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      04-09-2024, 07:17 PM
      Night 2 Dream 1-4 I realize it is a dream at the beginning. I teleport to my ship.I start flying around and checking planet after planet. It was a...
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      04-03-2024, 06:57 PM
      In order to understand any of what I type in my DJ for the competition, you will need to understand my dream world a bit. So this is a TL;DR for all...
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      03-30-2024, 07:18 AM
      going to try hard to accomplish a big goal this time. It’ll take a lot of smaller goals as well and I’m hoping to have them all come to a head around...
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      I'd like you to continue that Muse Headband app you were working on, I desperately need to go obe as part of a spiritual healing process I'm going through and its the only method that would really work for me
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      Hi, I saw your post about the muse headband a few years ago. I would like to know how that is going. Thanks a lot! Jose
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    2019-09-29 12:30 -- Choice sim/game; store fly-through; ominous hallway; Lego city; snipers in trees

    by Venryx on 09-30-2019 at 04:46 PM
    In simulation/game of some sort; restarts several times, with me taking different path each time. (like a choose-your-own-adventure game)

    At large Costco-like place, flying through as part of a group, but not buying anything; reach end, and they say to pay; I say I didn't realize we were supposed to buy as we went through; ask, and guy lets me go back in without paying.

    At small clinic/food place; I make wrong choice while talking to a woman there, despite feeling I'd made good ones up to that point, and want to reload from right before that choice; instead, I have to restart the whole thing.

    Talking to lady at start of game, who is apparently aware of being in a simulation; she brings me to place down in a lower-story hallway (looks like old house hallway to garage), and she says to go with her to see what she's talking about; it looks ominous so I refuse; I say we should just talk about it; she says not, since I'm not "one of them" or something; I say we should meet up again to discuss, from opposite parties/groups; she seems okay with that.

    Starting out in city (like in Lego game); I start exploring, but guide person says I should be careful and not go to a certain part of town (further from the waterfront); I struggle back toward where I started, but make it and regain movement.

    Find young person who maybe would join with the task I was set toward, except he seems untidy and pretty obnoxious. (he also had blemishes on his face of some sort)

    Am with some real-world family and friends (mom and dad, siblings, A, C, and S); we are exploring again, in area with lots of trees; I head off a bit to follow something I think, and find that there are tons of snipers and such in the trees; I find that I'm equipped with the same vehicle and weapon (gun, I think) as them, but I don't use it; instead, I start trying to leave the area back to my group; while speeding away in the semi-flying vehicle, I wake up from someone calling me in real life.

    2017-02-13 11:30 -- Voice prompt oddity, unstable walk, disintegration before dream goal question

    by Venryx on 02-13-2017 at 10:20 PM
    Was lying in bed. Heard some extra sound in voice prompt that wasn't supposed to be there.

    Realized I was dreaming. Got up and went for door, while doing rc (which confirmed dream). Started yelling out for friend for dream goal.

    Kept walking downstairs. Vision destabilized, but I got it to return with focus/expectation.

    Had thought of other people hearing call and coming instead. It happened, with stranger appearing. He asked me something.

    Went to the front door. Vision faltered then came back. Saw friend. Walked up and started saying greeting.

    Recollected and prepared to ask him the dream goal question. Just as I was set to start speaking it, the dream swiftly weakened and disintegrated.

    I did not get very far. But I tried, and even lucids like this are fun. ^_^

    2017-02-08 05:58 -- Sermon, flying, blue shirts, ocean dive, island, fort, zombies

    by Venryx on 02-08-2017 at 03:17 PM
    =listening to sermon
    It started nice/emotional, but then he started making bad jokes.
    =flew around with DW and SV
    DW was having a blast.
    =became teams
    Someone came up, pointed out that I had blue shirt.
    =people started fighting with people flying (since others had joined)
    For example, they started throwing tacks at the people on walls--some trying to get down, but too slow.
    =flew around discouraging fighting
    Tried yelling telling to stop, and just distracting them. (especially other blue shirts, since same team)
    =voted for self
    Landed among my own blue group.
    They were voting for leader.
    I asked who's who.
    Woman started explaining numbers, I asked for very fast summary.
    She said three with more votes, I was one of them.
    I asked which number was mine, and voted for it by circling, as time was lamost out.
    Friend to my left got mad/sad, felt was taking away chance.
    False awakening, with me sleeping on stomach.
    =letting sink into ocean
    Tried getting back in-dream by letting myself drift more deeply into a halfway-imagined halfway-perceived ocean with waves.
    Daniel Love was narrating the instructions and expected events as though it were a youtube video.
    =on tropical island
    I felt disconnected/only-seeing my body at first, so for a minute or so, I was just trying to reconnect. I eventually did so by banging a metal and wood piece against a wooden post.
    I saw a cool wooden fort, and decided to climb up it.
    =on rotting wooden fort
    I construct something with wood pieces lying around.
    I climb to top of tower.
    The environment is beautiful, but dreamy and hazy.
    It's late evening, and matching with the sense of potential danger, zombies slowly appear on the beach.
    I'm not really scared, more of just don't want to deal with them.
    I decide to wake myself up.
    Before I do so, however, I hear a number prompt--which fades the dream scene.
    I sense that I could still get back in, but decide not to--in part because I didn't want to forget what had already occurred.

    2017-01-15 12:30 -- Dark sky and cloud dream powers, crossing river, fighting courier

    by Venryx on 01-29-2017 at 10:28 PM
    [I was already lucid by the point, but don't remember the earlier parts as I fell asleep while recollecting.]
    It's dark out, and I'm with a group of about a dozen, in an apocalypse-type scene. The buildings are worn down, and we're evading an unknown danger.
    I head into a shed with a couple others, and see a medium sized animal (threat!) on the ground/floor. I decide to test out my fire-emitting abilities, so shape my hands, and focus on the feeling of something being released from them. It takes a few tries, but remembering back on earlier times causes it to briefly/weakly work (I get a small flame to form on the ground).

    I head back to the group, and decide we should get weapons to defend ourselves with. I look around, and find a pile of wooden bars and long panels. I pick them up, and distribute them amonst the members. I take one of the nicer ones, and take a minute to just go around basking in the beauty/awe of the situation. I remember, in particular, wifts of cloud/fog passing by, andnpassing my wooden bar through it, and seeing it dissapate the moisture some.

    At some point, more threats come nearby, and, with the others, I engage in combat with a few -- still practicing some dream abilities. (for example, using the stick as a catilyst for sparks and flames on the target behind it visually)

    I wake up after a couple more minutes, and begin recollection. However, I wanted to turn on my other side because it would feel nice, and though I knew this greatly increased the chance of falling asleep aaccidentally, I did it anyway -- and in fact did fall asleep. (with the app turned off)

    I plan to reduce this occurence in the future, either by learning to keep my app running while recollecting, or by doing faster recording by using a bluetooth keyboard or the like with text entry already set up for the night (so I can just start typing at any point in the night).

    After this was a vivid non-lucid dream, followed by a relatively short period where I did become lucid -- though with a focus on the situation at hand since by that point I'd gotten in combat (of sorts) with someone.

    The background for this second dream was our living in the equivalent of a civilization ship, where everyone we know lives in the same megastructure (not sure if it was actually in space).

    One part had me with my sister and old friend passing over a river, and me getting a bit wet when I fell off the floating dock-like platform. (the water was very shallow, however)

    Another part had me running down the halls to various places iwl from my memory (like our old house). Eventually I reached a situation that sparked lucidity, after our garage had been broken down earlier and my dad was rebuilding it. Someone from the rest of the dream had run down to our garage as well, and suspecting the guy a threat (he was like a courier from the government or other group it seemed) I got in a pseudo-combat situation, but eventually managed to defuse the situation by staying calm and actually reasoning with the person. (he had a knife, and I had general dream powers, so we had mutually assured destruction/discomfort and were motivated toward peace)
    It was fun accomplishing this, but before I could go on to other goals (which I actually remembered this time), I woke up.

    2017-01-28 18:03 -- False awakening, listening in, wrong dream goal "mute"

    by Venryx on 01-29-2017 at 03:18 AM
    I realize I'm dreaming, either just before having a false awakening, or because of the false awakening transition.
    Try rocking/phantom wiggling.
    Try listening in.
    The noise gets really loud.
    Try rocking/phantom wiggling again, with basically no results.
    Go back to listening in.
    Noise peaks again, and I then visualize/feel myself standing from bed and walking toward door. I feel light touch sensations when grabbing handle.
    I walk toward stairs yelling to family, but decide to go other direction to parents' room.
    I wait near their bed a sec, and manage to get my vision back by grounding myself and focusing on trying to see them in bed.
    I see them in bed with my younger brother, however, they appear to all be dreaming/just on the verge of waking up.
    I wait a few seconds, trying to remember my dream goals, and then manage to get them awake by touching them lightly.
    I now think I remember my dream goals: "dream guide, mute, pencil, and something else" (correct, other than the second, which was "massage" instead of "mute")
    I get confused by this, as I don't know what "mute" means, but I assume it means, "Pretend that you're mute."
    I then stop talking, and point at my mouth, making gestures and mouthing words -- pretending I had just gone mute.

    I really want to go on to the rest of the goals, but sadly it begins breaking up again, and I'm shortly back in bed. My body still feels rested, but my mind feels too awake, so I decide to just get up. I may have tried anyway if I'd instantly realized that I misremembered the second dream goal, but only did so about a half minute later.