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    1. Aw! Thanks Zothy! I will post there now actually, as I just had an LD last night, albeit a short one.
    2. Tommo! I want to see you posting in the happy thread, I'm rooting for things to turn around and that you get a shot along with some luck on your stuff
    3. Sorry for late reply, if you want to play DayZ, wait for the standalone. The current mod is really kind of boring and full of people that just shoot you on sight, the standalone will be out by the end of the year I think, and it will also be compatible with the Oculus Rift, which is just mind blowing to think about lol
    4. You made me really curious about that game (Day Z). I'm literally without anything to play for a couple of months now, and the concept of the game sounds really interesting! According to that analysis website my pc can't run it, but I might still try it
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