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      I hope you're well and happy
      I've been missing you in RRCC
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      ayeee where you at?
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      Hi, thanks for the request ^^ *drops strange imagined dream creatures into visitor message area as she accepts*
      I hope your day is going well
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      Tommo! I want to see you posting in the happy thread, I'm rooting for things to turn around and that you get a shot along with some luck on your stuff
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      beep boop
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      You made me really curious about that game (Day Z). I'm literally without anything to play for a couple of months now, and the concept of the game sounds really interesting! According to that analysis website my pc can't run it, but I might still try it
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      Nice call. Are you also into tea?
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      Happy birthday hope you had a good one.
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      Happy birthday, tommo! I guess it's probably already over there, huh. Oh well, close enough.
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      Your friend must be really beautiful then.
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    by tommo on 01-29-2013 at 11:51 PM
    I had a dream about a few of my ex-friends this morning just before I woke up. I was in the supermarket and happened to be right next to the guy in our group, then he said something and walked off. I guess the dream skipped after that and I was in some sort of classroom warehouse weird thing and I saw one of the girl's art books up on this platform, I got up there and just started flipping through it. There was some intelligible drawings and things in there, but then there were also memories, some that never happened IRL. Not sure why I had this dream.
    I don't really miss them, they were shit shit shit shit friends, in the end. I did like the girl who's art book I was looking in.
    But she was a bit of bitch too, so I'm basically over her, and have been for a while. Incredibly beautiful though, so maybe I'm still hanging on somewhat.

    Ono the plus side, it transitioned to me playing piano and I was making this weird sound with it, sort of like a trance song. But then the sheet music changed to letters.
    As soon as I woke up, I realised that was a massive dream sign, but in the dream I was just trying to figure out what they mean, why they're like that.
    This means I'm getting closer to LDing, because with practice I'll start questioning weird things as signifying a dream

    You are not special

    by tommo on 06-19-2012 at 01:36 AM
    I was generally hanging out with family at our holiday house and I ordered some fine tobacco online, it got there and it was holy basil with some other kind of leaf. Neither great for smoking To my knowledge anyway.

    Next scene I can remember, this old asian couple lived in this dilapidated house, and there was a cutout down a concealed alley where one of them would sleep.
    For some reason, someone was trying to abduct her. They were around my age but being told what to do by some older men.
    I was trying to stop them from getting her, and did some ingenious stuff to take them out one by one, but it ended up turning in to a flirting session between me and one of the girls.

    Next scene, I'm walking around my primary school, and there have been gardens beds set up. A guy is showing me all of his plants, really strange names on some of them. There's an old lady there, who works with the plants, and she told me that the kid I killed when I was saving the Asian lady was the special one.
    I told her "I was the special one, once". She said "No, HE WAS SPECIAL!". I said, calmly, "yes, my Grandma thought I was the special one too".

    Shortly after, some crazy shit happened that would be terribly difficult to describe via language, even if I could remember more of it.
    Then I was playing some sort of virtual reality, but it didn't feel like it. It was part of some game.... I don't know very odd.

    I was at the top of this castle (my just self suspended stairs and hallways etc. going up high, I'd climbed from the bottom and other people starting at the bottom were lined up. I saw the little dots (very far away) start ascending. Just near the top was a gap, right in front of my feet after the top stair.
    I thought there were all gonna fall, until I realised that the stairs were bouncy. They came bouncing up and I was trying to knock them down. I used a couple of little bomber-men (like from mario) and a few other things. It was futile.

    One of my thoughts when I was waking up was that I don't need to be the "king of the castle", the best etc. and I am not special.
    And that's awesome.

    End of the world? Rare phenomenon and love

    by tommo on 06-17-2012 at 02:29 AM
    Perfect dream. Although incredibly intense.

    We had just figured out it was the end of the world. In 1 and a half days (coz we found out ~half way through the day) the world would end.
    No one seemed to know how it would end. And I'm not sure how we found out it would happen either.

    There, fortunately, were two very rare phenomenon in the two days preceding. One was aurora as the sun set. I was in some beach area to get a nice view, pacing around trying to think of and look for a suitable hill, as the sun was setting. My view of it was blocked almost every hill and raised area I tried.
    I spotted from the hill, a place down past some trees that looked awesome, and just as I was gonna bolt down there, I saw my sister and told her I'd found an awesome spot and we ran.

    Something happened here, got way off track when dream story took a turn, but I can't remember it, point is we didn't see the aurora....

    In a later dream I am around the area where I work IRL, got a good view of the second rare phenomenon, on top of the shop. But clouds have come rolling in and cover the entire sky. "There's no way we're gonna see it", I think to myself. I should be extremely upset, but I'm not.
    I start thinking about what may happen when the world ends. It's only half a day away at most, it's the evening as far as I can tell. (This is the day after the previous dream's day)

    The next several hours are filled with random conversations with people and things I can't remember.
    But the time has come and we are on the roof of the shop, turns out the clouds were the phenomenon, they have started twisting around and a just a big, grey vortex consuming our entire field of view. I don't know where is up or down, the roof we're standing on is not a roof of a building, it's "isolated", and so we are from the rest of the world, even though the entire world is experiencing the same thing, I know it, still we are consumed by the clouds. It's extremely disorienting, but somehow keeps me completely focused on what is happening. It's loud, winds are at least a hundred km/h but we're planted firmly on the concrete. My mum decides to jump in.

    There have been small holes forming in the cloud, one by one they jump in. I decide I must do the same, and say goodbye and think about my world as I plunge through.... whatever this was, and in to another.

    Another world does exist, but it's filled with monsters of all kinds, giant slugs to zombies, and many, many people who have been corrupted by this horror.

    Brother's Book

    by tommo on 10-30-2011 at 03:07 AM
    My brother had a note book that he had written something very important in.

    He had died/been killed and I had to find this book.
    I was searching and found out that some guys had stolen it.
    I found them on a bus, they were pretty young. I beat the shit out of them
    and told them to tell me where it was. They gave it to me.

    I was trying to figure out the code, and I realised that the code/hidden message was on two separate pages, and when I
    folded them in half and put them together, one above the other, the letters, half on each page, formed new words.

    I couldn't remember what it said after I woke up.

    I told my brother about this dream IRL when I woke up and he said that's what Caeser used to do, and it's called Caeser's cipher or something.

    Green Algae

    by tommo on 10-29-2011 at 02:17 AM
    Fragments of Dreams....

    There was a monkey inside a whale, talking to me, telling me how it lives. He was connected to the whale through his cerebellum, via some biological cords.
    He told me that he uses the whale to clean up stuff that would hurt it; pollution, algae etc.
    He said that sometimes it fails and all this black stuff comes in, and I saw it happening.

    I realised that the monkey was using the whale sort of like a filter to protect the monkey from harmful stuff. And I realised that this is what we (humans) do as well. With our bodies; as the monkey was like the brain of the whale in a sense.


    Nina was making a post, detailing the rules of partying (haha) and condemning all the people who don't follow them.
    It was a huge post, one of the rules I remembered was " If a girl winks at you and hands you something, if you don't just get the fuck
    out of there you're a complete moron". haha


    My mum and dad had another kid, I was playing with him and learning about him/teaching him stuff.
    I was trying to get him to paint and he was standing at and easel with a canvas on it that I had been painting on.
    He effortlessly painted this amazing scene, in about 10 seconds. It looked very similar in style to my paintings IRL, but much, much better.

    I realise that this kid is me, but younger. And if I had certain circumstances, I would be so much different now, and possibly be a lot better at the
    things I do.


    My sister was telling me that this guy who used to bully me (IRL) spat in her hamburger a few years ago. I want to beat the living shit out of him.

    My recall is getting insanely good again. Problem is I just remember too many dreams to write them all down, and forget it by the time I'm done with a few of them. So I'm sticking to short sentences about them, and trying to fill in the gaps later on here. But my recall should get back to how it's always been soon, as my sleep schedule is getting a little more like a schedule now lol