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    Return to old themes

    by whiterain on 10-05-2014 at 09:57 AM
    Well its been a while folks, still really interested in all this but sometimes life gets in the way. Massively vivid dream last night, seemed to last a few hours and contained many recurring themes from past dreams. There is this girl I went to school with, she was always fairly quiet, but we got along well, and once we won a doubles tennis tournament when we were doing A-level PE. Despite never being close to her she seems to pop up in these dreams even more than ex's do which I find kind of odd. It is almost like I have grown feelings for her through these dreams when before them I did not really think I felt anything for her really. They are all just based around being with her at parties, trying to get closer to her etc, but even in these dreams i have barely got more than a quick kiss. Sometime during this one I remembered that she is now married with a kid, this should have ben enough to get me lucid but I didn't quite make the connection, although it did change the flow of the dream as we left the party. I headed to the beach and had some long weird dreams but the details are pretty hazy. Hopefully I'll be posting here more often now as the time and motivation are back and I know I will often be lucid if I just put in a little effort.

    spoof singing

    by whiterain on 01-28-2013 at 02:57 PM
    second dream this week involving singing. i realised that in a dream/dream memory that i had been in a spoof version of TOTP singing some joke songs with a few old mates. it took me a while to figure out if this had actually happened but i felt so awake that when i saw a replay of it i was sure it was real. we had been called in last minute to do the song and despite not having any guidance as to the nature of the show had done a silly song in a serious manner. it was rubbish but i was really excited to see how it had gone and just see us all on telly. we gathered down the road at some old friends house to watch it, but didn't tell everyone that we were on. she seemed really whacky, almost out of it for some reason.

    we watched the first few songs then it finally dawned on me that our song was probably so rubbish that they would have cut it from the end of the program. it was replaced with one my mate who is actually a singer had done for the next weeks show. it didnt fit the spoof nature of the program but was actually a really good rock song with him on guitar in the video on his own in some kind of escher staircase type video. he turned up at the house and despite being annoyed at not getting to see our song, i was chuffed for him that he had done such a good performance on telly. i tried to find the producers who were right annoying media types and they just tried to cause friction between me and my mate while i was just trying to find out if there was a copy i could watch somewhere. what i was mostly looking forward to was the spoof banter before the performance with some guy who was like tommy lee. then i realised i had a mouthful of stuff like previous recurring dreams, and i tried to pull it all out into a sink. people thought i was being sick, but i just had this mass of vegetable matter stuck in my throat. maybe just a sign of eating a bit much?

    instant creations

    by whiterain on 01-22-2013 at 12:09 AM
    im with some folks on the street next to mine and they are trying to fix up their front garden so they can have people over for parties. we are just doing stuff like trying to lay all this crazy paving down. somehow i become lucid and just decide to instantly transform it into this amazing club style place. i stay lucid for a long time and just go around asking people questions about themselves and their views on where we are and what we are experiencing. its as if they are really there so i ask this guy his name and say if you are real we will meet online somehow one day

    someone asks me for weed. havent smoked for a while but i decide to try to magic it out from my magic pocket. all i feel in there is some dust so i doubt my abilities. for some reason i decide that it will be easy if i just hand something to the guy and let him create it himself. i pass him some pocket fluff and as soon as he gets it it turns into a big bag of weed. i say to my brother how it somehow seems easier to create things for other people. random but enjoyable

    saving a duck, snow, skating race

    by whiterain on 12-01-2012 at 12:14 PM
    im going past my old school when some old mates invite me in. i see an old teacher and then say i am off to the shop. im riding and have to cross a river before 'handside' shops which are the same as in dreams years back. the lad in front of me shouts out as he realises the river is deeper than he thought. i ride through and it reaches chest height. i push on though and get through.

    there are kids fishing under a tree at an idyllic spot. one of there hooks has got caught in a duck and the kid is panicking dragging it around. i stop him and say we have to be careful and unhook it. once the duck is free, it flies off in slow motion and looks like it splits into smaller parts to be light enough to fly. i see kilty who talks about this..

    then it snows heavily and i go out for a walk in it. halfway round it melts and i suddenly quite warm and sunny. second time this week i miss this dreamsign. i am in a temporary hut type building with an old school class. we are discussing a race we are about to run. its kind of a triathlon with roller skating, running and a water section. me and three others. as we crawl out of the small door to the hut, we realise there is a horse race going on and they are jumping over us so it isnt safe to leave yet.

    when we leave i roller skate away from everyone. eventually i get caught up somehow by people using some technique across the water. i am second going into the final running straight. its rare to run well in dreams but this time i was determined and legged it past my mate trying to run the finish out of him. i win and the teacher gives me a bunch of fivers. i say we should all go to the shop and get some stuff for a little celebration at someones house

    dreamsigns i have missed this week

    by whiterain on 11-30-2012 at 04:23 PM
    unseasonable weather, hot in november. odd clothes, beige cords! old girlfriends. fights. paranoia. people on my roof. mixed friend groups at parties.