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    1. I'd have no problem with technicality, just as long as it goes somewhere interesting. I found a bunch anyway, thanks !
    2. Sorry, I don't read philosophy journals... I believe they are mainly quite technical nowadays though. You'll have to choose carefully. I think a lot of modern journals in the USA and the UK (so, favouring the analytical tradition) will be quite dry and formal, concerning abstruse matters of logic and language rather than general ideas in prose... it really depends on the specific style and content of your paper. Sorry, ask a philosophy grad.
    3. Fuck, I meant "you're".
    4. Hey, I know your into philosophy and stuff so I just wanted to ask you if you knew any good sources for new papers. I remember my metaphysics/epistemology teacher mentioning a good magazine for that... would you know of any by any chance?
    5. Get some actual coins and play. You'll thump yourself when you see it.
    6. If the solution isn't furious rubbing, I can't even imagine one.
    7. I just tried to work out that coin puzzle before I went to sleep. Let the record show that it's piss easy.
    8. Thanks a lot man, I'll be sending you something soon then.
    9. Man, your posts just keep getting better and better. I hope to see that paper you talked about soon.
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