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    Hello, I am a married mom of two, three if you count my cat Twinkies. I am just starting out but have had a few lucid dreams but thought it was a fluke. I never had much control, just would realize it was a dream and maybe make something stop happening if I wished it to go away long enough. I guess I was sort of half lucid, in a sense.

    Nice to meet you all.
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    Hit by a train!

    by tickleberries on 02-10-2011 at 06:57 AM
    I had this dream 3 times in the past. Recently, my dreams have gotten a bit boring so I figured I'd mention this dream that happened 3 times in the past few years. The last one is even more memorable.

    My husband is driving the car with me and he takes a wrong turn. He turns into a tunnel of some sort, very dark. It is only at the last few seconds that I realize he has turned into a train tunnel and the train is headed full speed for us! The first two dreams, I woke when the train hit. This time, I screamed "BACK UP!"

    I see it coming. It has a light. It is black. There is no way that my husband can back out and I know I'm going to die. I don't look away and then... BAM! it hits! Everything went dark but not my awareness. Everything was gone and all was quiet. In the darkness I woke myself asking, "Am I dead?"

    Dream on a bus (another horrible husband dream)

    by tickleberries on 02-06-2011 at 03:44 AM
    I dreamt I was on a bus with my husband. Everytime I dream of that man, he's mean to me. In real life he is not. I sat on a bus with no shoes, no phone, no money, and no idea of where we were going. I was totally confused and out of my element. Suddenly, he decided to get off the bus for just a moment. Well, of course, he was gone for the rest of the trip. I was terribly upset and worried. I had no idea of how I was going to get home or back to him.

    Later, in the end, I met up with him after a whole bunch of emotional stuff happened on the bus. He kept walking too fast for me, leaving me behind. I suddenly realized in the dream that he was doing it on purpose to lose me. I realized that he left me on the bus on purpose.

    Oddly, he is a faithful guy who I have been with for 15 years. He is totally opposite of this person he looks like in the dream. It is so weird how I am always getting my "Horrible husband" dreams. I will continue to post them as they come. There are so many details but if I write them all, I will bore anyone who is reading this. LOL

    Just a fragment

    by tickleberries on 02-05-2011 at 06:09 AM
    I was dreaming of President Obama. I don't remember much but just that there was something he was doing that I didn't like. Gosh, I wish I could remember.

    Boring dream.

    by tickleberries on 02-03-2011 at 04:53 PM
    I am in the store, Aldis, with my mother. It was like I was a teenager again. We were picking out food to buy. I was putting it in the cart. There was hardly anyone in the store, which is rare. At the checkout, it is a self checkout with no cashier. I see a teenager around 15. I think to myself, I'm around that age, although in real life, I am not. I start packing the groceries in various bags. I had picked out many bags of marshmellows but some of the bags broke and are spilling out the marshmellows. I begin picking them up, throwing them in a garbage container which took me some time to find.

    Some of the shopping bags, being plastic, also seem to have hangers attached to them. I'm thinking that they are for clothing or certain groceries. I go to pack away a gallon of chocolate milk and the container starts to come apart. No milk spills out but I wonder why in the dream. It sort of pulls apart. I'm thinking, in the dream, gosh, there are so many groceries. This is a lot of work! I look at mom and say, see, if you had went to Jewels (a different store) this would have cost you $700 but here it only cost $100. Cashiers nearby hear me.

    Yep, boring dream. Don't even read it. Oh, but if you got this far you probably already did.

    Odd dream leaves horrible sensations

    by tickleberries on 01-31-2011 at 09:01 AM
    I had a terrible dream. The gist of it, last night, was that I had the illusion of being incredibly tall and yet no one else could see that I was tall. In the entire dream, I was unable to walk properly, things were so unbalanced, and I could barely even sit in a chair. It got progressively worse toward the end of my dream where I started falling on the floor and could not seem to stand. My balance was so terrible and it felt like I was almost coming out of my skin.

    Then, my husband woke me in real life. I got out of bed feeling terribly weak and unable to think straight. I felt like my body wasn't proportioned correctly. The rest of the day, until I took a nap, I was completely miserable and uncomfortable. It is hard to explain but it was as if my body was a suit and I had it on wrong. Gosh! That sounds weird, I know. It was such a weird day.