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      I'd like you to continue that Muse Headband app you were working on, I desperately need to go obe as part of a spiritual healing process I'm going through and its the only method that would really work for me
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      Hi, I saw your post about the muse headband a few years ago. I would like to know how that is going. Thanks a lot! Jose
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    2017-02-15 5:51 -- Kobayashi foot, cartoon character, coworker names, false awakening experiment

    by Venryx on 02-15-2017 at 03:29 PM
    =kobayashi (anime character) had explosive growth on foot
    He told me to get rid of it by smashing his foot with a hammer. (as he had apparently done to help me just before this, though not painfully)
    It was hard to do so, as he was reacting semi-realistically, but I ended up persevering as his cries for help were also realistic.

    =went on fountain far up
    Jumped off onto platform in house near laundry room.
    Lucidity increased here, and I just paused here for a moment considering options.
    I noticed I could jump down to our living room, so did so.

    =saw cartoon character on our couch (forget which one, but definitely remember him)
    I at first wanted to go outside, as I could see the sun streaming in. But I remembered my dream goal, so decided to go for that.
    Walked up to him.

    =Kaumfield, brady, peter pan, and two others
    He greeted me and said something. (I ignored it as I had a dream goal to perform)
    Me: "By the way, can you tell me the names of A's coworkers?"
    He said one name, but then went on and on about some story surrounding it.
    I urged him to just say the names.
    He then said kaumfield, another name, peter pan, and brady.
    I focused on these names to not forget them, but this (or something) caused the scene to fade.

    =false awakening
    Knew it was most likely an fa. But I paused, and decided to experiment.
    I very carefully brought my hand up to my face, trying to scan for any indication of there being two "arms", with one being the phantom and one real. (The arm felt very real, by the way.)
    The results were inconclusive, but I think I did feel something different -- either my real arm, or just another phantom one my dream mind made up.
    Also, I felt a familiar twinge while doing more forceful movements, that you get when real-world sensations start coming in, weakening the dream.
    Anyway, after a while my real arm, I finally felt it. It kind of just "switched" to it, but this time I was closely monitoring, so have a little bit more sensational detail that is hard/tiring to word out properly.
    Basic idea is that the "switch" occurred as if I were discovering an extra limb -- so my fake arm was one that I was controlling, and then, oh now there's this other arm that I swiftly switched to, by default.
    In the future, may be worth experimenting with *not* "switching" to that real limb, and seeing how long I can keep feeling and/or controlling the dream/phantom limb.

    2017-02-14 15:12 -- Vr game, space rock jumping, pool room crabs

    by Venryx on 02-15-2017 at 12:26 AM
    =in and out of game, starting to show it to family (it was apparently a game "i made")
    Showed scene of large "game world", with many trees, and some large expanses.
    =in hotel, with two brothers with condition! (though one less so)
    =in town hall place, missing grandpa guy barely

    =in elevator
    We got in late evening.
    My lucidity arrived/increased here, as it got quiet and I saw the world around me with increased awe/self-awareness.
    I considered placing small stick I was holding in crack in door while we went up, but decided no, and just to go on to next scene.
    =jumping on space rocks
    Talked about gravity with bringer guy. He said was just floating, but I pointed out they had some gravity, and he agreed.
    =in pool room
    Trying to evade crab guys, trying to bite us and such.
    Almost woke, but kept myself in by anchoring with touching things, and "smiling" and thus feeling my face more.
    =in office room
    Other guy was trying to convince guy who came with us to manage a website for him.
    There was a form. The normal initials box was "max", and used up apparently, so he had to enter 99 in the "maxx" box. (his name was max apparently)

    2017-02-13 11:30 -- Voice prompt oddity, unstable walk, disintegration before dream goal question

    by Venryx on 02-13-2017 at 10:20 PM
    Was lying in bed. Heard some extra sound in voice prompt that wasn't supposed to be there.

    Realized I was dreaming. Got up and went for door, while doing rc (which confirmed dream). Started yelling out for friend for dream goal.

    Kept walking downstairs. Vision destabilized, but I got it to return with focus/expectation.

    Had thought of other people hearing call and coming instead. It happened, with stranger appearing. He asked me something.

    Went to the front door. Vision faltered then came back. Saw friend. Walked up and started saying greeting.

    Recollected and prepared to ask him the dream goal question. Just as I was set to start speaking it, the dream swiftly weakened and disintegrated.

    I did not get very far. But I tried, and even lucids like this are fun. ^_^

    2017-02-08 05:58 -- Sermon, flying, blue shirts, ocean dive, island, fort, zombies

    by Venryx on 02-08-2017 at 03:17 PM
    =listening to sermon
    It started nice/emotional, but then he started making bad jokes.
    =flew around with DW and SV
    DW was having a blast.
    =became teams
    Someone came up, pointed out that I had blue shirt.
    =people started fighting with people flying (since others had joined)
    For example, they started throwing tacks at the people on walls--some trying to get down, but too slow.
    =flew around discouraging fighting
    Tried yelling telling to stop, and just distracting them. (especially other blue shirts, since same team)
    =voted for self
    Landed among my own blue group.
    They were voting for leader.
    I asked who's who.
    Woman started explaining numbers, I asked for very fast summary.
    She said three with more votes, I was one of them.
    I asked which number was mine, and voted for it by circling, as time was lamost out.
    Friend to my left got mad/sad, felt was taking away chance.
    False awakening, with me sleeping on stomach.
    =letting sink into ocean
    Tried getting back in-dream by letting myself drift more deeply into a halfway-imagined halfway-perceived ocean with waves.
    Daniel Love was narrating the instructions and expected events as though it were a youtube video.
    =on tropical island
    I felt disconnected/only-seeing my body at first, so for a minute or so, I was just trying to reconnect. I eventually did so by banging a metal and wood piece against a wooden post.
    I saw a cool wooden fort, and decided to climb up it.
    =on rotting wooden fort
    I construct something with wood pieces lying around.
    I climb to top of tower.
    The environment is beautiful, but dreamy and hazy.
    It's late evening, and matching with the sense of potential danger, zombies slowly appear on the beach.
    I'm not really scared, more of just don't want to deal with them.
    I decide to wake myself up.
    Before I do so, however, I hear a number prompt--which fades the dream scene.
    I sense that I could still get back in, but decide not to--in part because I didn't want to forget what had already occurred.

    2017-01-20 ~17:00 -- R at table, flying, choosing forward road, talking with dc at park

    by Venryx on 02-02-2017 at 02:22 AM
    =r at table
    A, R, M, G, and I are at a table talking.
    Something makes me think of lucid dreaming. I think, "I wish this were a lucid dream!"
    Do nose-plug rc: I am in-dream.
    Feel stuck, ask R to run jump and kick me up/out.
    She eventually does so, and it works.
    Racquel comes sith me as I start flying.

    =flying through glass

    =choosing forward road
    We come to a fork, and I ask R which road to take. She delays, so I choose forward.

    =flying over city
    Fly over buildings for a bit, looking for good landing.

    =landing in park
    See nice park, and head toward it.
    DC from parking lot area follows us.

    =talking with dc
    DC is a teenage girl. She looks up and yells, something about, "You know, dcs aren't things that will just do whatever you say each time."

    I feel dream fading.
    I wake "in bed", rc saying in-dream.
    Wake myself up eventually by feeling-for/moving neck.