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      06-13-2022, 07:59 PM
      I still lurk sometimes, but typically I only ever use the Dream Journal these days. And only for dreams I consider memorable, not literally all of...
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    I discovered dreaming years ago, but can't remember how. I saw it as a means to meet a fictional character I've been obsessed with, but discovered so much more. I discovered freedom, and enlightenment beyond anything waking life has to offer.
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    Gaming, guns, transhumanism, dreaming...
    Currently unemployed.
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    -Acquire the Aurora
    -Test galatamine, huperzine and choline
    -Find smartwatch app for RC reminders at certain intervals
    -Ressurect my dream log here, and become more active


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    Recent Entries

    22-05-08 Dad's New Girlfriend & Walking on Water

    by Timothy Paradox on 05-08-2022 at 03:03 PM
    I was basically reliving the years when my mom had dad had just divorced and I lived alone with dad. We barely talked. He had a new girlfriend (black girl, kind of cute) almost immediately, which I despised. He called me down for dinner, but when I got there he just placed two plates for him and his GF, and ignored me completely as if I wasn't even there. I said, "fine, if it's going to be like this, I'm headed back upstairs". I did. At some point, while heading downstairs for dinner, I came across some pretty deep water. I decided to try and walk on water by running really quickly. It worked, I only sank an inch of so into the water, but made it across.

    In the next dream I was with a girl, engaging in some foot fetishist sex. She enjoyed it.

    Updated 05-08-2022 at 03:09 PM by Timothy Paradox (Forgot a dream.)


    22-04-19 Seeing My Dead Grandfather

    by Timothy Paradox on 04-20-2022 at 10:50 PM
    I was with my mother, visiting my grandfather in a large retirement home. The place was massive and remind me more of a shopping mall than a retirement home. Grandfather couldn't talk. The dead can't speak because they are possessed (or their souls held hostage) by some kind of spirit/demon. This demon revealed itself to us in the form of three snakes that came out of his mouth and attacked us. They were slimy like eels. We fought these snakes and killed them. I recall crushing one under my shoe. The snakes dead, my grandfather became himself again, taking control of his body. We were done, and got ready to leave. My grandfather, disappointed, asked if we were leaving already. I realized that from his perspective, we'd only just arrived, and he was probably lonely in the retirement home. I felt guilty. I told my mom we could afford to stay, and have another coffee.

    Fun fact: my mom is also dead. I didn't seem to know this.

    21-XX-XX Alone in the Future

    by Timothy Paradox on 04-20-2022 at 10:29 PM
    It was about 200 years in the future. We had made it. We'd survived every obstacle in our way. We'd survived the wars, the societal collapse and everything else. The world was a sunny and beautiful place. Cities were full of greenery and people were happy. But I wasn't. Sitting on a grassy hill overlooking a shining utopian city, I felt a mix of hope for our future, and utter misery. Everyone I'd ever known was dead, and I was completely, totally alone.
    non-lucid , memorable

    22-04-16 Vampire Girl at Burger King

    by Timothy Paradox on 04-16-2022 at 11:42 PM
    I remember walking a wide, open street on a dark and rainy night, having just collected my takeout. There were a fair few people around. I considered getting on the bus to do some other chore I had to do, but changed my mind when I realized my food would get cold. I felt a tinge of despair as I'm always postponing things.

    In the next scene, I'm walking through a suspiciously clean and dry-looking back alley behind a local Burger King. I enter the place, only to find it's an absolute maze of weird-looking, narrow corridors. I somehow know there are multiple women in here, all of them vampires. Suddenly, I'm confronted by one of them. A nice-looking brunette, about my height. I had a false memory of having met her before, a week or so prior. We talked as if we were already acquainted. The conversation went well. She told me she'd always been in love with me, which surprised me. I was feeling a noticeably low amount of social anxiety. Anyway... before you know it, we were kissing. She told me she worked two jobs and this was her day/night off. Then we had sex, which was nice (despite my inexperience). I was having conflicting thoughts. She was nice and reasonably attractive, but I wasn't fully "feeling it" yet.

    I woke up with a new understanding of how new relationships work for "normal people". Love often doesn't just appear fully-formed, you have to give things a chance and hope it grows from there.
    non-lucid , memorable

    22-03-03 First LD in Ages

    by Timothy Paradox on 03-03-2022 at 09:07 AM
    Finally (without making any special effort) had a brief lucid episode. It was early in the morning and I was struggling to fall asleep again after a period of insomnia.
    I was daydreaming with my eyes closed, which turned into real dreams. Don't remember what happened, but at some point I was lying down (as if in bed, sleeping) in the middle of a street. I looked to a crossroad with another street, which was blocked off. There was a guy wearing a "Heroes" (TV-show) T-shirt. I remembered looking at some behind the scenes pictures of that show earlier that day (this really happened), and I figured the odds of that happening + a guy wearing a shirt of a show from 16-12 years ago were astronomically low. I decided to do a nose pinch reality check, and it was negative! My vision was very dark, though. I felt like it was all very fragile and unstable and trying to get up would probably wake me up. I tried to detect my real hands but couldn't. As the seconds ticked by the stability reduced further to the point where I just decided to open my eyes and return to reality.