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      Hehe nä inte vad jag vet, men jag var dreamguide här innan så adda mig skype Chris_sc2 så diskuterar jag gärna
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      Haha finns en del svenskar på forumet faktiskt Var bor du? (Malmöit här)
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    About Windweaver84
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    Me 30 Sweden Father of a son.

    It started when I was very young. Monsters coming for me. I trained my mind and learned to fight them of and for years the nightmares were gone. I got older and started forgetting my dreams.
    I started getting headaches, the dentist told me I was grinding my teeth. The nightmares were back but I could remember them. I started imagining a obstacle corse every night. Forcing me to imagine my dream me getting new powers after a few weeks I masters the powers I could come up me. I started looking for more on the Web and found lucid dreaming. Never knew.. I instantly got hooked.
    The last week I started logging and I'm remembering more and more. Even old dreams from when I was a child. Is it normal to remember old dreams.
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    Lucid Dreaming, Meditation, Tummo, Greater Good Science Center, psycology
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    My first try on Task of the month

    by Windweaver84 on 01-06-2015 at 11:08 PM
    I'm holding a bottle of fine wine right hand.
    Amarone. And. A firework rocket in my left hand. On my other right arm I'm holding a pen. And on my other left a notebook. Franticly logging everything that happens in English (not my first language) . (I aperntly have 4 arms.)I try reading what I'm writing. But the dream starts braking apart so I stop. I look around and see that I'm in a cave the liting is pretty good though. I need to get out if I want to fire the rocket.
    I started trying to chugg the bottle of wine. Nothing is coming out. I throw it away. My fokus goes to another bottle. I pick it up and tell my self that it will taste great. I chugg half the bottle first it tastes of fresh sweet orange.
    Second chugg fill my mouth with a overwhelming blueberry flavor. The logging me watches the me that just drank. (I don't have 4 arms any more now I'm in two places). The me that drank it swelling and turning purple I fall over like a ball and start vomiting like a fountain, slowly deflating. Lucky I'm experienceing the world through the logging mees eyes. I wake up in the vomit felling pretty okay a lite dissy. I look to see the logging me. But there is no one there. I need to fire the rocket. I'm tired and dissy I don't have the energy to walk any longer. The cave seems endless. I look upp att the rock seeling.
    I concentrate and see the seeling desolve and the night sky appearing. I put the rocket in the ground. I looks like an artichoke on a stick quite butifull. It takes of in the sky turning into to a fish swimming its way up in the sky. It's growing and glistening I blue starlight. It turns around swims down and swallows me hole. I'm in a fish mouth. I can see a cristalball att the throat of the fish on a kind of meet pedestal. I walk towards it but before I can tuch it I gett hit by a laser. It throws me backwards but I'm unhurt. I'm on my as, the ball is a couple of meters away. I use telekinesis to pull the ball in my hand. I stroke it and ask. What's going to happen 2015 (in Swedish). I can't explain what I see. Mostly pycodellic colors like mandalas. I could see the earth and my son. I cold feel shaking. I can't remember what happened next.