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    Dream #2: Puppycat!

    by VenturerEmily on 04-24-2014 at 10:07 PM
    Black = Normal dream
    Green = False Awakening

    I had apparently dropped out of my old high school or moved and started going back into it again after awhile. Everyone was making fun of me/taunting me about the whole experience, and I was trying to ignore them.

    I was in the gymnasium for awhile, where there was a orange and black marbled kitten-puppy hybrid playing with me. I started rubbing his tummy and he began kicking his leg up like a dog would do.

    When I came back in the building, I discovered that my backpack that was holding my laptop in it was gone. A classmate of mine told me that I hadn't ever had one to begin with because I wasn't really a student there. I argued with him, and he finally gave in and said he had stolen it from me.

    I woke up from the dream and turned on my computer. My boyfriend was on, so I asked if he could Skype with me. I told him about the dream I had, emphasizing the part with the cat/dog mix. Then everything faded and I woke up for reals.

    Things that stand out:
    • I was in high school
    • There was made-up creature
    • My boyfriend doesn't come on in the morning
    non-lucid , false awakening

    Dream #1: The Winged Survivor

    by VenturerEmily on 04-24-2014 at 08:43 PM
    I can't place the setting, but it wasn't near my house now so I must've been in another one. The night before had a tornado, and now everyone was coming out and looking at the damage that had been done.

    A man that I recognized from being on the Survivor in last night's episode (I don't watch it regularly, so I don't know his name) was going around asking people if they needed help with picking up the debris.

    After everything had been picked up, he sprouted angel-like wings and flew off into the sky.

    Things that stand out:
    • Not in my house
    • Man from television
    • Magical powers (flying)

    Dream #2: Video games and Grandma's a felon

    by VenturerEmily on 04-23-2014 at 09:51 PM
    As soon as my first dream faded, I had another one that involved being in the same house. I was at the computer, and I'm supposing that this would be sometime in the future because I got sucked into another video game (***I had done this before in last night's dream***).

    It was a mixture between Mario and Pokemon, as in there was a pixelated image of Wario pacing back and forth like some of the trainers in the Pokemon games do. It also had the same interface as Pokemon (***I'm guessing I'm having so many dreams about video games is because my 3DS broke and I've been angry***). That quickly faded and I was back at the computer shortly.

    I decided to look up some things about my family history as I used to have an account on Ancestry.com or something. When I typed in my grandma's name, an image of someone who was most definitely not my grandma popped up (however I recognized her in the dream). I was reading history and it turned out she had gone to jail for a few years because she'd robbed a couple places when she was younger.

    I woke up after making that shocking discovery!

    Things that stand out:

    • In a house I didn't know
    • Got sucked into a video game
    • I couldn't recognize my grandma
    • My grandma does not have a criminal background in actuality!

    Dream #1: Shadow Escapes My New House

    by VenturerEmily on 04-23-2014 at 09:44 PM
    My parents and I had just moved into a new house. My mom's schedule got changed at work, so I was supposed to be watching over the house for the night, which would be something I'd normally be afraid of, but in my dream I wasn't.

    I can't remember exactly happened, but sometime during the evening I'm pretty sure my dg (the one in my picture) got loose. I scrambled out of my house and got in my dad's truck. I was terrible at driving, per usual, so I ended up just going into a big circle. Somehow Shadow (my dog) appeared in the back seat, so I thought nothing of it and drove in another big circle back into the driveway.

    So Shadow and I go back into the house where the other two are sitting. As I'm making my way into the bathroom, I notice that a door to a bedroom we don't really use is open. I brush it off, thinking it's the wind and then the dream faded.

    Things that stand out:
    • My mom uses the truck, so I couldn't have driven it in reality
    • I lived in a house that I didn't know
    • Shadow randomly appeared in the truck

    Dream 2# Friends

    by VenturerEmily on 04-22-2014 at 01:38 PM
    I was in one of my old friend's house that I haven't spoken to since I was a sophomore in high school. We were hanging our in her room, and she pulls out a folder. She said, "I was cleaning my room, and for some reason I have [another friend's name]'s school folder from when she was younger."

    I grabbed at it for inspection. Sure enough it had my friend's name written in the fancy way that she did it. "Oh that's cool," I said. "Maybe I should call her up and tell her that you have it."

    My friend agreed, so I took out my phone and called my other friend. By this time, the folder had changed to a short, but I paid that no mind in the dream. My friend answered, I told her and we laughed. She said she'd be over soon so she could get it.

    I didn't have time for her to come over because just then I was sucked out of my friend's room and into a Mario World kind of shindig. That was crazy, so I woke up before I had to defeat a baby Lakitu who didn't have his cloud yet.

    Things that stand out

    • People I don't talk to anymore
    • An object completely changing
    • Teleporting to another world