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      Haven't heard from you in a while.
      Hope your dreams are awesome!
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    i love dreaming, im about to be a massage therapist. and im into a ot of other things. ask me id love to talk
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    New Jersey
    Peace, Mary Jane, Anime, Lucid Dreaming, Glass Blowing, NinJa
    Massage therapist
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    semi creepy pregenent girlfriend

    by TomBurnsIsAwake on 01-17-2011 at 06:06 PM
    so i was at my grandparents house and my girlfriend was there, but she was upset. she wouldnt tell me what was wrong...i went to the window and thought about it, and a storm came in. as the sky was engulfed in bright vivid purples and blues i went to go tell her that there was a storm. she was crying on the bed and i asked if she would just tell me what is wrong. and i looked at her stomagh and realized it was bigger than normal. oddly shaped even. she tells me that she is pregnant. i tell her it is ok and look at her stomagh again, and theres a shape of a baby just connected to her. [kinda like when someone has a siamese twin all deformed and whatnot, but a baby] it had the most beautiful eyes. then i was playing a game and had to go get these boxes for a technique. they had these differient marbles inside... then my girlfriend was back, and i told her that everything was o.k. then i woke up

    -no lucidity, except when seeing the child like tumor. but it was a very serious dream-

    gay psycho, turning into a bat, some convience store, my old school with a drink, and chicken!

    by TomBurnsIsAwake on 01-11-2011 at 07:10 PM
    Non-LucidLucid Awake

    so i remember having a lot of dreams but only bits and pieces of each one.

    theres this kid chasing me around a villa. [B](some really annoying kid i had recently talked about being psycho and going to a mental hospital)[/B] anywho, that kid is gone when i look around.............[fades out]

    im at a farm somewhere when suddenly i have the urge to go home, me and my friend zack turn into bats. we fly iver things, the view goes into 3rd person as i fly-jump over water falls and stone walls and rivers............[fades out]

    im at a local convience store. and i have the urge to steal something. i steal a long pack of hersheys cookies and cream bite sized chocolates. and start eating them... i see some girl, she askes where i got them. i tell her and she leaves in a car with some kid i know..then im not sure but i think i get a pepsi or something............[fades out]

    im at the entrance to an old school.
    (im not sure but i think it is a reoccurring dream-scape =D) i have a drink, and im going back to school. my friend tells me that i will get suspended if they catch me with it. i say i dont care and then make a joke that it would be fucked up if i slipped and fell into my drink and still got in trouble for it............[fades out]

    i remember my aunt sitting down grabbing chicken, like cooked kfc chicked and taking the bones out,(i think it was because i was hungry), there was two giant plates of chicken. and i just zoned out............[fades out]

    and then i awoke!
    i wish i could remember more details
    non-lucid , dream fragment