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    My name is VarrhenSpecter, or you can call me Spec. I'm 21 years old. I have been learning about lucid dreaming since the middle of my 10th grade year at high school(about 2009). Some of my favorite hobbies, besides lucid dreaming, are piano playing, 3d modelling, online auctioning, video games and drawing. I also like using the internet but I try not to engage with it too much, only when I feel it needs to.

    Out of all those hobbies of mine, lucid dreaming has to be my favorite one. It is the only place where I have control to utilize my thoughts and imagination to keep up with reality.
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    Piano, art, music, video games
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    Evil Stuff

    by VarrhenSpecter on 07-20-2015 at 05:16 PM
    The whole world was coming to an end. Every body around me was panicking and was quickly rushing out the exit freeways to escape the city. The city, one next to a mountain and the freeway, was filled with a wide open space of something I didn't bother to look at. I never looked at it. I just sort of assumed it was filled with tons of people and parked cards with people running all over the face. Moreover, there was a boundary that separated that side of land and the side I was standing on. I didn't cross it, so I just went ahead on with the nearing extinction of human civilization.

    Before I knew it, I now appeared inside a absurdly crowded jungle filled with what seemed to be an amusement park. I through a quiet building trying to see what I can scavenge to survive longer. Eventually, I found a room that was filled with fearful people, some of which I knew. From what I could tell, most of them didn't know how to survive. I noticed one of them sitting in one of the chairs near one of the exits and until I walked up past them, I realized that it was Jen, or Quynh - whatever.

    I didn't want to stay with these weak ones and become fearful my whole life. I wanted to go out and and see what I else I could find. I walked back towards the empty exit doorway and walked back in to the jungle. After making it to the river, out of one of the buildings across from me, I see a huge baldly shaped man charging at me with eyes of danger. To my surprise I didn't know what to do. I didn't think it would hurt me. The rest was just a blur.

    I do remember what happened after. Me and a few other people were inside a red car. The person driving, which I assumed to be a stranger, was driving out in the desert with the intention to kill the man who screwed his wife on a video I saw on the internet(that video was on my mind for a while). When we finally went past his place, he drove past his place and started firing at the wife screwer. Then he fights back. I had my head ducked down to prevent from being shot. I heard shots fired near the door. The driver finally got a hit on him, shot and killed him. I became relived.

    We made a inspection stop on our way on to a tall bridge surrounded by cops and mountains. We slowly reeled in next to what looked like a prison. The cops were stopping us and told us to get out of the car. That's when I realized that I forgot to take the revolving gun out of the car before we came here. Fortunately, the cop didn't care. He saw the gun and didn't arrest me. However, that wasn't it. There was an attractive looking game center right by the inspect location. Me and the others walked inside to see what we could find. They went along and in to the inner circle of fun while I stayed on the outer side where I spent thinking over my thoughts. The room was lit up by red ceiling lights and multicolored entrance lights. I walked around to see where I could think but I didn't find anything.

    As the dream was finally starting to come to an end, I became confronted by some evil spirit. It was testing me to see whether or not I am fearful of it. I challenged it by teleporting myself through a series of mind-blogging events that led me in the back yard of my home. I was alone. I ran up to the evil spirit and enraged all of hatred I had for it and released it in to a show of fireworks. What seemed to be an unknown figure was Darth Maul. He wasn't the only evil being, though. I too became one of the evil ones. He didn't like me though. I pulled out a double edged lightsaber, like him, and started waving it at him and his defenses. He had more skill, which caused my lightsaber to split in to 2. I continued fighting and then lost when I threw both of my lightsabers at him and then was attacked by the piercing force of his own saber. I felt the pain. I imagined my body not splitting in to pieces, and it worked. However, when I grabbed a hold of my saber, I through it at him which turned him in to little pieces.

    I then rushed back to the game center using the teleporter and left the dream because of the burning mark Maul left on me.

    Raptor vs Raptor

    by VarrhenSpecter on 07-14-2015 at 11:11 PM
    First dream: I'm out dressed up as a grizzly bear out in my backyard chasing after a male attempting to tackle him with my weight. He runs and screams until we run out in to the front yard where I nearly got a grasp of him but he slips away and we both end up in the backyard again. Unfortunately, this time he gets help from another grizzly bear who happens to play the role of a mother. While watching these two pair up, I'm up on top of the roof of the garage deciding whether or not to brawl with this heavy beast.

    As it's climbing up the roof, I start to lose interest in this conflict and run away from the mother bear. I climb up as fast as I could to the next higher level of roofing and right as soon as the mother bear reaches the roof, I charge towards the edge of the roof and start flying off in to the depths of the dark narrow street I live on. I flew faster and faster, enough to get me out of the zone of danger. I was afraid. Not only afraid of the mother bear but the darkness accumulating the whole street I flew in to.

    As I flew with great ferocity in to the dark, narrow street, I noticed a light at the end of the street. A home. This home was the end of the street - a source of open peace. Once I reached the end of this street, I would escape from the evils lying within it. Instead, I got the opposite of that. After flying for a while, I noticed an eerie looking abandoned home standing right next to the street. Bad experiences came of it whenever I visited it in previous dreams. I decided to go ahead and look what's inside it anyways in hopes that something different would happen.

    I walked in to the dark residence and slowly crept up inside the the interior of the building. What I heard was a few people engaging in a quiet conversation in the middle room of the home. It was a discreet conversation, so whatever they were talking about wasn't supposed to be heard by outsiders. I walked past the small the room and the first thing I noticed was its large size and open spaces. I was scared up to the point when I saw how dark it was in the areas surrounding it. I slowly walked out of the home unnoticed.

    Second Dream: There was a school somewhere inside a huge open field of grass. I was walking alongside my classmates figuring out where our next destination would be. On our way, I saw several crowds of people walking from class to class(unusual for me) and many of them were waiting outside entrances of unique classrooms. For example, one of the classrooms presented a small zoo where the students could learn about the species living in them. I look in to this one for a while because I thought it was curious. After a while, it was finally time to go back to finding our unknown point of interest. I followed both of my friends through the halls of the crowded school in to the school on to the entrance of the school office and confronted the principal for help. This is where we discovered a secret fear underlying the school's boundaries. What was it? I'm not sure. The principal stood and gave us a motionless stare and knew something was out to get us if we didn't leave the campus on time.

    All three of us quickly jumped down on to the stairs of the school to what was a large scene of green mountains surrounding the entire school. My friends and I transformed ourselves in to creatures. Dinosaurs. Raptors, I think. We all moved ran through the open plains at great speeds. We still had the minds of a human which meant that we knew a lot more than the Raptor's do. However, there were other raptors as well.

    We eventually ran in to what seemed to be nearing the edge of a really tall cliff. The leader, one of my friends, told us to get down on the ground and turn on our night vision. Both of my friends rested down in to the grass but I had a little trouble doing so. There were upcoming enemy raptors walking ahead of us. I tried to lay down but I couldn't. It wasn't until one of the enemy raptors came up near us when I finally had the power to bury myself in to the ground. But that was when I accidentally moved my body and alerted the raptor walking right past me. It roared. Me and my other two friends quickly got up from the ground and ran off to the edge of the cliff. I ran right behind the leader and my other friend besides me. The raptor behind us roared out and was about ready to eat us. Our leader jumped off of the cliff, over what seemed to be a river, in to the small village right next to it. He made it safety to the ground. When I jumped, however, I fell off and was hurled down in to the flowing river. The friend besides me followed.

    Fake Reality

    by VarrhenSpecter on 03-10-2015 at 06:39 PM
    This felt like one of my longest lucid dreams yet. I went to sleep at around 11:30 PM, after taking sleeping pills, and woke up at about 4:07 AM the next morning and stayed awake until about 5:10 AM using the internet, printing a sheet, and trying to figure out what to do next before I go back to bed. I went back to sleep at around 5:20 AM and performed the WILD technique, I think. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. This is how it turned out.

    I woke up in sleep paralysis, after desperately attempting to move my body up out of bed. It took me a while to realize it, meaning the demons, or whatever it was, would come in to the room earlier. I was laid on my back under my covers(even though the blankets were not actually on me). I closed my eyes and began visualizing myself escape the current paralyzed state and imagine myself leaving the bedroom. I never actually imagined going anywhere else but inside the home I was already in. The harder I thought about myself going through that levitating phase, the harder I had to keep it in my mind. I ended up losing my train of thought the first time, but the second time I tried imagining myself moving freely away from my dream bed, I immediately flew out of this levitation mode and quickly flew through the closed door in my bedroom, in hopes that whatever else was in there would not catch me.

    After making it out, and already becoming lucid, I decided to walk outside the home. I didn't really have anything to do so far, but to save me the sensations of bordem, I decided to go ahead and summon Sydney again, out on the parkway(which was all empty). I extended my right arm back and summon her. I pulled her out in front of me but I didn't actually sure what to do with her. Once we walked back in to the house, I noticed that two of the televisions were on inside the house; one in the living room and one in my parents' bedroom. My father was inside the living room and my mother was inside their bedroom. I also saw two kids walked in to the scene at the same time I did(they somehow where already in the house). One of them was a boy and the other one was a year, one who looked so suspiciously familiar.

    Me and Sydney followed the little girl and when she walked over to my mother inside her bedroom, I then realized that it was one of the children I helped back at a preschool a few years ago. She didn't look exactly the same, nor did it look like she had any of her traits come to think of it, but while dreaming, it really felt like we were finally meeting each other again after a long time. I'm not sure if I hugged her or not.

    Me and Sydney then walked back out of the house and walked around the front steps of the house for a small bit. I saw my dog there, along with his lover, at least that's what it looked like. They stuck very close to each other, walking around me and Sydney. My dog had a tendency to lick me every time he had the chance to. I didn't like it, but then again he was my dog, so I could never neglect him. He also had a tendency to drink water from anywhere, including the dirty brown water that was inside a small fountain next to the front porch. He drank it and didn't even care how dirty it was.

    After hanging around with my dog for a while, him and his lover left. Me and Sydney were now alone with each other. This was the best time to try and talk to her, especially since our waking life communications don't exit, they never did. I walked Sydney over to the wall next to the parkway and turned towards her. I looked in her eyes, closely observing her facial expressions and attempted to ask her a question hoping she reply with a somewhat real answer.

    "I like you, Sydney." I said.

    "I like you." she repeated.

    I continued telling her how I felt about her but she kept repeating what I said. After a couple times, it got annoying. I asked why she was copying me and eventually told her to stop copying me. She didn't want to listen to me. After asking her so many times, she did manage to tell me something irrelevant, but I forgot what she said. I then decided to leave Sydney here while I went venturing out the street I was in.

    Before I walked in to the street, the dream started to turn on me by fading away. I believed the sky was adding to it. It was so dark that many of the homes in the city looked haunted. I raised up both of my arms and imagined the skies to be lit with bright stars. After several attempts, all I did was turn midnight in to late evenings. The dream was practically blind by now. I resorted to the spinning technique as a last motive. I turned my body and turned it as much as I could, so I could feel the vibrations of my dream body move along a strong, consistent pattern to assist in achieving a better vision for the world. It surprisingly worked. Everything, including the skies, were clear. I was not only shocked, but amazed.

    I walked out on to the street and I already saw someone walking it. It was a stranger, someone that kept walking down this street consistently in the dream. They wore a pink/black decorated hoodie, so I had a little trouble recalling if they were male or female. I followed them out on the side of the street. I was walking behind them and felt the urge to do something I knew. I extended my right arm back and pulled out in front of me a metal hammer. What I wanted to do to this person was obvious, and I was going to do it whether or not there were people watching. Unfortunately, that person walked in to an area I did not want to walk in to. I decided to walk away and try my luck someplace else.

    On my way walked off to other houses on the street, I saw a police car driving off in to one of the parking lot of someone's home. I saw another one opposite of the same of the same home. The first one was going down in flames, which I'm not sure what happened, and the other cop car(and whoever else was in it) didn't seem to care that one of their pals' car was burning out.

    I walked over to different house on my right side of the street to see who I could kill in a discreetly manner. I noticed several mothers on the front lawns of their home working and taking the trash out. I focused on one that lived in a darkly lit area, followed by a lonely backyard parkway. I trespassed in to their home and walked up in to the shadowy trees and bushes. They were walking closer up to me and I waited for them to walk up in front of the shadows I was in. Once the got close enough for me to touch them, I swung the hammer heavily on to their forehead and unintentionally broke the hammer. The woman then started laughing at me for not being able to kill her. I gave up trying to kill someone else, so I decided to do something else with my lucidity.

    This was where things got interesting. I flew over near a small food market on the corner of the same street I just came out of. As I was flying on to the parking lot of this place, I summoned someone I didn't really intend on summoning before I went to bed. It was Madison, one of Sydney's friends. I held her hand until the both of us were on the ground. The reason I landed on to the parking lot of this small store was because there was going to be a special event taking place her in just a few more minutes. There was coincidentally two chairs already laid out on this parking lot. I sat in the left one and Madison, on my right. We were seemingly the first ones here. There were still a lot more people left.

    As we waited, I decided to go ahead and summon a bag of chips(seeing how you don't gain weight in dreams). They were my personal favorites - Cheddar Ruffles. I grabbed some of them to munch on and then handed the bag over to Madison. She ate some with me. The taste felt almost the same, but not vividly. It wasn't strong enough for me to actually set one of my intentions to summon them before going to sleep some other night. Me and Madison both sat there as people quickly started piling up.

    The seats began filling up quickly. Many of the seats in front of us were already filled. Some of the individuals attending this ceremony were young and some were old, but not too old. As me and Madison were eating our food, I noticed a young male staring at the food we were eating. This guy looked a lot like my best friend I used to hang around with during high school. I'm not sure if it was him, though. He never bothered greeting me and I never bothered greeting him. I assumed in forgotten all about me.

    The parking lot was full by the time the one's responsible for this ceremony put up the red/white decorations scattered all over the place. I turned over towards Madison and gave her a small kiss on the lips, which was a little tasty seeing how she still had the cheddar Ruffle powder taste on them. Madison was my date for the night, but I'm not even sure if she knows it.

    Eventually, the staff presenters walked up in front of the large crowd of audience in the parking lot. They went on talking about whatever it was they meant to talk about. I don't have any recollection of what they were trying to speak out. That wasn't the purpose of this perfect moment I held in delight as I sat there that night with Madison. As I sat there, surrounded by so many cheering individuals, most of which were strangers, I felt it'd be the best time to expand my relationship with Madison to something intense. I extended my right arm back and summoned a small black case holding a valuable item inside. I pulled out the box in front of me and held it discreetly in both my hands as I got down on the ground with one left knee in front of Madison. I held the box out in front of her and opened it up as I spoke out those four dazzling words, Will you marry me?

    The audience cheered with "awes" and applause. Madison was caught by surprise. I waited for her reply but after the audience began cheering less, Madison then went on to say something along the lines of, while smiling, It's too early. I was shocked, but as long as the two of us could keep together for a little while longer, it'd eventually be a possibility. The ceremony was over by now and everyone started getting up out of their chairs and walking towards the exit. Me and Madison both got up out of our chairs. I held her in my arms in front of me very closely. At that moment, I just noticed she wore a red. glittery dress. We then both walked out towards the exit, after being escorted, and walked in to what seemed to be a casino.

    Me and Madison departed ways once we entered this new scene. At the beginning on this small hallway, the one we were escorted to, I broke out a few dance moves behind some of the girls I was walking behind with. I think I was dancing to Uptown Funk, but I'm not quite sure. I followed these three girls until we reached the bigger part of the casino - the lounge. This area was big but not too big, and not too small either. There were slot machines on my right side, a set of tables just outside the small hallway I just walked out of, and a small bar to me left, one where Jay-Z happened to be in. Perhaps Jay-Z enjoyed bar tending more than making music. That is what I thought. I also saw two older men sitting just outside the hallway near the tables. I remember summoning a Berreta to see if it couldn't fire actual bullets this time. Instead, I fired off one plastic bb and I also had to reload the gun, which would eventually become harder to pull, at which then I decided to better yet throw the gun at the hairless man who didn't mind me throwing it at him.

    I saw a few others things in the dream. I tried setting the place on fire by using a small box of match and throwing it in small cups of gasoline(what I thought) scattered around the room. The fire would sometimes extended as far as where I was holding it but didn't feel a thing.

    Singing in the Rain

    by VarrhenSpecter on 03-09-2015 at 07:26 PM
    Me and a few other family members, including my brother-in-law and aunt, were watching a movie inside the living room of my home. The movie was seconds away from being over and we were reeling in on the resolution moment of it. Me and my aunt were so much in to this movie that she almost held on to me as we both noticed a helicopter being shot down in the movie. There was a creepy vibe to it, not just what was happening on screen but something I felt going on in the living room. I'm not sure how exactly what I saw but, moments later, I showed up somewhere inside that scene along with the rest of my family members watch that movie.

    We were now in what seemed to be a parking lot of a small residential home. There was a long baseball field in front of it. There was also rain, but it felt like heavy rain. I had myself crouched down on the floor, watching what was left of the helicopter explosion that took place moments before. As I watched the flames and ashes floating away from the scene, I sang a tune as I slowly moved back away the explosion area.

    "When You're worried and you can't sleep, just close your eyes and count your blessings"

    I continued singing this tune as I moved up towards the stairs that would eventually led me towards the building that sat on this parking lot. My family followed.

    "and you'll fall sleep counting your blessings."

    The rest of my family were the first ones to run in to the residential home. I'm not sure what was in there, nor did I care much about it. All I wanted to do was listen to myself singing while being comforted with rain. Eventually, I began gaining consciousness of where I was. When I finally reached the building, I became lucid.

    After becoming lucid, I immediately ran in to the home, inside the garage. I walked past the garage and in to what seemed to be another garage in the same small building. I stopped and tried calming myself down. I told myself something along the lines of "This is a dream. I want to stay in this dream." I'm not sure what I said exactly but whatever it was, I felt a better sense of control of prolonging the dream. There was also someone with me. I'm not sure who. Probably someone who lived at the home? I'm not sure. He followed me as I went storming out of the house and towards the inner part of a high school.

    Once I reached what seemed to be a high school lunch area, I stopped and observed the environment. I noticed several students scattered all over the place, going on about their day. I saw several of my classmates standing around a drinking fountain, or so that's what it looked like - a fountain? The rain still went on, but not as much as it was a few moments ago. Suddenly, I felt this strange substance building up in my mouth. I'm not sure what it was, but I didn't like it. It started building up rapidly, eventually filling up my whole mouth. I put one of my fingers inside my mouth, hoping it would just be a bubbling type of food, but instead found a white-rice type of food. I don't even think it was rice, it tasted much more disgusting than that. I tried spitting it all out but before I could, woke up.
    lucid , task of the year

    Racing with Friends

    by VarrhenSpecter on 03-08-2015 at 07:17 PM
    Me and several other students were on a race track preparing for a long, competitive race. It was about a whole classroom of students scattered around the starting line. The race track wasn't your typical dirt themed one, but it was one covered with air compressed pillows. It went all the way to the finish line. It was indoors and outdoors. The race was just about to begin.

    The race started right as soon as the first person started running. The whole set of students began hopping from one section of pillows to another. Most of them were left off in the middle, with only a few of them up front. I was stuck behind the middle ones. I wasn't how the game worked at first, so I observed some of the other races before I decided to actually give it a try. It turned out, everybody was hopping to get ahead of the game. After noticing this, I started to take my way past the middle races.

    Eventually, after making it through the indoor part of the race, we reached the outside world. I continued hopping as best as I could to try and win. At this point, I was just about getting on the line with the really good hoppers. I also observed the environment surrounding me. We were all what now seems to be a huge racing stadium, though most of it being taken up by empty fields of grass and small buildings. There were also no barricades on the sides of the pillows, meaning there was no protection if any of us fell by accident.

    After a while of hopping, I notice this girl hopping up next to me, seemingly trying to catch a glimpse of who I was. I spent little bit attention to this person until I took a quick stare at them and noticed who they were. It was Quynh, the same girl who went to piano class with me in high school and the same girl I thought a lot for three years. She was still wearing that same green sweater she'd almost always wear to school. Quynh and me were the only racers closer to the finish line.

    Quynh wanted to win just as much as me. For a moment, I even noticed her trying to push me off the track because of her facial expressions she had while staring back at me. I did not intend to lose. If she pushed me, I thought, I'd have to counter it and make her fall off the pillows instead. Fortunately, she never did. Instead, the two of us were in first place, desperately trying to jump over a large gap from one large set of pillows to another.

    When we finally reached the finale of the race track, both of us took a long hop over a bottom layer of grass floor. As me and Quynh were both making the jump, my only thoughts were, "I have to win!" We both landed on the set of pillows, seemingly at the same time. We both stopped ourselves from hitting the wall in front of us and took a moment to notice each other. I stared at Quynh and she was staring at me. What seemed to be an outrageously, long conflict between us, one that lasted for so long, it finally felt like we were on agreeing terms to give each other one more chance at friendship.