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    My Best Lucid Yet! (DEILD)

    by ThePlayer on 08-27-2012 at 06:23 AM
    Okay, so this morning I had my first DEILD-induced LD! It was at least 5 times more realistic than the DILD ones!

    I don't have time to write about the night before now bout maybe I will edit it later as it's important.

    black: Side-notes
    red: Non-lucid dream
    blue: Lucid dream

    So, here's the dream:

    I'm laying in my childhood room's bed. My eyes aren't open, I just know I'm there (in reality I'm in my real bed). This doesn't seem strange at the time. I feel strong vibrations in the lower half of my body (from my chest to my toes). First I think it's only because some phenomena during meditation can be very strong. But hey! I wasn't meditating for the last 30 minutes! Then I feel the vibrations in every part of my body. I conclude that this must be SP because there is a nearly painful weight-on-the-chest effect too. So I hold still and wait. After about 15 seconds I open my eyes. I stand up, make a reality check, and I am lucid dreaming! Yeah! I want to exercise my strength a little so I try to break in the walls of the house but I don't succeed. Then I go into the living room where I find my friend's sister. My friend suddenly jumps to my back and tries to cover my head with a pillow (a scene from one of my previous dreams that night) but I can evade it. I go out to the yard and I suddenly remember my current goal: Have sex with the girl in the orange swimsuit . So I constantly try to summon her with not much success. Then I walked down the street. When I passed a house, a voice came after me. I turned back and saw a girl standing next to a house and talking to me. I went there, and thought if I don't find the girl I wanted she will be just as good . We went in but then the girl transformed into some old woman in black clothes. She showed me the house which was a bit dirty. I tried to summon the girl I wanted again. I stood in front of a room with closed door and thought: She'll be inside when I open it. I tried it many many times but I could only summon a boy with six eyes, a 300 kg sumo fighter and a woman with a mustache . I think my lucidity started fading here because I did some not-so-normal things like turning knobs on a guitar amplifier to achieve my goal.... After that my vision went away and I woke up for real.

    It was a very memorable experience and got me into LDing again after 2 weeks of laziness and it got me think hard on the "What is reality?" topic.
    lucid , memorable

    First Lucid (maybe Semi-Lucid) Dream! :D

    by ThePlayer on 07-25-2012 at 01:26 PM
    I had my first normal-lenght Lucid Dream a few days ago!! I just didn't have time to write it down here.

    Main techniques used: MILD+WBTB


    Here it is:

    I'm in my bed at night, MILDing, repeating my mantra. I'm a little thirsty so I get up and go to the tap in the end of my room to get a glass of water. [Interesting because I don't have a tap in my room plus I wasn't sleeping at home. ] It is already open. I pour water into my glass and I want to close it. Interestingly the water keeps rushing out of it. I remember that in dreams lights and machinery sometimes doesn't act the normal way. This idea disturbed me as I'm going back to bed. I go to the tap once again and still can't stop it. I lay back onto my bed thinking "This has never happened...". I try to breathe through my plugged nose, and... I can breathe!! "I'm dreaming!! Coooool!" I get excited but not very much. The dream doesn't become Full HD but I still find it VERY REALISTIC. I want to get out of my room but I don't want to wake up my parents so I climb out on the window. [This is an example why I think this may not have been a fully lucid dream. I made a lot of illogical decisions. But I was TOTALLY aware that I am dreaming. Let's just mark this as a semi-lucid lucid ] Then I climb down the roof into the garden. It is very dark. I don't know why but I really want to go to my friend's house. Suddenly, I am there. It absolutely doesn't look like his house in real life. His room is MY childhood room... But I don't notice it. He is inside with some of my other friends. I think they are watching a movie. I say to one of my friends: "Do you know that I am now sleeping/dreaming?" He stares at me with widely open eyes saying "You are?". I reply by saying "Of course I am!" I don't want to make them sad by telling them that they are only part of my imagination... I examine one of my friends' skin. I knew LD can be very realistic but to THIS EXTENT? [And this dream wasn't even one of the most realistic ones...]I go outside a little shocked and I want to try what flying is like. I find it very hard to float into the air. [Maybe because I wasn't FULLY lucid? ] So I just try to fly straightly upwards. I can go up about 6 meters by squeezing my butt... (?) lol. Then I fall back to the ground. The concrete breaks under my feet, it's cool... Then I try dream spinning. I suddenly teleport to my garden, not sure if this is the effect of the spinning or only a dream skip. Then I try spinning once again and interestingly I feel the sensation of the spinning motion but the picture doesn't change.
    Some seconds after that I wake up. I think "OHMYGAWHDNESS I JUST HAD A LUCID DREAM!". But shortly after that I conclude it wasn't a FULLY LUCID experience...

    It was still great fun, though.
    lucid , memorable

    A Very Inception-Like Dream About Lucid Dreaming (Also My First DJ Entry)

    by ThePlayer on 05-05-2012 at 04:03 PM
    First of all, I am new on this site. So Hello Everybody! Before I write down my first dream I want to share with You I should point out that English is not my native language. So please don't offend me for little mistakes.

    I got this dream with a MILD and WBTB attempt which failed. It was totally non-lucid.
    Now onto the dream:

    I was on a bus with some of my friends going to a hotel or some sort of house. Then I found myself in my hotel room which was almost identical to my real room. Me and my friends wanted to lucid dream that night. So we went to sleep. I tried to WILD and MILD in my dream! Here is the Interesting part: I had a dream in the one i wrote above (very much like Inception )! I dreamt that I was lucid in my dream inside the other one. Of course I wasn't really lucid. So I found myself in a big glass-room full of vases, bushes, trees and stairs. My friends were there, too. We wanted to have a great gunfight. One of us even told that we can't get injured because we're dreaming! I replied: We shouldn't do such things in our first lucid dream because we will maybe feel pain (just like in Inception, again ). So we decided to try out smaller things first. We then went through a restroom-like corridor. There a tall guard scanned us with a metal detector. Nobody got caught . On the other end of the corridor there was a part of a typical English town. It was like Christmas with lamps, decorations and a lot of snow. Near some tall buildings there was a small park. I went there with my best friend. I know that to conjure things in LDs it's easier to imagine a thing hidden somewhere and then find it so maybe the next scene was be because of this -- My friend then walked to a bush and picked up a handgun from the ground. Then he wanted to conjure a whole soccer team. (weird... ) In the next minute a whole soccer team arrived from the street next to the park. I got my headset out of my ears and wanted to get a minigun. So I imagined that I'm in the game Left 4 Dead killing zombies with a shotgun . I also heard that to stabilize a LD you should use all your senses so I started punching the zombies. Maybe this was the reason. At first it felt like my sleeping dream body was doing the same motion. My hands didn't really want to move. Then I had a rest for a while and the punches felt like real punches once again. At the end of a corridor full of zombies I found a chest. In it was the Minigun! Then I woke up (still in my dream body ). I talked to a friend about the dream in my room then I went to sleep again. Like previously I tried to MILD. I woke up again, I didn't have a dream in the dream now. This time I was talking to 2 of my friends in the living room of the hotel about LDs. And I went to sleep once again. I woke up, then I saw one of my friends (again...) with my dog. The was an other dog like mine but it was slightly bigger. There were 2 cats, too. I hard some whispering behind me and when I turned around I saw a wet cat. It stood like an aggressive statue and one of its eyes was blue, the other red. Then my friend said we had to go. I went out of the room and finally woke up in REAL LIFE.

    This dream was one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had.
    Luckily, I know where most of the dream sings may come from (like the cats, dogs, the English town and the hotel).

    I am still a newbie to LDing but I practice RCs, MILDing, dream recall, WBTB and even WILD regularly. I have practiced meditation for about half a year now so maybe if I consider WILDing more seriously this will come in handy.
    I will hopefully find some time to update my DJ and profile in the future.

    Updated 05-05-2012 at 04:28 PM by ThePlayer

    non-lucid , memorable