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    People always think nothing is anything really.
    I must be somewhere
    fluffy marshmallows and different types of celery
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    Sunset Love.

    by undeadjellybean on 09-19-2010 at 10:34 PM
    I was playing Chopin's Nocturne op. 20 when all my family was arriving for Christmas, preparing dinner. I went out and the scene changed, I was with my little cousins and suddenly charms started to hit us, I told them to get out their wands and we defeated the one that was throwing us charms. Then we proceeded to the house and my dad's girlfriend was there. She opened the door, smiled and said "You're alone! Your dad's not here. So I guess you're not hungry." I answered with an amused "Oh, I am veeery hungry." and the cook laughed with me.
    I went out to wait and his son (about my age, a bit older) was there, parking his car. The scene was like a mountain made of stone, the ocean was down there. I saw a ferrari really small and short car. I asked him how he could fit more than one person there, he said he'd show me. He sat down and told me to sit on him, I sat and he hugged me, then he told me to slide at his side, and, while hugging me. We stood up and walked to the house.
    The scene changes, the sun is setting. I see it and get excited, the sun is huge. I tell my friends and we all run down to the ocean. We get up in a small boat and this man gets angry because we have to pay. But we manage to get up again and go to the school dorms where my teachers say I never pay attention.

    Feelings: love, desire of being close, confidence, sense of safety,
    non-lucid , memorable

    Murder & Angels.

    by undeadjellybean on 09-17-2010 at 08:31 PM
    I was at my "room" (completely different than my actual room). It had an eerie feeling, my sheets were scarlet red, like I'd like my room to be. But the light of the dream was like greenish-yellowish, quite creepy. My dad came in to tell me that all my family was arriving. My uncle came in and told me he had some cards with our names and their meanings. I picked two and the first one said something like the angels cry, their crystals break and the second one that I was in deep sorrow. I then walked out of my house by my best friend, he told me I had to see this. It was too small kids, one girl, one boy fighting each other. I separated them and took the little girl by the hand. We walked and the little boy followed us, but not trying to fight her anymore. Some women that walked with us told him to stay far, but I told them to let him stay, that he needed help as well. When we were walking back I told them I had to go to work just a few minutes, and the place where I was going said something like Police & Mysteries Department, meaning I was a detective and I investigated murders. I came in with the other detectives, and they told me it was all okay. But one guy started to walk in some tiles, and he removed them, we saw a children's carpet. He was removing tiles and stopped, walked over other tiles. He said he knew what was going on, there was a body there. This other agent had killed another agent. When that agent, the murderer came in, we confronted her and she confessed. The tiles went up and we saw the body, it was still fresh. Then the agent took a knife and killed the others. It was like I wasn't there anymore, just an expectator. I went back to my house, and I woke up. Strange enough, this didn't feel like a nightmare at all.

    Feelings: creepiness, wonder, curiosity, fear (not intense though), the desire to do something, to do justice.


    by undeadjellybean on 09-17-2010 at 08:18 PM
    I was with my family in a restaurant, I wanted something sweet. There was live music playing but in another room. I was with my father, his girlfriend and my brother. My brother said something that angered me and I answered something that made him cry. My dad's girlfriend was shooting me horrible looks and I started to vocalize, making her laugh. I made everyone laugh and then excused myself because I wanted to see the desserts. So I walked to the restaurant's entrance and saw that far away was my best friend and his boyfriend. I saw that they were leaving (we were in another country) and went to say bye. Suddenly, lots of his boyfriend's friends started to come, but also some of my guy friends. I went to meet them and looked back at one of the friends kissing my best's neck. Others started to come, one with a small knife, I walked to my friend and asked her if they raped her. She told me yes and we ran to the bathroom. The guy with the little knife was after us and we locked ourselves. I told her they were going to break the door down and she told me that there was a window. We were going through the window and I wake up.

    How I felt: Uneasy, insecure, uncomfortable but confident, lonely, angry.


    by undeadjellybean on 09-05-2010 at 05:23 PM
    I am on an airplane, returning from London to Mexico. But I have to stop at New York. I see from the airplane window that there's a storm, and I sense things are falling apart. Then I'm in the car, in a bridge and things ARE falling apart. My dad, the driver, stops and we get down at an apartment. I go up and all families are going crazy, in the apartment where I'm staying the father says "Everybody, you must only have a walkman OR a blackberry, only one, not both." I grab my blackberry and my best friend, the apartment is starting to fall. Everybody is ready to die. I tell her to come with me, everybody knows we're trying to save them. How? Supposedly, I know how to. So we run and stop at a restaurant, this man calls us. He tells us we have to sell some things, and that we should sell it to the laundry next to us. Meanwhile, the apartments that face the bridge are all falling, everybody is ready to die,, except me. We go to the laundry, and there's no people to sell the stuff to. So I tell my friend not to enter. We come back to the man and he tell us that we have to go into the laundry or he'll punish us. My friend wants to go, but I stop her. I know there's a business going on that we shouldn't enter. I tell the man we're not going. He's sitting with another man, and the other man tells us he doesn't want to make us prostitutes, he hates to do that. Then the man that wants us to enter the laundry to be made sex slaves gets up and threatens to kill us, then siamese twins came and stabbed the man with a small knife, the man turned and stabbed the twins, and the three fell down to the floor, dead. Me and my friend ran, crying because of the twins and got to a place nearby, full of sand, and with inventions from the ancient until now. There we recieved notice that it had all finished, and we were safe. We had made it. I was not ready to die.
    non-lucid , memorable