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    1. I very frequently find myself feeling like I don't belong in this world, like my dream life is more like my waking life should be. When I feel depressed I repeatedly have found myself wishing I could "go home" as if coming from an underlying knowledge that this world was never meant to be my home and I want to go to the place I was meant to be. And yes, music is a wonder. I would have been hopelessly lost both in my waking and in my dream life without music.
    2. Anyway, music is very useful. I wish I could remember to use it more, but I tend to barely speak so I can't really see me singing. Music has an ability to access the subconscious in ways other techniques can't. Music encoding (Simmons-Stern et al., 2012) can be utilized to increase memory retrieval for familiar concepts; music assists with learning gestures to help patients with Alzheimer's Disease form new memories (Moussard, Bigand, Belleville & Peretz, 2014); and music helps recover autobiographical memories (Fasotti, Clement, Allain & El Haj, 2013). Music is very efficient to encode and decode information. Just think, music can help unlock subconscious knowledge (decoding) and it can also facilitate in sending energy (encoding). Also aids recall. It's a brilliant method.
    3. It's easy to feel depressed when we're aware of the tragedy life holds. The saying goes, ignorance is bliss and if we never step foot outside that bubble then we never see the other side of humanity. The darkness of what mankind is capable is horrifying to witness. From my (limited) experienced, depressed individuals express a profound connection to something abstract and out of reach (including myself). I've often wondered if we're sensing our spiritual origin and have felt homesick. There almost seems like there's an awareness that the world should be drastically better, but it's not and the reality is quite disappointing.
    4. I have used music in dreams for whatever effect I need, call it energy control, song spells, dream control, ever since I started dreaming. It was just the easiest way I could visualize and focus on what I want. That's because music has long been a source of energy for me in the waking world, it helps me focus, makes my depression feel some better... So since music in the waking world gives me energy, and I have always had a vivid imagination to picture possible effect a song might have while I'm awake, so it was really a small step to music in dreams letting me manifest whatever effect I had already visualized with that particular song. I guess I haven't researched it much except through my own experimentation and use of music in the dream state.
    5. Heya Raven. I notice you do a lot of songs and protecting people. Is there any particular reason why you use songs as a means of protection? I ask because sacred geometry relates to vibration; vibration is the core of music. I can see why you use music to express the will (whether it be for healing, protection, or any other intent). It's a great method and I'm curious how extensively you've explored the topic (as I hope to learn something and expand my own knowledge in this area).
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