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      ThreeCat! How is it going ?? Just wanted to say hello after a while of not being as active here as I would like to be
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      Happy 1000 posts!
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      I forgot to congratulate you on becoming a Dream Guide.
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      I had a dream fragment with you in it! You were a giant, well-dressed cat walking out of the back exit of a building into an alley. That's all I've got... wish I remembered more!
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      A radio in the DEILD void? That sounds like fun. Was something playing before you tried to change the channel?
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      Congrats on reaching 100 lds, Threecat!
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      That Gurdjieff's quote was very insightful
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      Yeah I am on a camping trip for two weeks, I really miss my bed!
      Who got all of them first, ready..set..GO!
      They do indeed!
      Not yet :/. I really like the Hobbit and the Jack and the Beanstalk one!
      Which would be your favorites?
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      Thanks! I slept the whole comp in a tent, next time will be super power effort in my own bed and a dark room

      I will definitely try to earn my wings! And maybe some TotY tasks, how about you?
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    Have been enjoying lucid dreaming since 2014. Don't post much in my DJ anymore because I have gone to voice recording.
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    Lucid dreaming, meditation, reading, writing.
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    "Indian in the Cupboard"

    by ThreeCat on 08-16-2015 at 03:41 PM
    I am walking down the street when I see a friend I have not seen in several years. He seems glum. I approach him and ask him what is wrong. He answers noncommittally, so I ask again. He vanishes. I am a little worried because I think I am going crazy. I then realize I am dreaming.

    I am now in my childhood home. I say to myself, "We are not flying, having sex, or eating food. What do we want to do?" I see some action figures up on shelves. I grab one (the Gorilla alien from the ALIENS franchise)

    by the arms using perspective. I then try to expand him but he won't grow. I settle for bringing him to life. With a couple more magical hand movements I bring the rest to life, including a group of tiny Harry Potter wizards with glowing wands. They begin to chase and try to attack me. I run to the master bedroom and shut the door (throw a shirt on top of the wizards?) and then stuff some clothing under the door so the little wizards won't be able to get in with their magic.

    I decide I want to summon someone through the TV. At that point I
    wake up.

    "Mountain Dunes" and "Hospital Gerbil"

    by ThreeCat on 08-15-2015 at 02:45 PM
    I am in a desert at night, with a man who might be a teacher or guru. We are climbing (flying?) to the top of very high sand dunes, like mountains:

    I am at a hospital with a friend from high school. He has brought all of his ferrets with him. They are many different sizes, and I am playing with them. One of them looks like a gerbil, and I pretend like I am going to chase him. He runs excitedly down the hall, then turns and runs back towards me, like a dog. We do this several times and it is a lot of fun. At one point, he grows bat wings and takes to the air, before coming back and landing in my hair. Lots of fun playing with dream animals

    Updated 08-15-2015 at 02:47 PM by ThreeCat



    by ThreeCat on 08-10-2015 at 07:26 PM
    I am recounting a "memory" of riding a dragon to another DC. The memory becomes very vivid and immersive, as though it is happening right then. I am flying through the sky, very high up, about cloud level. There is a rider sitting behind me, similar to a skydiving instructor, I suppose The dragon loops in the air, and suddenly I am falling. I'm terrified because I think this is real, and that I am going to die. The dragon then swoops back and catches me. I wonder how the dragon managed to catch both me and the instructor, then reason that the instructor is probably strapped in. I wake up, and for a moment, think that my dragon memory is real

    Updated 08-11-2015 at 05:57 PM by ThreeCat


    "Thus I prove!"

    by ThreeCat on 01-24-2015 at 10:15 PM
    Not much this week due to illness. Haven't tried inducing since last week, but had a near miss last night and an LD this morning:

    I am on a college campus, inside a coffee shop. I am eating something in line and not paying attention. Suddenly it is my turn to get coffee. I apologize to the barista for not being ready and he walks away from me. I try locate the decaf. I see the dispenser for decaf coffee and ask if it is dark roast. He says that it is. I order a coffee and then hand him a plastic coffee cup/thermos I have picked up from inside. It is full of Cookie Crisp cereal (apparently what I was eating). He looks inside the mug, and then dumps all of the cereal into a trash. I am a bit shocked, as I did not expect this. I go back to the displays in the story, looking for another bag of cookie crisp. I find one, but realize that I had emptied a bag into the mug without paying for it. I decide to steal this bag since the barista ruined my opportunity to eat the other one. I shove them in a plastic grocery bag I am carrying.

    I return to the counter. The barista says I look familiar and asks where he's seen me before. I agree and say he also looks familiar but that I don't know. He asks if I went to a lecture the previous day. I say I didn't. I ask him if he's a lucid dreamer.

    "Yes," he says.

    "Oh, cool," I say. "How long have you been lucid dreaming?"

    "Since he walked in the door."

    I stare at him for a moment before nose pinching. Seems I am awake, but I check my watch anyway. It is spazzing out and being weird. Could be a dream. He comments on me looking at my watch, saying, "Oh, that's one of the ways you check to see if you're in a dream." I look suspiciously at him and say, "This is a dream, isn't it?" He makes some kind of noncommittal gesture.

    I look around at my surroundings. Everything seems very normal and very real. This seems like reality. I then realize that if I wake up in a few minutes I will be sort of pissed. I think back. When was the last time I went to sleep?
    And then I remember. I fell asleep at home. This is definitely a dream. Elated, I fly easily into the sky. The dream is providing me with good flying energy, and I am soaring higher and higher. I look down, and survey the ground below me, before diving headfirst at the ground. The street scene has become an ocean, and I dive beneath the waves. It unfortunately does not feel very real, and the dream begins breaking up. However, I continue flying along, hoping the visuals and tactile sensations will return. I wake up.

    Meditation in NREM

    by ThreeCat on 01-02-2015 at 06:44 PM
    Trying to fall asleep consciously. Begin attempt at 10:40 pm. After sometime of lying on threshold, roll over and check watch: 12:30 AM. RC and am awake. Surprised so much time has passed, but certain I did not lose consciousness. Lie back on back, just try to fall asleep. Falling sensation,vivid HI (can't remember it now, but I recognized it when I saw it), and then falling completely backward. "Land" in body. Warmth spreads over body. Body begins breathing rhythmically--fell asleep with hands on stomach, difficult to get deep breaths. I just let body do what it wants. Goes on for some time (30 minutes?). Undercurrent of thoughts, but I am able to easily observe them. Just observe thoughts while lying, and use breath as anchor.

    Breathing begins to slow down. Continues to slow, warmth continues to spread through body until it is difficult to feel body. Can barely feel body now or hear breathing. I am just aware of my heart beat and some undercurrent thoughts.

    Vision begins to brighten and expand, and outer awareness that is left very quickly dimming. I feel this is the approach of delta sleep. Heart rate increases until vision returns to black. I can hear my breathing again. I rest here observing thoughts and practicing mindfulness of breathing until my butt begins to hurt. Leg is also in weird position. I lie like this for some time, hoping to enter the "bright awareness" again. I finally move, and decide to try one last time. Am able to move body without fully returning to normal waking state. Pain is too much after a while. Roll over and check watch. It is 3:55 AM.

    Updated 01-02-2015 at 08:33 PM by ThreeCat

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