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    02.01.2014 Into the past

    by tomogaso on 01-04-2014 at 05:29 PM
    A bunch of colleagues and myself decided to go to the beach. We all rallied on a square/market made of different parts of my last block in Zagreb, but somehow strongly reminiscent of Rijeka. I remember Peti, Grga, and the Mihaljevic brothers, but I think there was someone else with us. We walked between the tall concrete buildings surrounding the market, and got to the other side.

    We turned left past the buildings on the other side, and we were on a stone/dirt path heading for the beach. It was the same path I walked in Tomasevac, Rijeka, as a kid. The beach was very similar, but somehow different, the water was dark and looked more like an ocean, than a sea. It looked very nice but I didn’t even think about swimming as we neared it, my mind was focused somewhere else.
    Suddenly I realized that I didn’t bring any swimming gear, not even a backpack. I hurried back and Grga and someone else followed me on their bikes (which they didn’t have previously).
    They decided to wait for me behind the house on the corner we turned last.

    I grabbed a plastic bag with my gym clothes, but no sneakers, and went back. Suddenly another colleague, Boltek, was in the group too. We went to the beach, but were in a spiraling staircase walking upwards.
    It was the spiraling staircase leading to a billiards club we often went to (and hung out there quite a lot in the past). The stairs were very narrow, and the guys were making their usual snarky remarks concerning my situation.

    Then, we were no Prokhorovka, a map in World of Tanks. The eastern side of the map was missing, and instead behind the tracks was the road to the beach we went through prior. We started from the north spawn, and pushed the south (the map was inverted). I was in my VK3601(H). As I pushed over the ridge I found a Sturer Emil confronting me. I flanked him, but he pinned me to the wall next to the road. As I tried to push loose, suddenly I had my hands again and, with help from Peti, tipped the Sturer over on his side away from me. I stepped over him and felt the armor plating beneath my feet bend and twist, as if it was made of tin. I was scared that I would fall through, but I didn’t. It was only up to my chest height, too.

    Then we continued to the beach….
    non-lucid , memorable

    28.12.2013 Psychonauts

    by tomogaso on 12-28-2013 at 10:50 PM
    I was taking a Religious beliefs class test.

    It was taught by professor Mileta, another teacher from my high school who had nothing to do with the class, as he was in charge of automatic processes and measuring in electronics. When I came into the class and had a seat, Mileta said how I finally managed to arrive, Implying in a cynical manner that I was avoiding his class.

    I was taking the exam outside the classroom, on a hall counter identical to the one in my current home in Zagreb. As I went outside a colleague, Štrok, dropped his pen so I picked it up. The cap fell off but I didn’t bother getting it. I rather gave him the pen and acted as I didn’t notice, hoping that he doesn’t take notice of my laziness. He got up and picked it up himself. I blurted out “I was going to give it to you at the end of the class”.

    The exam contained questions about human psychology and relations, and space flight simulations. It was on a computer and even used KSP for the interface and simulation parts. I looked over the questions and didn’t know most of them, and that was very frustrating.

    I started explaining the difference between manned and unmanned satellites, which was basically landers versus satellites. I built them out of parts on an asteroid, which already had a lot of stuff on it, including some rockets. I had to place the parts horizontally on the surface as gravity was enabled. As I was doing this a sort of solar wind/flare came through and swept the asteroid. It blew small yellow particles horizontally from the left of the screen, and they crashed into my stuff, making black dots on it and blowing it around the asteroid. My Kerbal started screaming (the crew). I rage quit and pressed X on the program.

    Turns out my progress on the test got erased, so that frustrated me even more. I gave up and asked the professor what grade I would get for doing nothing on the test. He said 0. I was surprised he would give out a passing grade for no points (I took it like he said 2, a D). I was hesitant but ended up giving him the exam. He asked why I performed so badly, to which I said I didn’t study. He said “Well ok then” as if the answer was satisfying, and took my test.
    non-lucid , nightmare

    18.12.2013 A dream of mirrors

    by tomogaso on 12-28-2013 at 10:48 PM
    I was thinking in school, on a class about mirrors.

    The class was taught by a professor Potalec, who has nothing to do with physics in real life. He actually teaches in an electronics lab. The classroom had an endless field of green grass where the wall/chalk board should be. There was a wooden fence between the field and us, and on the small fence doors were 2 mirrors. They were open and by some unknown force the mirrors parted the grass ahead of them.

    The teacher made a point that the mirrors need to be parallel for the experiment to work. As he was talking, he showed the formula for the mirror on the non-existent chalkboard on the non-existent wall. The formula was complex and took 5-6 lines over the whole board. I recognized some symbols used in mirror calculation (d and C), but I had never seen that formula.

    I asked him if the mirrors were really ‘’in focus’’ and parallel, because they didn’t seem like that to me. I found the far side of the grass path was very blurry. He said everything was alright, so I asked the class if anyone else sees the same as me. The class was full of strangers (and some girls, which my current class doesn’t have). They said I was seeing things wrong and laughed at me. I announced that it must be my diopter then, and sat down.
    non-lucid , memorable

    18.12.2013 Puss & Boots

    by tomogaso on 12-28-2013 at 10:46 PM
    I got a second cat, younger than my current one (probably had 3-6 months), and male. It was very fond of cuddling and let me pet it on some bed.

    Early in the morning, before school, I was playing with it with my red laser. It soon took to having fun with a ‘’magic bean’’ toy that it found under my table.
    I thought that it was more fun than Mrvica, my real cat, and thought of keeping it instead (selling my current cat). I thought about how I have to train it to let me pet it ( currently I could only stroke its back) while it was still young.

    I was talking to my brother Matej and looking at my boots intrigued. When he saw me staring at them, he asked what logo that was. I replied they were ‘’Twiligh’’. The boots were black leather winter ones, and the logo was silver.
    I started looking at the logo and thought about what I would write if I posted them on 4chan (on some ‘’show and tell’ thread). I decided I’d write ‘’like Timberlands, but less douchey’’.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    17.12.2013 Breaking matches, breaking tanks

    by tomogaso on 12-28-2013 at 10:43 PM
    My mom and dad left the house for the evening. My brother asked me if I wanted to throw matches on the balcony with him. After I agreed to it, he showed me that his drawer was full of small, transparent bags full of matches. There were about 6-10 blue/green-tinted bags filled with about 20 matches each.

    I found myself in my room from Emilia Randica 4, with my brother nowhere in sight. I tried to light a match but just ended making brownish-red smears over the matchbox. It didn’t have the proper striking surface.
    I finally lit a match and then another one and threw them both in my trash basket. They landed on a plastic bag (like one for chips), and the bag started melting. Soon there was smoke coming from the top of the bag so I panicked and put it out with my hands. *note:last night I watched a Breaking bad epizode where Walter threw illegal cash in his BBQ and set it on fire, after which he panicked and put it out with his hands.*

    Suddenly I was playing WoT with my friend Daniel. I was in my T-34-85 (although IRL I have the Type58-a Chinese copy of the T-34-85). It had an autoloader with some 8’ish rounds and fired two at a time, one after the other. It had really low penetration as I couldn’t reliably pen an enemy M4 Sherman, nor a T34-85.

    The map looked similar to Swamp, and we were in the south-east. It had more holes and water than Swamp, with a river in the middle, and I was alone in the east. Daniel was somewhere north of my position.
    I flanked both the Sherman and the T-34-85, the battle was nearing its end. The M4 wiggled into the hole and dug in, preventing me from penetrating him. I threw down my leg at him, hitting him with my heel. (as my physical foot appeared, larger than a tank, I should have noticed I was dreaming.)
    After bashing him, the M4 died and in his place stood a wreck of a M7 (or M4 Priest, both are arty platforms built on a M4 chassis and look alike).
    non-lucid , side notes