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    Last Weeks Dreams

    by ToastAddict on 11-25-2013 at 01:36 PM
    Underground in some dirty gloomy place. It's quite dark as well. A bunch of combatants are gathered there and are forced to fight to the death. The combatants I recall specifically is a female ninja with a chain and spike type weapon and a large man with a huge scimitar. The dream transitions to myself being there with someone yelling at me that I let Snow die.

    It's a nice sunny day at a huge lake. I'm running along the shore with another guy. We are fleeing from a group of people who are chasing us from a boat. We run into a robed humanoid creature with tentacle face like an octopus/squid. Guy I'm with attacks it's face with a large knife.

    There's a pirate ship with a girl dancing on deck. I'm somewhere else. The dancing girl goes through a door below decks, and finds herself in a small cabin. In the room is an old sailor sleeping. He stands up and start spinning and dancing with the girl. Now I'm the one there with the girl dancing. We kiss and fall back on the bed. I wake up.

    In some subterranean environment. There's multiple clans residing within the cavernous space. Each clan has there own fortress and all the clans are warring. My friend and I are apparently upset with our place within the clan so we plan to sneak away. Our fort gets attacked and we slip into a lower tunnel that leads away. We are intercepted by M. He's not going to allow us to leave, so we split and flee in different directions. M chases me, as I flee through the caves I run into another person in the clan. I lie and tell him M is crazy and a traitor. The other guy confronts him and they start to fight so I slip away.

    15NOV13 Scrap Tower

    by ToastAddict on 11-14-2013 at 10:25 PM
    This dream was rather confusing....

    It started out in a very sunny Autumn wooded area. There was a large tower made of scrape metal that was piled and welded together. There I was looking for something but kept finding replica or incorrect material....

    Then the tower is getting torn down/apart by a giant man. I'm glad for this because at the base in an alternate access that is blocked off. So i'm waiting as the metal sheets are being torn off the structure.

    There was a sort of celebration. A kid was the one leading/organized it and had a bunch of girl scouts to help. The performance was for an older black lady who was teared up. She was very emotional but I don't know if it was Happiness or of mourning....

    12NOV13 Im on a Plane

    by ToastAddict on 11-14-2013 at 10:12 PM
    I woke up on a plane (or maybe a rather large train) beside someone. The attendent asked which meal i wanted. I was some dish i cant recall or chicken. I told her i would take option B. I started walking around and my sister was there. We were laughing because we had hung a bunch of paper christmas decorations (cut out trees and snowflakes) but we also hung cut out sharks and jellyfish randomly.

    I headed back to my seat, but apparently it was the wrong place. A guy shoved my off and pinned me down when his foot. I felt really weird/feeble in that I couldn't get him off. I thought then to club him with something I had in my hand, but that made me realize i was dreaming and wake up.

    8NOV13 Wrecked Island

    by ToastAddict on 11-08-2013 at 10:54 AM
    I see it kind of movie like. The aftermath of a hurricane on a little Beach village. It's once a beautiful place with a large mountain with a Cliffside against the ocean overgrown with flora. The village is set below that on a white sandy beach. But Then I'm there with 2 of my friends. We are walking around the deserted place. There's damage everywhere and debris too.

    We are at a restaurant, it's really dark in there for some reason. We have chili and corn bread, a lot of it actually.... and are shocked at how much they gave us. Some other people we know come in and when we see them, we greet them and offer the rest to them. Apparently they already ordered the same thing. I'm feel a bit agitated, and decide to leave. As I walk into the lobby area, a huge group of people come rushing in making a ton of noise. They're look like a bunch of highshoolers and are acting foolish. I think to myself that we should have ate somewhere else.


    by ToastAddict on 11-05-2013 at 09:23 PM
    Had a very light sleep tonight.

    Only recall a single dream that had me searching through a giant pile of test meters to find one with a particular serial number on it.

    stupid work related dreams....