningStar on 06-14-2012 at 11:17 PM
    [+]Playing League of Legends, Gangplank had gotten fed and was killing everyone. Nunu ult was getting annoying.

    [+]I was visiting a school in Japan, it looked exactly like every Japanese high school I've ever seen in an anime. I went in to a computer lab there and they were having some sort of competition to see who could download a random image the fastest after it had been put up on a screen in front.

    [+]I was in some nice wooden house cabin place for the summer with some random Asian exchange students. They were cool and I got to know them. There were twins there, a boy and a girl. They taught me how to say stuff in Chinese.

    [+]With my friend Vaughn, like we were back in high school on a field trip somewhere. It was snowy/icy out, so while we were waiting for the bus we were sliding around.

    [+]By a large lake somewhere, maybe Alaska, I don't know. There were snow benders there like from Avatar or something. They were trying to preserve the nature but the lake was going to be industrialized so the made a giant noah's ark out of snow for all of the wildlife in the area by using snow bending which was pretty cool.

    [+]Playing some card game with a group of other college students. You had to predict the other person's card or match yours with theirs. Some girl who had been kind of flirting with me matched her card with mine and told me I was cute.

    Kind of wish I could remember more detail, but for my first night of getting back into dreaming I'm happy with my recall I hope I dream more exciting stuff next time, cause this stuff isn't all to thrilling haha.

    (Night - 25)

    by TheMorningStar on 10-02-2011 at 06:52 PM
    Birthday Coincidence
    The next day was my birthday so it was probably on my mind I 'woke up' and my room-mate was doing something over my desk. He had made some sort of a cake and was spreading frosting over it. He put it right where my computer mouse was. Now I know this is probably a coincidence but in the morning right over my mouse he had placed a note and a gift card and later that day one of my friends gave me a new mouse pad as a birthday present (cause I always just used a piece of paper) Just thought that it was something worth noting, perhaps as a precursor to a precognitive dream.

    Movie Store
    I was running out of an apartment complex towards some small city book/movie store. I was frantic about something and was running as fast as I could. One of my professors tried to say hello but I didn't even take time to shoot him a glance, I ran as fast as I could straight past him. There was apparently a bomb in one of the movies that was about to go off. I had some sort of a clue to find it. I reached the store and I somehow knew it would be in the science fiction area. I started pulling movies and books off the shelf trying to find the bomb but woke up before I could find it.

    [+]My neighbor apparently owned a large estate with barns and industrial stuff. I was there and some of his family were loading equipment on to a truck skeleton that was on top of a horse drawn carriage.

    Last Day of School
    It was the last day of school and I was helping some of the ladies on my floor move out. I had just stepped out of the elevator with a bunch of boxes.

    (Night - 24)

    by TheMorningStar on 09-29-2011 at 05:54 PM
    The Reckoning
    There was some catastrophic apocalyptic event going on. There was no light from the sky except for an eery silvery light that shimmered from the clouds illuminating the destruction and despair. People were dying everywhere, their eyes would shine the same silvery color as the light and look glazed over. They would have a horrified expression on their face, full of agony as if telling their loved ones to run. But there was no escape, for the earth opened up everywhere to engulf us, water flooded in raging torrents through neighborhoods washing away entire cul-de-sacs. I clung on to the gutter of a nearby house as I watched others be swept away or have the horrible silver light claim them. Yeah, not the greatest dream

    [+]At a restaurant with some friends. There was some guy there who owned the bar there we were talking to. He told us we should drop by sometime, drinks on the house.

    I was driving somewhere with my dad when a horrible feeling of dread came over me and my heart sunk to my stomach. For some reason I could sense that our sun had just collapsed/exploded and that every man, woman, and child on the Earth was about to die. I tried telling my Dad but the light hadn't reached Earth yet so no one would believe me.

    [+]At some sort of expo with my friends. Maybe something like E3?