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      Yesterday, 07:16 AM
      Hi, so once you read ETWOLD (Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming), you'll know what I mean by day practice. "Practice" means just whatever you're...
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    • FryingMan's Avatar
      Yesterday, 06:53 AM
      LD #304 2024-05-26: dark threatening clouds, hole in the clouds on the right, a bright city, check again, this time with a bridge, try flying, can...
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    • FryingMan's Avatar
      05-19-2024, 08:08 AM
      Hello! Can you give more detail about what you've been doing in these three months, what you have read, what your day practice looks like, what...
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    • FryingMan's Avatar
      05-14-2024, 08:45 AM
      LD #302 07:00 2024-05-14 "Mural" bedtime ~23:00 recall on 3rd waking at 04:30, 4 dreams MILD on scenes from the dreams, set intent (light,...
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      05-05-2024, 08:46 AM
      LD #298 and #299 came on the same night at the end of April, 2024. LD #300 occurred the next night. (I guess I'm repeating myself here) LD #301 was...
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      04-29-2024, 11:09 AM
      FryingMan replied to a thread Maple's Workbook in DILD
      Keep it up! I'm seven week in to my renewed practice, and I had 3 LDs in the last 3 days (2 LDs 3 days ago, 1 LD yesterday). Consistency is...
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    • FryingMan's Avatar
      04-29-2024, 11:07 AM
      LD #297 a couple weeks after #296, also a brief waking moment. I continue to practice the Four Foundational Practices of The Tibetan Yogas of...
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      Hi Tihity! Thank you for adding me. Happy dreams : D
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      Hi and belated to Dreamviews! Nice chatting with you on irc
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    Ring Of Light - Mar 14, 2015

    by Tihiti on 04-16-2015 at 03:56 AM
    In the void between dreams, and I felt 'the vibrations' and I could see a hoop of orange red light, so I tried to sit up and move towards it, but I was pushed me back in my bed and held there. Mmmmm, Grrrrrrrr. Sorry, wish I had more to say about that, cause I'm sure it would of been awesome!

    Quick Flight - Apr 9, 2015

    by Tihiti on 04-10-2015 at 06:32 PM
    In this dream I became spontaneously lucid for no reason at all. When it happened, I had just walked into a very large empty room. There were no windows, a very high ceiling, and doors on opposite walls. It was a brightly lit room, and yet there were no light fixtures. As soon as I realized I was dreaming, I flew up into the air and began circling the room, and that’s when I noticed I wasn’t alone. A man had been following me. He was staring at me as I circled above, and when he noticed me staring back at him, he quickly looked away. I began to think about asking for my daughter to join me, but I’ve been reluctant about doing this lately, because last weekend a group of four thugs tortured her right in front of me (I’ve been very upset with this since). I really should journal what happened, but I’ve been trying to forget about it. Feeling some retaliation I flew down and grabbed this guy from the back and flew up into the air with him, and I honestly don’t remember what happened next. Thinking back on this, I acted inappropriately, and I need to stay calm and not be violent in LD’s, no matter what happens.

    Doctor Visit, Dream Figure Describes Dream Creation, Visit with my Daughter - Apr 2, 2015

    by Tihiti on 04-04-2015 at 08:30 PM
    WBTB 3:00 Am, Read Dreamviews dream journals, Mantras (written and spoken), and then I got all my pillows organized in their perfect places, then to bed - about 1 hour later. I then laid in bed and repeated my mantras in my mind until I was feeling sleepy, then I started to meditate. I was doing body energy work where you bounce your energy in a clockwise direction around your bedroom, off the walls and through your body and out the other side. After one complete rotation, I would pick a different plane to repeat the exercise. One bounce takes about 1 to 2 seconds. A mental image of my room builds in my mind as I proceed. It’s like your scanning the room with a beam of body energy. After about 10 minutes I started to do tactile imagery where I was climbing a ladder, and then I move on to climbing a rope, and then picking up coins with my right hand and dropping them into my left. By this point my body is asleep and my mind is awake. Sometimes my hands or feet start to feel really sore (pulse with pain), so I move energy away from feet (repeating) to my torso, and then the pain fades and disappears. This is a common problem while in ‘the void’, or in deep meditation, and I accidently stumbled across this method of getting rid of the aches. It works awesome!

    While in ‘the void’, hypnagogic imagery and occasional voices happened. Then I got a 2 dimensional picture of a hospital room, and it quickly turned to 3D (lucid dream). I started to walk around the room, but it was black and white, and of poor clarity. A nurse walked past me, and I decided to close the curtain around the bed, so I could focus on improving clarity. A doctor then walked in through the opening in the curtain and stood beside me. Then my vision started to fade quickly, so I asked the doctor to hold onto my hands, and he did. Darn, I was now back in ‘the void’, but I was still holding onto the doctor’s hands. I could hear somebody laughing to the right of me, and then the doctor said something. Soon after, the doctor let go of my hands, and I woke. Position and pillow change.

    I tried to repeat the WILD technique described above, but I fell asleep, and then I had this interesting Dream Induced Lucid Dream (DILD). In this dream I was viewing it in 3rd person, from above, and it was an excellent Rambo movie scene! Rambo was driving a quad with really big wheels, and towing a fifth wheel style, semi-trailer (all camouflaged). On both sides of the semi-trailer were two army tanks being towed by heavy cables. These tanks were literally skidding across the ground on their tracks, and it really made no sense to me how a quad could possibly have this much pulling power. I realized I was dreaming - DILD (for several reasons)! Rambo was driving this assault vehicle combination through the thickest jungle ever, and trees were flying! He fished tailed onto a logging road, and under a bridge, and then one of the tanks drifted way off into the forest knocking foliage everywhere. He then drifted through a parking lot and smashed sideways into a restaurant. I then moved from 3rd person to 1st, and I followed Rambo as he ran into a restaurant in a blaze of glory with his dual machine guns!

    The two women behind the cash register ducked as bullets flew overhead, and the patrons looked at us as if we were aliens (kind of WTF look). I instantly told Rambo to stop shooting because he was going to hurt these people, then he unexpectedly turned into a regular looking guy with a huge smile on his face. I quickly looked around the restaurant, and nobody looked any worse for wear, so I headed outside. When I got outside, I noticed that we were inside a huge facility, and the Rambo Assault Vehicle was still there, smashed into the side of the restaurant. A very tall 7 foot man was standing beside Rambo’s vehicle admiring it. I figure he have been the dream creator of this awesome Rambo action scene I just watched, so I asked him, “Did you just create this amazing action dream with Rambo and this assault vehicle?” He laughs and replies, “Heck no, this action dream was created through the thoughts of hundreds of people!” I wasn’t expecting that answer. Interesting!

    After he said that I started to float up above the wreckage and restaurant to see if there was an exit out of this facility. The ceiling was really high, maybe 100 feet, and it was lined with offices and mezzanine walkways. There were people everywhere, and several of them were watching me as I flew around the perimeter of the facility. A child then shouted my name and said, “Show us some lucid dreaming tricks!” Okay, I’ve never had that request before, so I flew into the central area of the facility, about 40 feet off the floor, and I started to form a beach ball size of white light in my hands. I was planning on giving it to the kid, but then the dream fading, so I immediately took off flying right through the facility wall and into the blue skies.

    It was an amazing summer day, and I was flying over a massive city on the coast. There was one very tall building in the city’s central area, so I flew up to it for a closer look. The building was covered in black reflective glass, and reduced in cross section at several intervals in elevations. I could see many people inside the building, through the tinted windows, and I thought maybe this would be a good place to meet up with my daughter. When I got to the roof, the wind was way too strong for a safe landing, so I abandoned mission, and I decided to look for a better place. I quickly flew over to the coastline and saw a beautiful park below with a large concrete monument (war hero remembrance site). I landed on this large concrete deck with concrete railings, a monumental statue, and steps going down in two different directions. There was grass all around, a sidewalk, several covered bench areas, lots of people, and the view of the ocean that was nothing short of amazing! I then started to call for my daughter to come, saying I found a beautiful place for use to meet at.

    As I was walking down one of the concrete stairs, my oldest sister appeared out of thin air, right in front of me. She said, “I figured I’d find you here!” I walked up to her and held both her hands and said, “Yes, this place is amazing!” My 2nd oldest sister then appeared to her left and said, “Hi!”, and then my son appeared to my right on another set of steps, “Hi dad!”. Then my daughter appeared right in front of me. She was crying, I ran up to her and held her in my arms, asking her what’s wrong? She said, “I can’t do this. I don’t want you talking to mom about this anymore.” I then remembered the nasty argument mom and I had the other day about my lucid dreaming visits with my daughter, and I said, “Are talking about the argument mom and I had the other day?” She said, “Yes.” I woke after that, and I realized just how upset my wife gets when I talk about all the wonderful visits my daughter while lucid or in an OBE; whereas my wife barely remembers any of her dreams, and dreams with her daughter has only happened a couple of times since her passing. I’ve decided in the future to only discuss these dreams with my wife if she specifically asks, or if she is directly involved in the dream in some way.
    memorable , lucid

    Snuggling in ‘The Void’, and Giving our Daughter a Sandwich Hug - Mar 31, 2015

    by Tihiti on 04-03-2015 at 01:23 AM
    I went to bed around 10:00 Pm and woke at 3:30 for Wake Back to Bed (WBTB). Read some dream journals, and did some written and spoken mantras (to visit with my daughter while lucid), and then I went to bed and meditated to state where I was consciously awake with my body asleep. Unfortunately, I did fall consciously asleep, and I ended up in a dream where I was driving a snowmobile down a mountainous gravel road during the summer. I was pulling a co-worker on a bobsled, and we were travelling dangerously fast, so she said, “Hey, slow it down a bit!” It sounded like a good idea, so I pulled into a parking lot to take a break. The road just seemed to end in the parking lot, and I found that a bit strange, so then I questioned myself if I was dreaming or not. Yup, definitely dreaming, I’m lucid! I then woke from the excitement and I was back in the void.

    I was lying in bed with my mind consciously awake and my body asleep for a short period of time. Then I felt somebody crawl into bed behind me (I was laying on my left side), and then they reached around and hugged me with their right arm. I moved my dream arm carefully, so as not to move my physical arm, and I gently held onto the person’s wrist. It was definitely my daughter’s wrist, because she has very small delicate wrists. We laid quietly for about 5 minutes in ‘the void’, and then I decided to try and speak with my dream voice, “I love you!” It worked! I was able to talk without using my physical voice. I then felt ‘the vibrations’ happening, but I didn’t want to OBE exit because I was perfectly happy just lying there with my daughter. Soon afterwards ‘the vibrations’ ended, and then I heard a lamb go, “Baaaaah!” in my right ear! Little did I know I was false awakened.

    I sat up in bed unknowingly in a false awakening, and I saw my wife, son, and my son’s friend, all standing in my bedroom. My bedroom actually appeared as my bathroom, with my bed in it. I could hear rocks rolling around somewhere. I told everybody to get the heck out because I was trying to lucid dream, and they all just laughed at me. My wife passed me the I-pad, but it looked totally different, and I couldn’t get the dang thing to work properly, so I passed it back to her and she closed it like a laptop. All these dream signs and I still didn’t realize this was a false awakening. I was getting real angry with everybody being in my room, so I laid down in bed to fall back to sleep. That’s when I woke for real! Darn, that would have been an awesome lucid dream. Clarity was picture perfect!

    In this next dream, I was at a shopping mall talking to a pretty quadriplegic, black haired girl (in her 20’s) who was painting with her mouth. I asked her if she always paints with her mouth, and she replied, “Sometimes I paint with my hair”, as she grabs the paint brush and sticks it in her hair. So I smile and say, “Oh, you’re not paralyzed?”, and she nods ‘yes’ at me. So I sat down beside her to watch her paint, then she sat on my lap. I felt a bit uncomfortable with this, but I was willing to go with it. Then my wife walked up and pushes lightly on the girl’s back to get off me! Trying to avoid trouble, I stand up and walk off with my wife. I reflected on what just happened, and I figured out I was definitely dreaming! Lucid again (DILD)! I then put my hands on my wife’s shoulder and said, “We have to call for our daughter to come!” She momentarily looked puzzled, and then she caught on! We both started calling for our daughter to join us in this dream. We walked up a flight of stairs to a landing, and then my wife became distracted with something. Then I put both my hands on her shoulders and looked her right in the eyes and said, “You must stay focused. Keep calling for our daughter until she comes.” My wife had the strangest looking glowing bluish eyes. She agreed and we continued up to the 2nd storey of the shopping mall.

    Suddenly I heard my daughter say, “What? What’s going on? Huh? How come mom’s there?” BTW, there were tons of people in the shopping mall. Then I saw a little girl walk by, I thought maybe that was my daughter, but no, she walked right past us. We continued calling for our daughter. Then my daughter came running up the stairs and towards my wife. She was really young, maybe 5 or 6 years old, with curly blonde hair. My wife scooped her up in her arms with excitement and they hugged and kissed! I ran around to the other side, and together we gave our daughter a huge sandwich hug! That’s when I woke from all the excitement. I wish I could have stayed longer to see what happened next.
    lucid , false awakening

    Bike Race, Zip Lining, Gas Mask, Meeting Mila, & Breathing Underwater - Mar 20, 2015

    by Tihiti on 04-01-2015 at 01:54 AM
    In this dream I was riding a ten speed bike in a race through the mountains of Chile. I looked around and thought to myself, “Why am I racing a bike in the mountains of Chile? I can barely ride a bike, how is this happening?” Bingo! Lucid! The first thing I did was race to the front of the pack, and then I left them in a blur, and soon I was passing cars. I forced the bike faster and faster, without any fear whatsoever. There were many crests in the road, and my bike was launching into the air! It was fun, and totally unrealistic, but just the same, it was fun! In the distance I saw the finish line approaching, so flew with my bike through the air (like ET on nitrous) and under the finish ribbon, sliding sideways to a stop. A teenage girl walked past me with ‘real’ looking eyes, so I gave her a hug thinking she was maybe my daughter. She got pissed off at me and she pushed me away (nope, not my daughter). I said to her, “I just wanted a hug.” Then I turned to the crowd at the finish line and asked them if anybody has seen my daughter. A group of girls heard me and they all looked very interested in what I said, but then I woke.

    In this second dream I was lucid, but I can’t remember how or why I became lucid. I was standing on a balcony, high up on a building, which was alongside a fairly narrow river. The fellow beside me shot a zip line across the river and into the brick wall of a boardwalk. The line went down at a very steep angle, and was it was totally unsafe, but whatever, this is a dream! I quickly latched my Kingsnap onto the zip line, and I went shooting down towards the boardwalk at a very high speed. I heard somebody say, “Look at that, that’s totally nuts!” At about 20 yards from the boardwalks’ brick wall, I disconnected my Kingsnap and went sailing feet first into the river. Splash! The water was perfectly blue, and I couldn’t see the bottom. I then started to breathe comfortably under the water as I swam for the surface. I swam and swam, but I couldn’t find it, and soon after I woke.

    In this 3rd lucid dream I was climbing a ladder up the side of a building, and there was one guy above me and one below. Suddenly, and quite unexpectedly I farted! I looked at the guy below me and said, “Oops, did I fart?”, and then a World War II gas mask appeared on his face! This was a fragmented lucid dream, so I don’t remember what happened next.

    In this 4th dream, I was lying beside my bed talking to a woman, when I became spontaneously lucid. I thought the woman looked like my wife’s cousin Kim. My bedroom was dark, but she was glowing slightly white. I said, “Kim, is that you?” She replied, “Yes”, so I floated up off the ground so I was face to face with her. She wasn’t Kim. I said, “Who are you?” By this point she looked a bit frightened and she started to float up towards the ceiling, so I stayed right face to face with her and followed. She then started to pass through the ceiling, and I said, “No wait, please stay!” She vanished, and I woke. A couple of days later, on Mar 24, I had a lucid dream with my daughter, and I met this woman again. Her name is Mila.

    In this 5th dream, I was lucid at a swimming pool (not sure why). I looked over the edge of the pool and saw a bunch of kids sitting on the bottom, so I dove in to join them. I sat down beside them and I was breathing normally. They were all just hanging out down there, and chatting with each other. I got bored, so I started to swim around the pool, and I then I woke again.