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    Animal Kingdom

    by VenusDreamer on 06-17-2016 at 05:39 AM
    In the world I was in, many animals seemed to have equal intelligence to humans, and they were just as important in our day-to-day lives. In fact, many animals were able to talk. This was something like an "end of the world."

    There was something wrong with my dog Romeo, but it was unclear what. I tried to feed him very big, juicy berries, but he wouldn't eat them--because he's a dog, of course. There was an elephant (?) beside him though, lounging there, and he said that he had never understood why some animals are so mean to each other, when they're almost always in the same boat. He and I talked some towards the end of the dream.

    I remember thinking about how in the Bible it says that God loves humans above all else and I considered saying that to the elephant I was speaking with, but decided not to because that would have been very rude and horrible. I wondered if God loved those animals equally in this world, since it was clear they seemed to be of a higher intelligence.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Tests, Tests, and More Tests

    by VenusDreamer on 06-17-2016 at 05:29 AM
    It was the last day of high school, and we all had had a week-long break before hand (or perhaps it was two or three weeks). Everyone needed to find their home rooms, and once the bell rang a final exam would be administered. Because we had been gone for so long (and at my school we only went to home room three or four times a school year), I was having trouble remembering where mine was. I looked into one and seen Jacob C. and Metal, and decided to give it a shot. The man that was the teacher called role--I remember that Metal was making a reverse list of sorts, because he was hoping that that was my home room after all, and so every name that was called, he'd write it down. Finally the man was done and when I realized that he definitely hadn't called me, I got up to find another room.

    The bell hadn't rung yet, which was just my good luck. Standing in the hall way were a couple of other teachers, and with them was a mobile table of sorts that carried all of the tests. One of them tried to go ahead and give me my examination, but I told them that I needed to find my home room first. I could tell that they weren't pleased, but they told me to hurry and didn't ask any more questions. ("They" were a bit shorter than me, older, and had white hair, but I can't remember what their gender was supposed to be, or anything else about them, really.)

    Mrs. Tear's class was just right across the hall, so I stopped there first. Everyone was already seated, so I went straight to her desk and asked her if I was on her roll call; she checked, told me I was, handed me my test, and so I sat down and did it. It was difficult.

    After that, I was driving to college with my mom. At some point she pointed out that the people in front of us were having car troubles (I can't remember what with), and so I rolled down my window and asked them what was wrong, if there was anything that we would be able to do. I then just got out of the car and conversed with them. We were getting along well, but then their little boy asked me if I could go ahead and leave. I agreed and when I turned around I seen that there was a car behind us, waiting for me to move. I rushed in, told the people goodbye, and then drove away.

    Once we got to the college, it was my mom who was needing to take a test. It was a very short thing, but I needed to help her a bit. The last question either had to do with my dad, or her answer had to do with it. She didn't like the test-makers, because she felt that they were too intrusive in her personal life.

    Finally we're back home, and I can fly through things! I float through walls and through people--floating through people is a bit more difficult, though, because I have to first will myself to be invisible before I do it. I remember laying down on the couch in the living room for a time before getting back up again.

    The Woman with the Bomb

    by VenusDreamer on 06-15-2016 at 02:10 PM
    Okay, I was married to someone (Jasper? I'm not sure), and some other woman was trying to come between our marriage. She was beautiful, but I don't remember much from her appearance except that she had blonde curls. For some reason it was "required" that she come and live with us, stay at our vacation homes, etc.--so we let her, even though I knew what she was up to. I can't remember if my husband was suspicious or not, but I did my best to keep a close watch on her.

    So, we went to a vacation resort. Perhaps that place was an island, I'm not sure, but there was a lot of land and water, and several pathways that clearly hadn't been explored. To try to paint a clearer picture, there was the town that everyone (local and vacationer) stayed at, but you could go into the woods of the town to have a real adventure. If you went far enough in the woods you would come to a clearing of sorts, and then you would be able to walk through the field, left or right, and look at several other pathways.

    At some point my husband and I, when exploring that field, realized that the other woman was nowhere near us. We--and especially he--became worried that she had gotten lost in one of the other pathways and was injured or dead. We began looking for her, and he almost went through one of the pathways before I stopped him. I told him that it would be better for us if we actually went to the town first, so that we could check the places that she probably was, before we started checking place where we don't even know she had gone near.

    So, we followed the field along until we came more to the town's western end. I remember that the post office was just to our left, and I decided that we should check their first. Almost as soon as we opened the door is when we seen her, holding a letter that would go off to someone. My husband and I were both relieved, and we stopped to talk to her a bit.

    Then the three of us went to a party. There was a new thing that kept going around, that people with different sun signs were able to enjoy different sweets that were catered to them especially. It was revealed that the woman was a journalist, and so at the party she was talking to people about that, and about their food. One Scorpio woman told her that they were "very traditional" when it came to their food--in other words, every year at that party they would bring their links, their burgers, their cake, their French fries, and every year they would not care at all about anything else (and in any case, you could tell that woman didn't like the idea of "Scorpio cookies").

    I sat down and thought about the poverty of the town we were in, and also our own poverty that my husband and I lived in.

    When the party was over, the three of us left.

    Maybe the dream just skipped forward into the future, or maybe I just can't remember, but suddenly my husband and I were trapped in a small dark room--possibly even a closet. It was clear that she had done this, and neither of us were able to figure out how to get out. The point of view switched from first person to third person, went out the door and down the hallway. As the POV was travelling I noticed wires upon wires, with a few machines here and there. The hall almost looked like a cave (but I was pretty sure we weren't in a cave). Finally, after a considerable distance, the woman was there, as was another man. They were wearing all black and were discussing my husband's and my demise. I can't remember exactly why they were going to kill us--either it was for our money (what money) or because they were assassins and it was their job to. Either way, she had not been able to "come between our marriage" like she had wanted to.

    The Dog from the 90s

    by VenusDreamer on 06-15-2016 at 10:45 AM
    My friend had a very old dog, a wiener, and he was talking to me about him. He said that it had been around right before the 90s ever hit, and when they did it was supposed to have "meant something" because the dog was meant to be alive in the 90s? In the dream, I guess having that dog was a lot like having a video game, and that's how he treated it. I remember that he acted as if though the doggy was connected to Friends.

    He got it into his head that he wanted to get his old dog out and have a spin on it, and so he went and found it and brought it back outside. He handed the dog to me and I did my best. He was skeptical as we first began our walk, and I suppose he had a reason to because almost immediately I did something that nearly hurt the dog, or "messed" the dog up.

    So Jasper then wanted to tie his pet up--and somehow that was going to let him walk with us? apparently. He was trying to hold the dog and his dog house on one end, and I was holding the rope (that was already connected to his pet) on the other end. For some reason I had to keep swinging the rope and I had to get the dog to jump through it, but it was a very hard thing to do. I also had to do the same thing to myself, and I remember waiting until the word "Gemini" popped into my head before I jumped. I missed.

    That's when he stopped me and told me that some random man he had never even met before had started talking about my dad, and how he had died. It was something about how when he had fallen, the entire bed had lifted into the air (it's not how you're picturing it: imagine you're sitting on one end of a wobbly bed, and the further you get to the end, the opposing end rises due to your weight). I didn't understand how the man Jasper was talking about could have known that, nor what he was talking about in the first place, nor why it mattered, but it definitely mattered to Jasper. He said that "of course he believed me over some dude he had never even met," and he kept acting as if though this was something that I needed to watch out for, and that if I wasn't careful with the jumping-into-the-rope then I was going to die like my dad did, or I was going to accidentally hurt the animal as well. I was completely confused!

    Weird Professor Dude

    by VenusDreamer on 06-14-2016 at 05:29 PM
    A friend (I think they were just a dream character, but they might have been Taylor) and I had skipped the past two days in one of our college classes. We were heading there then, and she had a drawing that she had done; it had a whole lot of purple in it, and I think that her hair was purple as well. Before we got to the class one of our classmates caught us and told us that the professor had been wondering where we had been. He had made jokes about where his "girlfriend" was (that was my friend) on the first day, and then on the second day when we were gone he actually started to get worried.
    non-lucid , dream fragment