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    1. Yeah 10 hours still sounds like quite a lot. My body won't let me sleep that much. It wakes me up after 9 max, usually more like 8. That sounds great for LDing though to sleep for 12 hours lol.
    2. I wish I had that time! I manage to sleep 9 hours during weekdays. I get out of bed like a zombie(yes, after 9 hours sleep ), and in the weekend, 12 hours, or 114 if I didn't manage to sleep 9 hours in the weekdays!
      I guess I wouldn't be able to sleep 12 hours each day if I had the time. It would regulate to 10 hours a day(still a lot?)
    3. You sleep 12 hours? Like every day??
    4. Thanks, you too
    5. I'm first to post!
      Happy new year!
      I wish you have a great year mate!
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