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    Recent Entries

    "Damn it, Steve!"

    by xXxUnumtriumxXx on 10-31-2011 at 10:31 PM
    Steve Jobs Visited me in a dream, Non-lucid.

    It started out in a big, white, room. The first thing I think of when I think "Apple Offices"
    Steve Jobs approaches me, he was wearing a pair of jeans, and a dark brown shirt.

    "Have you bought the new Iphone 4s yet?"
    "Well I can convince you, take a look at these new fea-"
    "No Steve, my brother has one, I've seen it all. I like it but I have no money."
    There was a long awkward silence until he threw it into my hands and ran away into god knows where.
    "Damn it, Steve!"
    The Dream Ends.

    Scarlatti's -oh so short- Gift

    by xXxUnumtriumxXx on 05-20-2011 at 01:09 AM
    Note: Hello everyone! I haven't been on recently, a lot of you might have forgotten about me already. I've been playing Piano, learning theory, and keeping my grades in honors classes up, so I really haven't had the time to be on the site, because of my that, my lucids started to falter. To the dream!
    Key: Awake Lucid Non-Lucid

    It was a pretty regular day for me. I was having my electives all in one day so I felt pretty good. After school, I went home, ate, praticed, home work, sleep. I was aware I wasn't lucid dreaming, but I hadn't the time to be practicing that. My life was in a constant loop of practice, practice, practice.

    Luckily for me, it's the final 3 weeks of school. We're having finals, sure, but hey, at this point in time it's "Slap on a few easy questions and get on with it.". Except with my science teacher.

    So, in an attempt to lucid dream again, I've been brushing up on some of the things I used to do prior to my 7th grade stop. The usually, remember some techniques, reality checks, WILDs, MILDs, etc...

    I got some luck about 2 nights ago on tuesday.

    It was a pretty pleasant dream in it's self. I was standing, my head held up high, back straight, dressed up in a nice little suit. In front of my an entire orchestra of string instruments, in front of that, a beautifully shining, black Concert Grand Piano. It was my turn to sit down and play.

    Just incase anyone notices, The Cat's Fugue (Domineco Scarlatti) is an Organ/Harpsichord peice, but I play it just as well on the piano. As I sat down everything just seemed to disappear, it felt like there was a single spot light on me, and around me, an endless void of darkness. Contrary to what you may think, it was a terrifying feeling, it was calm and relaxing. Instead of just going *plop* and it's gone, it slowly faded away.

    My hand touched the low G, gracefully up to the Bb, then the Eb, onwards to the F#, Bb... Etc... When I reached the top of the scale, I started my graceful descent down.

    Something wasn't quite there.

    Even though I was playing each note perfectly, I sometimes missed keys, touched the incorrect ones, and to top that off, The key's colours were backwards.

    I was immediately jolted by this, but this wasn't the only thing that caught my attention, I then noticed the world around me- or rather, the lack of a world around me.

    That was the Deal breaker! I new I was dreaming, and after several attemps I finally did! But right there I broke a basic rule of lucid dreaming stability-

    Don't Get too excited. When I had finally woken up I was feeling a mix of things- Relief, excitement (what ever excitement I could garner with only having slept about 4 hours.), anger, and frustration.

    Obviously, the Relief and Excitement part came from the fact I was able to finally lucid after about a week or two attempt's to re-lucid. This is also a time record for me, as I've never been to lucid after such a short amount of time. (I had tried a few times over the school year to re-lucid dream.) The anger and frustration part, or rather just being midly ticked-off, came from how short it was, only a few seconds at best.

    Anyways, I've kept the dream in my head these couple of days so that I could post it, now that I've finally gotten my chance to.
    lucid , memorable

    Recent Lucid (Right before coming back.)

    by xXxUnumtriumxXx on 11-04-2010 at 01:26 AM
    Awake/Falling asleep. Dreaming Lucid

    Having not been here for a long time I've sort of lost some time I could have used. DV can still be accessed without an account, I know, but without an Account, I didn't find it worth it.

    It was fairly late that night, I think it was on october 12th. I was really tired and because of my changed school schedule I stayed up until 1:30 A.M. I fell asleep quite relaxed and tired, some nice, soothing classical music in the back on my radio.

    The first dream started everything. The opening was cool! Everything in my house was being "drawn", it started forming with lines, then colours. When my Dream body formed I knew what was happening I was dreaming. Having been my first LD in quite sometime, I decided to fly around a bit, just to get back into it. I kicked down the door, which instantly disintigrated, angering my relatives who were outside. For a moment they were angry, then they just turned back and looked at the sky. The sky was odd too, it was blue, but not sky blue, blue blue. I just relatively shrugged it off and continued. At first I needed to put a little force into it, litterally "Swimming in mid-air". After I reached a certain hight, I just started to glide on down, This happened about twice before I was able to stay in flight, But unfortunealy, I wasn't able to maintain it for very long before the next dream (Part) started.

    Now I was driving in a car. Inside I had a coke bottle, some orange juice, and an energy sword from the Halo series (I was excited for Halo: Reach.). I was able to drive fairly well until I stepped too hard on the gas.

    I started swooping past cars, and I managed to flip one over, until i hit a ramp! Wow, what a ride! I span around like 4 times before running into an apartment building breaking down the wall. My eyes were closed for a second, so next thing I know I'm upside down with a coke bottle and an energy sword in my hand. The juice (Which now said "ecuiJ egnarO") must have been stuck to the chair, It was upside down too. I unbuckled my belt and went outside, angry police officers ( and one swat officer named TAWS) crowded around me. Believing I was invincible, I cut them all in half, which was suprisingly less gruesome than I thought, more came but the dream faded out and ended.

    All around I only got 6 hours of sleep.
    lucid , memorable