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    Police chase... Again

    by Thesatellite on 01-02-2012 at 05:44 PM
    I'm seeing a trend in my dreams, last night I was part of around 6 people released from prison, the prisoners were going crazy as we were being led to the doors, it took ages to get out, as we were being held back I realized I could be dreaming so I do a RC to confirm. Now im out with 1 of the others, I'm lucid too but again just following the dream, there's a huge screen with game playing, there's a map and lots of dots moving really fast, I ask the other guy what they are, he tells me it's the others and they're being chased down by the cops again, he tells me to touch the screen then take the helicopter, but says it's hard to fly. I manage to fly it to the scene and land on top of a hill. When I jump out there's all my work colleagues all sat on top of this hill watching the action below, I sit with them and tell them it isn't real, they all say I'm stupid so I grab my thumb and pull it so it stretches about 2 foot long, they just looked shocked, the dream became much clearer too, however it didn't last much longer. I woke up, took the dog out then went back to bed to try a WILD, it didn't work.

    Multiple dreams of travel

    by Thesatellite on 12-27-2011 at 10:19 PM
    I was at the swimming baths trying to convince people that I could breathe
    Underwater, the next thing I remember is a plane attempting to taxi out of a busy street, there were police everywhere, I was also a cop, then a side door opened from the plane and a guy came running out of nowhere and jumped into the open plane door. The plane then turned onto a busy motorway and started to take off, when I got onto the motorway, the plane hd turned into a flying fedex van, funny. Anyway I fire a tazer at it, it misses but floats, so I drive closer until the tazer touches the van/plane. This brings it down. I must have drifted out of this dream as I next remembered doing some traveling on a bus with lots of people, we got off the bus and were going to the airport, then I just remember we were in a Muslim country because of their clothing, but the ground was burning ashes and people were running holding something up, there were people sat on hills of ash, then we got to what I can only describe as the end of the world, it was a sheer drop to nowhere, the sky was full of stars and milky ways of all different colors. They launched this thing off and came back. The dreams were very weird, I do remember doing several RC's but never became in control of the dream.*
    lucid , non-lucid

    Fluffy Food Warehouse

    by Thesatellite on 12-20-2011 at 12:44 AM
    I was at my old job, working in the wareshouse. I was driving the fork truck and carrying out my duties. Then a stack of pallets fell over, people were scrambling around and it just felt weird. I pinched my nose and breathed in and out, at first it didn't work, then it did, but only in 1 nostril which was weird. So anyway, I know it's a dream now and i'm lucid, although not 100% in control, I begin to climb up the racking and for some reason, the racking is not metal anymore, its made of those cotton buds you're not supposed to clean your ears with, huge cotton thingys. All the contents of the racking is food goods, lots of sweets and chocolates etc, it's amazing. I knock something off the racking, I am very high up at this point, I see DC's running to pick it up, I find this funny so I do it more and throw chocolate bars at them, i'm so childish lol. Anyway, I am able to climb more and more for some reason, there are other DC's up there too. I guess this is where I lose lucidity as the last thing I remember is DC's chasing me. I am alsmost sure there was more to this dream however I just wanted it typed before I forget completely.

    Thanks for reading

    Chased in a mansion

    by Thesatellite on 12-13-2011 at 10:17 PM
    I have been dreaming of being chased a lot lately, the experience hasn't been scary though, its thrilling. Last night I was in a huge stately mansion, there were a lot of people around, in small groups dotted around the place. I was approached by a young guy, he said his father was coming for us and we had to get out. He led me to the fireplace which was huge, over 6 ft high, there were no flames and we stepped inside the fireplace, all of a sudden a door came down in front of us and we began to descend, it was obviously a secret elevator. I had the "I'm being chased feeling now" and we were running through a dark basement, we came to some stairs and began to go up them which was weird as we'd just gotten down, we ended back up in the room where he first approached me. I began to question the dream at this point and looked at my hands, they seemed normal so I did a nose reality check, it didn't work at first and I kind of knew it was a dream, I did the RT again and it worked this time, so I tell this guy, "hey, don't worry, this isn't real, your pops won't get us its just a dream." so he goes over to his dad and tells him he's a jerk in so many words and he starts to chase us again, it becomes hilarious now and very lucid. We go back to the fireplace elevator and it shoots down really fast. I knew there was a helicopter waiting outside for us, it was hovering with a winch hanging down. We eventually get in the copter and he sets off. We start to fall and I'm not feeling In Control, the pilot says don't worry, we fall right into a river and it turns into a submarine, weird but very cool. The pilot had a "told you so" grin. We do come back out and I,m now at the ocean. There is walls and walls of this white foam over 10 ft High, I know it isn't good, it starts to snow and there is a separation between the foam and snow, it all looks the same except for path separating the 2. I lost lucidity around this point and drift into another dream*

    Airport and Awesome scenery

    by Thesatellite on 12-03-2011 at 05:55 PM
    It's about time I started a dream journal on here, my LDing has fascinated me since joining DV, I didn't know how cool it could be.. ok so last night, and this wasn't the worlds greatest dream, like I say, i want to start a DJ for my own reading and records as well as sharing them with you. I was in an airport line, it was very light and futuristic, I don't know why it was futuristic it just felt that way, it was strange. I got up to the front desk and the guy was talking to me, I thought .. .wait a minute . .this is a dream so I pinch my nose and I was right. I was asking the guy what he was doing here and he just spoke giberish to me, it was funny, anyway next to me this arogant dude pushed to the front and started yelling, the guy he just nudged out of the way toppled to the ground, so me knowing it is all a dream walked up to this guy and said something like, hey watch this, I whipped my arm the the right as if i was shooting something out if it, that was the intention lol, nothing happened and he got mad at me, I did it a second time and the huge windows smashed, I then picked him up like he was nothing and (this is funny too) bent him in two and rammed his head up his arse .. lol .. the head up the arse wasn't intended on my part and I lost lucidity somewhere after that. I found it funny. I had another non LD dream which was strange, I was stood high up a huge hill, looking down on the town below me, I was just thinking to myself, this is so beautiful, I felt at peace, everything was clean, it felt like spring or summer, it wasn't cold, but the most amazing part was the sky, it was just mind blowing how amazing it looked, but all I could think about was, "take it all in, this will spark a lucid dream sometime" .. you can imagine how silly I felt when I woke up .. .thanks for reading.
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