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    Strange life, strange person.

    Was a loner, not any more
    I have an IQ of 154.
    I went well at school, failed at speech
    Every girl, was an absolute beach.

    At 13 almost bombed my school
    Only thing that stopped me was my money pool
    But I smartened up, else I would be dead
    I exerted my rage into vidya instead.

    Been contemplating life, since I was 7
    Knew for a fact, the kingdom of heaven
    I questioned that too and faith in God was forgot.
    I know it exists but think he's is a twat!

    None the less back to my biography
    You're reading this to know more about me.
    I hate my sister for reasons so bad
    I am slightly insane, genetics from Dad

    too be continued...I am tired.
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    Windsor, NSW
    Vidya games, that is it...
    Safe manufacturer
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    1 part genius, 2 parts moron, 3 parts strange, 5 parts mental. Mix in genetic blender till puree and add a Tulpa to taste.

    "Don't show too much of your insane on your outsane... Otherwise they'll lock you up!" - John C. Lilly

    "If God sees everything...Doesn't that mean he watches porn?" - Philosoraptor


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    The School and The women in black

    by TheRealTenman on 01-07-2013 at 05:26 PM
    2013-1-08 Tuesday morning- Non lucid

    The Dream started out escaping from some event. (hard to remember)
    I reached a bunker with a few other people. About 6 or so.

    It was by the sea. Blue skies and blue waters.
    The concrete bunker didn't stand out all that much on the sandstone walkway as it was going into the floor.
    It was smooth and had no sharp edges. It looked very similar to Fallout 2 vault city buildings.
    There was a three block high sandstone wall that stood about waist high.

    *Time started skipping. I got the feeling and knowledge but not the experience*
    *About a week passed*
    An argument happened between an older man (about 50) who was somewhat close to me and a small group of people. They left.

    Now there was me, the older man, and another man in a blue shirt.

    *more time passed without me*

    People came and went bringing items with them and leaving them with us. Various shaped stones and rocks.
    One was a mighty, deep red, smooth, scoop like shape. Similar to obsidian when it fractures.
    It had a "blade" that eased off into a flat, thick "handle". It kinda looked like a shovel head though...

    *A lot more time passed without me*

    We headed up the coast with some people, keeping the water to the right.
    We followed the waters edge into a small bay and found a partially buried house. Not so much buried but carved into
    The travel was almost instant.

    I walked into the building. The walls were of a dark wood. There was an exit in the back behind a glass display rack.
    The stones were placed into the rack. Stairs led downward into (some place safe).

    Some people arrived and they "signed in" each writing a curse word on the wall or table next to the exit.
    One young man came in, dressed in black jeans, a white shirt, black hair.
    He looked like the new Devil may cry Protagonist but with a different face.
    *despite me never playing any of the games *
    We (the older man and I) explained the house was not open until he signed. He began to sign the wall.
    He wrote lightning next to the word fuck. We both stared at him.

    >"What?" He asked.
    "Lightning? Really?" I asked
    "That's not a swear word..."
    >"It has fuck in front of it."
    *We both laughed at him
    -"Just write fuck you or something" the older man suggested.
    "Then he would be Donte"
    *we both laughed again

    *we made more fun of him with jokes and memes from 4chan /v/ relating to DMC and Donte*

    "Donte" then signed something and entered, visibly frustrated with us.
    I think that many years passed in the world, though they were absent of my awareness. I just got the feeling that it "happened"

    The house changed, there were windows now, large double doors leading into the house.
    A library filled the entrance room walls, they looked similar to MineCraft shelves, the same colours anyway.
    It was now a school of some kind, some form of magic. I was still the guard of the entrance and display rack.

    There was a large building network on the opposite side of the cliff/ bay.

    I went outside/or looked through a window, and saw a fairly good looking woman.
    Early 20's, blonde? hair, black leather or glossy fabric of some kind, it griped her body well.

    All she said was "Hello?" and "would come to the dance with me?"
    When I responded with yes she just said "great!" and left.

    I returned to the "lobby" and admired the opposite house through a window.
    It was an asian style, 3 or more story house. With the stereotypical curved roof. See: Generic Asian pagoda but massive at the base.

    I saw another woman outside, gazing towards our building, so I went outside.

    I stretched at the front door and she called out to me with a simple, elongated "hey?" in that slightly seductive manor.

    She had black, flowing hair, and sported the same black pants and shirt as the first woman.
    Her face was quite attractive, she had a small-but-not-petite frame and was pretty damn fit.
    She gave of the feeling of a red belly black snake, or black mamba.
    Beautiful, seductive, alluring but incredibly dangerous and will gladly kill you if it feels like it.

    I responded to her with the elongated "He-llo" returning the obvious attraction between us.

    She asked who I was and I told her it. I don't recall the name right now.
    She gave hers and I don't remember it either.

    *missing scene including a small section of conversation*

    A blonde woman emerged from the second floor onto the balcony and she asked me to join her at the dance.
    She was wearing a black boob-tube and the same black, shiny pants.
    Another woman, maybe the same one, came out and joined the conversation. But she wore a black t-shirt.

    The black haired woman asked me what I was interested in. I paused, thought about it had and told her yoga.
    She told me that she tried "that shit" and got the "whole hand thing working"
    She waved her hand around as if something was stuck to the under side of it.
    She said "I ran to my mum and showed her, I got it to repeat and she told me to cut a line in the top and..." *missing scene*
    Then an image of a pair of scissors cutting a line in a pink lid, similar to a drink from a fast food place, popped into my head.
    The image then showed me a hole being stuck in the bottom of the cup.

    "so yeah..."

    She asked me if I wanted to join her at the dance.
    I answered yes but asked why everyone was asking me that.

    And OLD AS HELL man, most likely an elder or scholar came out of my building.
    It felt like he was going to tell me off but then the dream ended.

    I should add that there was a strong presence of "dark magic" emanating from the women. Or "bad vibes" or "something sinister yet attractive"

    I wanted to join them But couldn't yet because of the gap between us. Ie the bay+cliffs of sand stone.

    This was my most vivid dream so far. Sights, textures, emotions, memories and feelings were all so real...but not "so real it's fake-real"

    Updated 01-08-2013 at 02:39 AM by TheRealTenman

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