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    Writing, reading, dancing, singing, animals, outdoors, graphic design, and of course dream studies.
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    A Sunflower Leprechaun

    by TikiXxXRocker on 07-22-2011 at 08:28 PM
    My house was flooding, it was coming up the stairs from the basement. For some reason I was focused on saving our tools (like shovels and hammers) and silverware from the flood. And for some reason they were floating, so I could grab them out of the water (don't know why this didn't make me lucid, haha).

    Two friends were helping me grab these things. The only one I remember is a girl Megan, who I know a little in RL. She was waiting at my house for her aunt to arrive and I was waiting for my parents and their friend. I decided her aunt was probably my parents' friend.

    Then a toucan (which was a little scary looking, but at the same time I felt a little bit of hope) flew in and landed on the back porch railing. I was the only one who saw it. It flew off and landed in our yard (near out fire pit where there was lots of cheatgrass and yellow flowers).

    The toucan morphed into a leprechaun, which was human-saized and had sunflowers for hands and a head and wore a green dress-suit. The leprechaun approached the house (I was scared until I remembered they were lucky) and entered with two old-ish couples (that I don't know in RL) that were the awaited parents and friends. The had scottish accents and were wearing t-shirts of celtic bands.

    Then I woke up. =P


    by TikiXxXRocker on 07-21-2011 at 08:18 PM
    Last night, I had a couple different dreams, but the ones I really remember well enough to recount are the last two.

    I skateboarded into town with my brother (which I have actually been trying to leanr how to do). And I spent the longest time trying to set the skateboard and my helmet in just the right position before leaving them to go walk somewhere.

    We walked to the public pool (oh btw, this isn't actually a town I've been to in RL). At the pool we had to go through the gender-seperated locker rooms. So I just went straight through mine and waited for him on the other side. While I stood there, I saw people who were taking turns walking into a wall the a projecter was shining on, and when they did they became apart of the music video that was being projected. The music was really loud so I kind of started dancning a little without realizing. Haha.

    My bro took forever, so I eventually joined a couple of kids my age in a word game that I didn't understand. Haha. One of them was a character from a TV show (and that's why i felt comfortable just joining the game because I recognized him). When I walked over the other person was a girl I used to be friends with in middle school named Michelle, but the less I paid attention to that DC she then became just a random guy.

    Finally one of my friends Marina showed up, like she was looking for something, and I had a feeling she was the person I had been waiting for (apparently forgetting about my bro). So I sat there at the table, and she sat across from me and I just waited to see what she was up to so I could join her. Although, she seemed not to notice me much.

    The other dream is a little more vague, but it felt extremely important while I was dreaming it. I don't remember the beginning of it, but I would switch perspectives between myself and a girl, a little younger than myself.

    There was some sort of freedom movement that the girl had somehow become the... symbol of. She was on a quest to meet these sacred animals (a male and female pair) who were black and were somehow related to lightning, and they were either some kind of wolf or bear... I can't remember it too well.

    So, while I was her, she/I became spirit more than matter and was able to fly across the terrain looking for these animals. I remember picturing what I was looking for, but I couldn't find it. So "we" kept flying and flying and we crossed a border into a territory of bad people that were actually looking for her. But they couldn't see her spirit form.

    So I flew back to our base camp area, but I apparently when I got back she was still in, what we called it in my dream, Russia (the enemy territory). However, when I looked at a map of the area at one point, it certainly didn't look like RL Russia. So, while I was there, I became her again and I had to broadcast a reassuring message to the rest of our rebel group (of which my dad was apparently the leader/organizer). And I didn't know what to say, so I told them, "I'm not sure what to tell you. But I'm almost done. I'm in [a town name in 'Russia']. I love you all." Or something along those lines, I can't quite remember.

    So I was like... her medium, that allowed her to be in two palces at once I suppose. Or maybe her spirit was over in the other territory while her body was still at base camp and I could put my spirit into her body. I'm not really sure.

    And that's about all I can remember... It seemed like I had pursued the animals before in a dream and succeeded, but this time I couldn't concentrate or remember well enough to do it again. But I remember knowing it was an honor and great experience to meet them and I was getting frustrated that I couldn't do it for these people in this time of need.

    Summer Camp

    by TikiXxXRocker on 07-16-2011 at 09:22 PM
    Just before bed I was watching a youtube video, so of course the guys from it were in my dream! Haha. (Huge Smosh fan, btw!)
    So.... I can't quite remember but I kept having to ride my bike and drive cars back and forth between my house and a cabin (which was filled the kids my age so I assumed I was at summer camp). So that was wierd... And I remember at the cabin I was changing clothes and of course I ended up naked in front of a crowd of people! =P
    Then when I got back to the cabin people were sitting around in the dining hall, and I was worn out from riding a bike all over the place so I went to the kitchen too look in the fridge. While I was looking around in the fridge I felt my stomach muscles contract all of a sudden and I looked down and didn't see anything. Then this kid (who I know in RL, Jared), who was standing behind me, saw what happened and said, "Woah, that's wierd! I was just thinking about poking you in the stomach!" So it was like I knew what was going to happen before it did, like some kind of psychic thing. Haha.
    Then in the dining hall some kids invited me to squish onto their bench with them and chat. So I went and sat next to a really cute guy (who is from the youtube video, haha). Then he started holding my hand and we kinda cuddled while we talked to everyone (but it wasn't obvious because it was so crowded anyway =P ).
    Then I had to get up to go to the kitchen and he followed me in and kissed me goodbye. I don't remember what happened after this, but I don't think I woke up quite just yet. I was probably going on another bike ride for something! Haha.
    So it was a pleasant dream! Even though there were random odd tihngs. Haha. It's weird though because I just broke up with my kind of-boyfriend. Haha. We decided we were just more like friends. Soo.... I'm not sure if that had anything to do with the romance in my dream. But I enjoyed it. =P

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    Another Stupid Field Trip

    by TikiXxXRocker on 07-15-2011 at 05:04 AM
    I have a lot of dreams about taking field-trips with school classes.

    So last night, we went on an "endurance trip." The class was split into groups of four and given a specialty trainer. After training our groups would be put through an obstacle course relevant to thair trained specialty while the rest of the class watched their performance on TV.

    (This is very similar to a book series I read called The Hunger Games, based off of which I have had multiple dreams. Usually in these dreams I am in the violence, however this time I was just watching.)

    For no apparent reason the class was staying at my house while we stayed up all night watching the group's performance on TV.

    I knew three of the four group members: Brandon (a "chum" of mine, don't know well, but he is very nice and humorous), Tania (we were very good friends a few years back and occasionally still get together), and Sarah (we were friends during 2nd and 3rd grade), and a 2nd guy I don't know in RL.

    It was nighttime and it appeared that they were climbing the Eiffel Tower (I'm not sure what the reason was). And a bomb detonated. Suddenly there were bombs going off all over the dang tower (they looked more like mega-high-voltage shocks, I'm nots sure). The coordinators of the obstacle course only meant to have one bomb and the anonymous guy's ex-girlfriend was suspected of sabotaging the course.

    Most people were shocked, some were awed and maybe even proud of the girl for "getting revenge", but I seemed to be the only one who was crying over it.

    However, the group still had to complete the course. I walked away from the TV and stood looking out a glass door. Suddenly I could see the four group members sitting on a bench just outside of the door. They were talking to a gruop of guys who were apparently friends of the anonymous guy.

    Brandon was telling jokes to the guys and laughing with them, apparently unscathed. The anonymous guy was presumed dead, but he had a hood on and I couldn't see his face. Tania was slumped down and sweating terribly with a fever, somehow she'd gotten sick. Sarah had apparently lost several toes and was relatively out of it, like a concusion.

    I was telling the rest of the class what I saw, describing how bad the situation was. But then I started to wake up. As the dream was fading I realized the coordinators were giving me the option of replacing one of the group members so that they could be taken care of and I would help the group carry on. However, I awoke too soon to decide my course of action.
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