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    1. haha yep, was yesterday, but, timezones and that.
      Thanks Aly!!!!
    2. Happy birthday, tommo! I guess it's probably already over there, huh. Oh well, close enough.
    3. My pleasure, I think you're great
    4. I just noticed, you gave me my 2000th like! Thanks.
    5. Well keep it up, I'm sure it'll pay off one day. And thanks! Aren't they just? Here's where I grabbed the original from.

    6. Oh, btw, awesome profile pic! Those Brugmansia are so beautiful....
    7. haha, that's been my tactic for 10 years. It's only really worked a couple of times. Better than nothing I suppose lol
    8. Well... thank you. Maybe you should just not buy into all this friend zone nonsense, and think of it as just a challenge to show a girl that you're so deep and complex that you just take time to figure out.
    9. I have no idea. Maybe I don't want to get friend-zoned by someone as AWESOME AS YOU!
      Request accepted though
    10. Why are we not friends yet?
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