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    Detective/Horror Video Game

    by Wicked on 02-09-2013 at 12:16 PM
    I was playing a video game through some sort of advanced handheld console with a touch screen (similar to a smartphone, maybe it WAS a smartphone) and intermittently I was actually a character IN the game.

    The game was a horror game with a very dark atmosphere, definitely rated 18+ and featuring gruesome murder among other things. My main character and others in his group have moved into a house that appeared to be haunted. By gathering evidence and uncovering puzzles we discovered there was somebody else living with us in the house. We talked to him, and though we didn't trust him he wasn't really an enemy for us, just someone to beware of.

    I don't remember much else, except that near the end we managed to discover that this person was driving every night (or every once in a while) from this house to the pier, burning a dead human body he brought with him (from the house?) and disposing of the remains via a sailboat.

    The feeling was that he was crazy and dangerous and we shouldn't have trusted him, but he wasn't our main concern, he was doing it for reasons that might be very logical from his point of view and there was MUCH greater evil afoot there.

    I don't remember much else, I didn't manage to uncover the big secret, but I had a feeling I was extremely close. Part of our group have followed the man when he was driving to the pier, and after they returned I had to interview them to piece together all what they saw (in the darkness some were unsure what they saw themselves), and each member saw something a bit different. It was an incredible game.

    I remember a logo that came up when the game was activated. It was a small wooden fishing boat filled with about four people standing in a row on it. I think that rather than being the symbol of some company, it was an advertising symbol for a revolutionary dynamic character levelling and development system in video games, or something. Or maybe it was both that, and a company logo.

    This dream was awesome.

    Do robots have souls?

    by Wicked on 02-08-2013 at 10:45 AM
    Interesting one today.

    I was a humanoid robot, and I was sentenced to execution. It was to be administered by an acquaintance, but he was adamant in his duty. I tried to convince him not to kill me, to no avail. I tried to run/avoid him, however he had a (female) partner, and they finally managed to flank me and momentarily touched me with two chips on my skin. Just like that. They said that in the next 24 hours my software would start unraveling, and I will die.

    They started to walk away. I had a feeling that I'd be alright (I was sort of semi-lucid, but not really lucid), and I didn't physically feel any different, but still, they told me I'm going to die in the next 24 hours. I started walking after the two, and I asked them: "do you think robots have souls?". I hoped I did have one, so that maybe the chips will not work, and I'll remain alive and in my body, or at least I can maybe convince them to reverse the process.

    They sort of looked at me funny, but I implored, "just indulge me for a second, a tiny second of your time, please. Do you believe in souls?". They replied that no, I probably don't have one.

    "Really? Then how am I able to do this?" and I demonstrated telekinesis on some item that was on the ground, a wallet I think.

    "Magnetic force field", the man immediately answered, and sadly shook his head.

    "OK OK, but what kind of ability do you think a robot will have if they had a soul? Just... hypothetically?"

    I was desperate to prove to him, and most of all to myself, that it won't work and I actually won't die.

    He was starting to get annoyed, and said something like, "maybe time travel".

    "Really?" I said, and in my semi lucid state prepared myself to attempt time traveling. "But... time travel to the past is probably impossible. Do you think if I could show you that I can travel to the future..."

    "Enough!" he cut me off, losing his patience for a conversation that was, from his point of view, moot.

    I don't remember very much after that, except I vaguely recall returning to the place I lived in, still sad but hoping to keep living despite it all. I vaguely remember something about living with regular humans in a village that was constantly on guard and very militarized, because it was routinely raided by hideous monsters. I remember that I felt I will shut down soon, but only temporarily, like sleep, but deeper. I was worried, because we were warned that a raid was very likely to occur tonight, and I had no safe place to shut myself down, the monsters will surely get me if I were to do that simply inside my apartment. I remember considering folding myself up like no human can, and hiding inside a utility closet, but I were afraid they could smell me and get me even there. I had to be awake to defend myself against the monsters with the rest of the village, but because of the "execution", I couldn't.

    I don't remember how it ended.

    All dialogue I wrote above is very approximate.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Random dream

    by Wicked on 02-01-2013 at 06:20 AM
    Very fragmentary dream of me being with friends of mine. We connected an old 90's style TV to his computer via USB cable for some reason. I wanted to get some information or something, but my friend wanted to download some music first (he played it, it wasn't much to my taste). Later the scene became a parking lot, and he drove out of the parking lot where my car was also parked. Apparently, we lost our laptops. And he was talking about how we should all go to the beach. I also recall being online and seeing pictures of cats or something, and something about getting a new cat and naming him Interval (which I thought was a strange name even in the dream, no idea how or why I came up with it). It then came back to my apartment again. I went to the kitchen, it was dark, and I thought of Slender Man for some reason. I actually wanted him to appear, I enjoy being scared in dreams sometimes, the way I can enjoy a good horror movie. He didn't appear, but I still woke up.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Dream 5

    by Wicked on 01-31-2013 at 10:31 AM
    The last dream, at the end of which I was very briefly lucid.

    In the dream, I was in sort of a version of the Classic World of Darkness role playing game. The Technocratic Union was ruling the USSR and later Russia ever since the communist revolution, while the Traditions were mostly based in western Europe. There was something about vampires there too, that arrived to a Technocratic Union base or something... And they died, and the Union wanted to use their remains for something? To track someone down? It's so vague I'm not wholly sure what I'm remembering and what I'm making up as I go.

    Anyway, I "woke up" and started typing the dream down. Then I remembered the previous FAs that night. I layed back on the bed with my eyes closed, and pinched my nose.

    Yep, it was a dream allright. I pinched my nose again and again, to make absolutely sure this was a dream. Then I discovered I can't really open my eyes without destabilizing. I lay there for a few seconds, but couldn't do much and the dream was gone. I woke up.

    Dreams 2,3 and 4

    by Wicked on 01-31-2013 at 10:24 AM
    Dream 2

    A much more vague dream, something about watching a documentary about the military (Artillery corps?) with my sister. And me telling her and wanting to show her a funny video someone made about George W. Bush. What the hell?

    Anyway, I had a false awakening in which I wrote in the laptop about my dream. Might've even had a second one, after I realized the first one was a dream, and "waking" up again to write the dream yet again, before truly waking up, and truly writing it down.

    I wasn't smart enough to use the FAs to my advantage at this point yet.

    Dream 3

    Something about cars, I wanted to buy a car, and there was a special "car day" or something in which various companies competed and tried to sell most cars, and smeared each other on ads similar to how politicians do it before elections. This strange competition was even in the news. I vaguely recall going around and visiting places when they sold cars and had conventions on cars, headquarters of car companies etc.

    I then remember riding with a friend of mine from university, he was driving and he was giving me some very strange driving tips, mostly about how to bob and weave quickly through traffic, and I think he used his feet to turn the car more quickly? We were riding in a Mazda, which in real life he had, but no longer have for a long time now.

    At some point he wasn't even at the steering wheel anymore, he was sitting in the passenger seat, I was sitting in the middle somehow, and there was a pile of old clothes on the driver's seat, as if nobody sat on it for a while and people just dropped there their coats when they got into the car... He was still somehow "driving" the car.

    It's amusing, since we often talk about technology eventually allowing self-driving cars (like that Google prototype) when he drives me to university.

    Then the dream changed tone a bit, another friend of mine whom I rarely see was in it. He had sort of an argument with another guy, who was somehow sending him messages through his dreams... something like that. I barely remember it, and I wrote only one line on this part of the dream in the notepad.

    I might have had another false awakening, yet again writing on the laptop, either here or at the end of the next dream.

    Dream 4

    Me, my mother and possibly the rest of the family were in a hotel. My cat was there too, even though we never allow him outside the house. Me and my mother were conspiring somehow against the rest of the family?

    Anyway, I remember the cat jumping out of the window. It was a very long way down. First he hung onto the rail of the balcony right below me, but then the idiot jumped down again, going all the way.

    After he landed he was lying on his side mewling and moving his legs. I was in a state of near panic, I love my cat. Throughtout the ordeal my mother was strangely unconcerned even though I shouted her to help me, and was preparing to run downstairs to help the poor animal.

    Anyway, he not only got up again after a few seconds, he actually climbed up all the way to the window somehow!