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      I made a handy picture showing you how to sub to meh DJ, bro.

      Go to my DJ and click the place I circled.

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      I am going to your DJ right.............. now!

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      I haven't watched Naruto for like a year and a half, so I win.
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      They both have black hair, that cloak with red spots on it, and that lightning thing in your avatar - Itachi has a jutsu that looks sort of like that. They look similar to me!
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      Ohh yeah sorry His name's Itachi Uchiha. Sasuke's older brother who killed everyone in the Uchiha clan.
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      I wouldn't even guess that, I don't think of fat people when I think Australia, I usually think of the accent, and Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter!

      Also I found the guy from Naruto I was thinking of!
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      Haha yep lots of fat people thats true. I ain't fat tho.

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      Haha, I was kidding around XD! I know that stuff, except the thing about the accent. Are there any American sterotypes you know of?
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      Cause you're from the land down under.
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      Yeah, but we speak the same language, so we homies.
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    #5, Fire Fragment

    by Wildride on 07-30-2012 at 09:56 AM
    [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Black"]Fire Fragment[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="#808080"](DILD)[/COLOR][/SIZE]


    [COLOR="#808080"][/COLOR][COLOR="#00008B"]All I can remember is that I was near McDonalds and was trying to remember the TOTM, but couldn't. After that I decided to work on fire magic, I tried to make a stream of fire, but all I could do was a fireball, so I randomly fireballed people...[/COLOR][/INDENT]
    lucid , dream fragment

    #4, Bike Ride With Sherie

    by Wildride on 07-30-2012 at 09:56 AM
    [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Black"]Bike Ride With Sherie[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="#808080"](Non-lucid)[/COLOR][/SIZE]


    [COLOR="#808080"][/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"]I actually think this might of been two dreams, but it was also logical to think they might of been the same, though I'm pretty sure they were two. But I combined them because it might of been one and a timeline could of fit between them, and for your convinience :P

    [/COLOR][COLOR="#9370DB"]I remember riding around on a bike with my dog Sherie following me, but I don't remember much about this start...

    When I arrived at McDonalds, I'm not sure what Sherie was doing while I was there, but I remember that I seemed to be there with someone and there was a huge playground at McDonalds, big enough for hundreds, maybe a couple thousand adults.

    I was going up a ladder like slope and jumped across to the other side and grabbed on and pulled myself up, then I want across another one of them. It was similer to the other one, but this time when I looked up I saw the friend I was with...I saw up her skirt... [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"](ummm...score?..maybe?) [/COLOR][COLOR="#9370DB"]I was playing on the playground for a while more but can't remember it well, but when I told my friend I saw her above me before, she didn't believe me for some reason, she said it was impossible.

    I then started riding home with Sherie again, she was lagging behind a little bit and I was getting frustrated because she was sniffing everything and making me wait.[/COLOR][/INDENT]

    #3, Doors, Doors, Doors

    by Wildride on 07-28-2012 at 04:37 AM
    [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Black"]Doors, Doors, Doors[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="#808080"](DILD)[/COLOR][/SIZE]


    [COLOR="#808080"][/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"]I, again, don't remember much of the dream, I had this a couple days ago but didn't have enough time to record it :(

    [/COLOR][COLOR="#00008B"]I think, at first I was in a shopping center like place, can't remember much here. I was walking around and practicing making balls of whatever energy I choosed, but like I said, can't remember exactly...

    When I was outside, I was in what looked like an old britin like area, there was even a slight weird colour overlay in the whole area. I saw a girl I used to like and I decided to talk to her, but she just stright out said get away from me you creep. I tried making a ball of energy again, I put my hands with a sort of sphere space in the middle and concentrated while thinking "Love". A pinkish sphere grew in between my hands and I fired it at her. She then confessed her love for me, after which I just slapped her saying get aways from me you creep! [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"](:3)

    [/COLOR][COLOR="#00008B"]At some point, people started chasing me, I kept running and when I came to a dead end, I made a energy sphere thing thinking "Door", and I fired it and a light blue door showed up, it was tiny though. I just kept rushing through a lot of places I can't remember well until I came to what looked like a cinema like place.

    I went through the curtains at the cinema which lead to a different place, can't remember well, but all this place was, was an uphill to another door. That one lead to another door, and another, and another, eventually the hill was too tall for me to climb and I took a detour.

    [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"]All I can remember, I know there was more but yeah :([/COLOR][/INDENT]

    #2, Freedom Slide

    by Wildride on 07-28-2012 at 04:22 AM
    [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Black"]Freedom Slide[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="#808080"](Non-lucid)[/COLOR][/SIZE]


    [COLOR="#808080"][/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"]Don't remember much, kinda fragmented.

    [/COLOR][COLOR="#9370DB"]I was at my old school, I think it was the end of the semester maybe, then I went on my way home. Instead of walking, for some reason it was a huge waterslide like thing, it didn't start high up, it was all along the ground, we were being propelled along.

    Everybody was going at once, I don't know why but it was very chaotic, there was fighting and pushing among the different slides, in the end I think I got lost and ended up back at the school.

    I was back at school and sort of fast walking toward the endtrance to the slide again and I bumped into someone who...well I don't like. He started an argument of how I bumped into him and stuff and I just quickly said I'm sorry and I just really need to go, but he didn't listen so in the end I just rushed past him.

    At the entrance to the slide again, I saw a white haired kid that was nervous about going on. [/COLOR][COLOR="#808080"](he looked like Allan from D.Gray Man xD) [/COLOR][COLOR="#9370DB"]I talked to him for a while and went on, we then both went on the slide but we went different ways afterward.

    Along the way home, I heard that there was an alternate route to my area, which I ended up taking. This route of the slide was used mostly by girls apparently, and was far less populated, so I was happy. After a while on it, I saw people at the ned, they were people from the normal route coming toward us head first, don't remember what happened after that...

    I think afterward something happened to do with about somoene backstabbing me and ended up with me sliding in mud, which I was upset about.[/COLOR][/INDENT]

    #1, One Hell Of A Ride

    by Wildride on 07-27-2012 at 04:24 PM
    [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Black"]One Hell Of A Ride[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="Gray"](DILD)[/COLOR][/SIZE]


    [COLOR="Gray"]Don't remember exactly when I became lucid, and I woke up with a headache and forgot a lot...

    [/COLOR][COLOR="DarkBlue"]At the start, I was in a bright, happy looking neighborhood, white pavement and people around...and a gargantuan spaceship on the horizon.

    I paid attention to the spaceship, looking at it a bit until I saw something flying at me and moved, it was what looked like a giant origami arrow. When it fired a few more, I focused on at and sternly said "Teleport", a reticle/target appeared where I was concentrating but that's it. [/COLOR][COLOR="Gray"](-.-) [/COLOR][COLOR="DarkBlue"]

    In the end I made a rectangle with my fingers and said "Erase". Everything in view with the rectangle was erased, including some people who were walking by...

    Looking around a little more I saw that a wide road went on for a while and I looked around for a car to drive in and I saw a policewoman go by on a motorbike, I went after her and kicked her off to jack the bike. After I did, she shouted and some people took notice, but I wasn't chased.

    The motorbike was slightly different than a normal one, it didn't have a throttle handle thing that you turn, it had 2 things that looked like brakes with each of the handlebars, except one was pull for acceleration, the other was pull for turbo. [/COLOR][COLOR="Gray"](ohhhh yeahhhhh)

    [/COLOR][COLOR="DarkBlue"]I took off on the road going really fast as I was looking at everything and what looked like a hill came up and I pulled on the turbo and tried saying "Speed Boost", which worked. I zoomed over the hill, which turned out to be a huge chasm drop, holding on to the motorbike, I looked around and saw the skies were red and everything was in ruins, like a catastrophie happened. When I landed, I contined on with my ride over a few more giant jumps and eventually I saw another one coming up which I zoomed to but the road collapsed and I fell and was riding on dirt for a bit before I skidded out. I got back on and kept riding on the ground though.

    Can't remember exactly how, but I was back at a civilized area, looked similer to the last area, can't remember what I did here except for one thing. There was someone, I think he pissed me off, but made up for it somehow. I said "I could just roast you right now [/COLOR][COLOR="Gray"](as I built up a bigger and bigger fireball in my hands) [/COLOR][COLOR="DarkBlue"]but I won't. [/COLOR][COLOR="Gray"](fireball receded, or well...got smaller? :P)[/COLOR][/INDENT]
    lucid , memorable