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    My 7 year old brother severely self harming

    by wallad on 03-13-2019 at 05:13 AM
    i had a dream that my little brother was cutting himself.

    he had no shirt on and his chest had super duper long cuts all over his chest and stomach and they were still bleeding, and tons of cuts on his arms, like he was covered in cuts.
    and i walked into him cutting himself on his arm and i was like
    'Johnathan why are you cutting yourself!?'

    and he got mad at me and yelled at me and said 'IT'S CAUSE YOU'RE NOT GOING TO SCHOOL!' and then i said to him
    'you idiot, I've been going to a mental health course for the past 2 months. that's why i haven't been at school;
    then I woke up
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    first lucid dream of 2019

    by wallad on 02-09-2019 at 04:40 AM
    forgot to tell you guys about this, but i had my first lucid dream of 2019 [usually i have unexpected lucid dreams 10 times a year]

    uh so basically,i was in m y room, and there were my little pony characters everywhere and i was trying to explain it to this girl and stuff and she kept calling me an animal abuser, and when i mentioned the cutie marks i just explained them as 'tattoos that you get during puberty' then she told me it was abuse to the horses and animals
    then she walked away and right when i walked outside i became lucid, and i didnt know what to do so i was just like 'ALRIGHT IMMA FUCK YOU!!'
    So i spawned her back in, and then pushed her down to the floor and raped her and i started moaning and stuff, then i realized i was just on my bed then i fell off of it,
    i went outside and tried to fly... AND SUCCEEDED!, But the first few seconds felt like i was pulling on all my muscles and bones and it really hurt, THEN I FINALLY FLEW, BUT I WENT WAY TOOOO FAST as a song was playing in the backgroumd, i forgot what it was, but I felt really sick when I was flying then I woke up.


    by wallad on 02-04-2019 at 12:13 PM
    Thisdream was weird as hell, a bit gross mind you, but weird as hell!!.
    if you don't mind hearing about peoples ten thousand inch transgender penis then continue reading...

    So, it started out in school...i was in class, then this classmate came up to me and said that he was sorry for some reason. Then I decided to sign him out of my class cause I didn't like him, after this I got bored and went to the school windows and drew ROBLOX porn, then i wrote 'lol im not drawing roblox porn' then had the intent to draw roblox vore! which i didnt do since the dream transitioned to where i met my partner in real lie again, and we were gonna have sex or something but we went into a car and he took off his clothes and showed me his 543583535487348573485345837583753485734853748 inch penis and it was so gross, then he ended up in a car crash and he got sent to hospital but i wasnt allowed to go.... i felt really sad.

    to compensate i got a cat and it really hated me, the end!!
    non-lucid , dream fragment


    by wallad on 02-03-2019 at 02:00 AM
    I was in my room, and i was looking on steam and there were really cute plushies and fursuit heads on there,and of course like any dream all the items on the store appeared on the floor in my room, and i was talking about how cute they were!!. and i took some of course, then i went to the lounge and something had happened to my friend, she was my friend from primary school too.

    I don't know what happened, but it was..like.. she was away for a very long time or something, also wahtever it was it was really really hard to convince her. After this happened, i went to school and Noj was there except this time he didnt look like a fat indian/ajit pai, he was brown haired and wearing a trench coat [appropiate for school... definitely.] and we were tallking and stuff, then he jokingly sat away from me and it made me sad in dream.

    then the rest of the dream, we had an assignment which wasw just to rate games, i was rating minecraft of course and i dont remember the rest.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Feburary Second

    by wallad on 02-02-2019 at 12:24 AM
    last night I had a dream that I was in my house, in the hallway to be specific. I was just playing on my computer then I noticed the door opened, I went up and closed the door but it was like the door was only half a door??..

    anyways everyone started waking up, and they were all chilling in the hall way, then they all decided to start putting bombs everywhere in the hallway, and they kept exploding and going off... and the front door was open aswell, this was super irritating for me.. this happened for 10 minutes of non stop front door opening and bombs then I just took my computer and went to my room.

    I went on the computer and went on my emails, which were all young children who used MMD. I was talking to them and screenshotting their emails and details, then this old women who I suppose was a teacher came up and said she needed my laptop and looked through all the screenshots and closed out of all of them and questioned what the emails were about.

    she then gave me my laptop back, and I went on YouTube, I was watching this MMD video, it was hating on a user who used to post in 2010. it wasn't for any good reason might I add, it was just cause their posts were considered cringey. After watching for awhile, I ended up talking to Noj.

    I was telling Noj how most of my friends are 17 to 40 years old. I was playing said friends videos and they all involved spiders crawling everywhere...

    after this I transported to some anime world, and i could choose how I looked. so I did, then I went onto my laptop in now said anime world.. and there was porn on it.. but anime porn of course.. then I was able to choose the characters so I just chose two anime people and they started doing sexual things, not to eachother just to themselves...

    then my friend gavin came along, and he said he hated me cause my avatar/appearance is custom, he went to the kitchen then I went there and started doing a whip and nae nae dance to piss him off.. which I then found foolish then walked away.


    something from this dream is missing, but i dont recall it sadly but here it is.