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    fucking nightmare

    by WakingNomad2 on 10-12-2012 at 03:37 AM
    I am in bed with Winter. A ghostly foot comes down from the ceiling. She doesn't see it. I try to tell her, but I can't speak. I motion with my hands, but she doesn't understand. The foot disappears, then reappears. Every time I see the ghost, I lose my ability to speak. It happens again and again. Finally a whole pale deathly leg comes down. I get pissed, grab the ankle, and yank. A ghost-body of a dead woman with no arms and only one leg falls to the floor with a sick soft thud. I awake with a start.


    [I]This is a fucking nightmare bed, I say. Two physical factors contributed to the nightmare: heat, and sleep apnea due to using too thin a pillow. Simultaneously, an evil presence is felt in the room. Through scrying, Q tells me there is an astral demon connected to the house. I send a message to Raven over the internet asking for help, then I perform a ritual of invoking the archangel Michael to banish with white light in the name of Satan. [/I]

    Dream Frags: Raven, Winter, Mosh

    by WakingNomad2 on 10-08-2012 at 06:19 PM
    *can't access my account*


    Raven and I fly up into the space between the moon and earth. We meditate across from each other. Beautiful flowers grouw out of us. We end up on the Moon. We garden in the Biodome.


    Winter and I are on a mountain, an icy snow mountain. We ski down the mountain barefeet.