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    Dec 10 Dream Journal: Rollover, Beethoven

    by WhyAmINaked on 12-10-2013 at 10:38 PM
    I dreamed I got into a conflict with a very surly, very unreasonable man. The other guy was drunk, so my moral compass kept spinning between "diffuse the situation" and "diffuse the situation with FISTS TO HIS FACE!" I'm not sure how/when, but the other guy suddenly goes flying (I didn't punch him, I swear!), and it turns out the other guy is Beethoven. A drunk Beethoven. A drunk Beethoven who is now indignant and outraged. His bros goes to help him up, but he just shrugs them off (I think I'm in a frat bar, by the way. We are in modern settings, except Beethoven looks like he stepped out of a time machine and decided, "hey, pour me a brewsky!"). Sadly, I didn't get to see how this ends before waking up.

    Dec 9 Dream Journal: Train and trailer women

    by WhyAmINaked on 12-09-2013 at 07:30 PM
    I'm in front of a pretty decent house in the suburbs with a slanted driveway and a manicured front yard. It's getting to be the evening or so, and as I'm walking down the street on the sidewalk, what looks like a middle-aged addict wants me to go with her. She's dressed in a style that would not be out of place in a trailer park summer BBQ. I don't recall her face, though, but I "know" it's the face of a casino-lounging smoker. I politely decline and keep walking.

    After walking some more, I turn around and get a view of the street I just walked, and it is indeed a picturesque sub-urban neighborhood filled with relatively upscale houses and good looking yards -- suburbia hell, basically.

    I see a younger, short, and slightly overweight blonde, just as "down home" style as the addict above. Again, can't see her face, but I "know" she has on way too much make-up. She asks me to marry her so she can have children, but asked in a way that's so sad that I think she's being forced. I politely decline, and tell her about adopting foster kids. She has never heard of this concept, and leaves very excited. She disappears into the back of the crowded train.

    Yes, somehow, I'm on a pretty swank looking train now. People are dressed in formal-casual wear, except in a 20's style. It's well-lit, and way more spacious than a train. If not for Dream Knowledge that I'm on a train, I'd think I'm on a cruise ship or something. Oddly, all the vendors here use a point system to sell their things. Bottled water is worth something like 15-1600 points. Egg(s), though, costs a ridiculous 9999999 points on a big deli board menu in the middle of the train.

    I spot C and Z, friends from high school i haven't seen since, in benches or pews on the train. I hop over some benches to go say hi, along the way seeing the younger woman again, only now she looks like Clara from Back to the Future III, complete with hair-color change. She seems happier. Don't know if she adopted her baby, though.

    Dec. 7, 8 Dream Journal: Tunnels and food?

    by WhyAmINaked on 12-09-2013 at 07:26 PM
    I think I was exploring some sort of long-ago transit tunnel system. I think I'm treasure hunting for ancient technology, and I'm in a modern setting. I go exploring, and the tunnel slowly becomes more and more natural and cave like. I end up in an underground lake with natural lighting that shoots down in streaks.

    I definitely remember eating things, but that's all I can remember.

    Dec 5, 6 Dream Journal: No details, thank you.

    by WhyAmINaked on 12-06-2013 at 10:43 PM
    Wasn't able to recall the night before. There was a bit where I think I'm in spectator mode, and I'm looking at people eat in a diner setting. Eventually my brain says I'm at the diner from Nighthawks. Either way, crummy night's sleep then.

    Last night, I dreamed seeing a busy, modern-day Japanese city. It's a lot like those fast-cut montages you'd see in the 80's, where you'd see stock scenes of "oh look, here's a lot of people!" "look, now it's a shot of buildings," "now we are showing you Mt. Fuji from afar!"

    Anyways, the "last" cut was a bunch of signs on the side of buildings, and the one sign that's the focal point (though it was not nearly vivid enough to see) was for some sort of English-teaching business, only it was made for weeaboos, by weeaboos. Goddammit, SAF.

    Another scene involved me untangling stuff? That's all I can remember.

    Dec 4. Dream Journal: Pirate Jesus, plus the secret to Eternal Life

    by WhyAmINaked on 12-04-2013 at 07:35 PM
    I think I was Jesus again. If not, then some guy who can walk on water.

    I start by walking through a crowd of people in a bazaar. They look like peasants and villagers out of a fantasy-themed video game, and I know a couple of them can be recruited to join my party if I have enough reputation. I'm also kind of shiny, and I have the sick and poor looking to me.

    Eventually, I come across an intersection, but a train of pack beasts (cows, I think) are crossing, and I wait until they are done. Somehow, this goes on a really long time until I just decide to step over them in a single stride.

    That stride takes me to the end of the bazaar, and suddenly, I'm on a ship sailing the seas. I'm also being chased by a naval fleet, so naturally I'm a pirate now. One of my pursuers get close, so I run out on the water and stick out my leg to trip a ship. And it works! This somehow turns the tides, so I move my ship around and engage in battle. I board a ship and duel the captain while my crew fights invisibly in the background (I've been playing Sid Meier's Pirates!, so don't judge).

    There's a brief sweet and embarrassing scene here that's juxtaposed with the sight of the navy's retreat from their divine ass-kicking. I celebrate, but sadly, the dream fades.

    Dream two and three aren't all that memorable, nor as vivid.

    In dream two, I'm riding my motorcycle (missed MILD cue alert) through my dream interpretation of Seattle's SODO and Georgetown at night. I believe its snowing/raining, and I want to get home before I slip and crash.

    In dream three, I see my grandfather on my mom's side -- who died before I was born and I have no idea what he looks like -- and we talked a little. I don't ever get a clear look at his face, nor do I really know what we chatted about. I think it's about medicine or health because of this gem of a gibberish line: "live eternally so you learn to be aware of the cat's retribution."

    Wise words, Dream Grandfather-Ghost. Wisdom +1.