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    1. Thanks, I will try! Acting on your advice I have now tried to sign up for OpheliaBlue's 'Beginners guild to lucid dreaming' class and have created a work book & am currently looking at lesson 1 there.
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      Thanks for the friend request! Enjoy your stay at DV
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    I'm from the U.K, been interested in the dream world for years and used to attempt to interpret people's dreams, especially family & my own.
    My own dreams are mostly quite vivid and I have reasonably good recall of them. Depending on how intense they are I can recall them throughout the day.
    I would say I've definitely been aware that I'm dreaming before and quite recently.
    Hope to meet like minded people on here & maybe help people interpret their own dreams aswell as seek guidance to improve my own lucid dreaming ability.
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    Long dream about spying, terrorism, anti semitism etc

    by VividDreams on 04-05-2016 at 05:22 AM
    Dream journal entry 5/4/16

    Just trying to get my latest most vivid dream down before I forget..I dreamt that I was living in a tower block and my gf was there but she had gone off to another floor to visit an old friend (her ex I do believe) I think she was trying to get weed from him possibly. For some reason I had access to either the intercom or one of thier phones like I Was using it to bug them and was listening in to thier conversation about guns and drugs so pretty serious!
    Fast forward to another part of my dream where I'm at some kind of mixed Muslim/ Catholic wedding and the priest is joking about the differences between the two faiths saying in Catholicism Israel is recognised but not in Islam I was spying on people using thier phones as transmitters bugs here btw and had got some important info from the discarded phone of a Muslim attendee.

    Fast forward again and I'm outside a flat (another tower block) and it is painted blue with like the golden stars of the European flag on it aswell as some crude anti semitic graffiti of Nazi symbols and the phrase 'kill the Jews'..skip forward again and there are some Muslim youths chasing another none Muslim white youth on the street but he manages to evade them and they turn thier attention to some Muslim women who are carrying assault rifles. It was about here that I had to wake needing the toilet and eager to make my first dream journal entry since October 2012 a full 3 and a half years ago!

    Many dream fragments in one night from 3/5/14

    by VividDreams on 05-05-2014 at 08:59 AM
    Wow can't believe it's been nearly a year since I last updated my dream journal here..Anyhow, thought I'd share some dream fragments from the night\morning before last.
    The first I recall is a venomous spider landing on my shoulder and me panicking & not being able to get it off before it went to bite me.. Before I could though I'd woke myself up crying out in anguish! Now I think what had happened here is my girlfriend had got up before me, opened the bedroom door and let the cat in who jumped up on the bed & pawed my shoulder which I mistook for a spider in my dream state! I can't remember when I last had a reality dream merger like that so found it interesting.
    Also I dreamt of these puppies that myself and an old friend had, they weren't just normal puppies though as they hatched from eggs and started off tiny things as big as your finger..Can't recall if that fragment occurred before or after the spider one but I'm erring towards before as it was more like a proper dream, more vivid but also mildlky lucid in that I was acutely aware of the absurdity of these egg hatched puppies yet loved them just the same and they either grew really quickly or time skipped on to a point in the dream when they'd grown to a more normal puppy size!
    The next next dream fragment I recall was to do with my job where in reality new health & safety rules have prevented us from being able to empty our own workstation waste bins into the bailers machine..now in my dream we'd found a loophole by making big cardboard walls around the bailer (so it looked like a big cardboard castle!) That's all I recall from that one, also can't recollect which order this fragment occurred :/
    Finally the final dream fragment I recall from that one night involved yet another animal, this time a horse. I had ran up some stairs like the kind you find on a bridge going over a train track..I was escaping this white horse that was chasing me and it somehow managed to climb the stairs after me, I'd fallen on my arse and there was no room to roll left or right so I had to get up or be trampled by this horse but I awoke before that could happen!
    Anyway thought I'd share this eventful nights dreaming to kick start my journal after nearly a year off recording my dreams, good luck to anyone attempting to interpret any of the dream signs mentioned here

    Dream from morning of 2/6/13 'Using library computers 25 minutes before it closed'

    by VividDreams on 06-02-2013 at 06:10 PM
    All I can remember is that I had gone to this library to use their computers & the librarian was saying to me why can't I use my home computer & I said because I got easily distracted with social networking & would focus better in a library (I assume I was a student). There was only 25 minutes left before it closed & so she let me in and said to get some headphones hanging on the wall. Not sure what significance the headphones were!

    Dream from Night of the 28/05/13 'Building bathroom with Dad for uncle'

    by VividDreams on 05-29-2013 at 03:40 PM
    Dreamt I was designing a bathroom for my late Uncle with my Dad, we're arguing on finer details like whether to have swing doors. Uncle argues against because he wants a mini telly to watch football on while shaving! Skips to going to a Social club we used to go to with my Dad, As we go in past the foyer there's this rude boy there who I make a smart comment at that he's trying to be cool.
    Then as we enter the main bar I see loads of old faces sat together including people I don't really associate with any-more & who were from different parts of town & didn't really know each other.

    Dream 8 of dreams logged onto phone 'Slightly erotic turns into nightmare'

    by VividDreams on 05-29-2013 at 03:31 PM
    On bed with unknown girl we're play-fighting, becomes sexual, turns nightmarish, I pull out what seems like a piece of wheat from under my skin, then like a live woodlice comes out followed by more causing me to wake up screaming.