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    I don't like biographies... I'm not very interesting.
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    Reading, Gaming, Tennis
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    Saw someone mention lucid dreaming on LFMF


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    Water Bend [ ], Fly [/], Create my Own System of Magic Using Wards [ ], Go Beast Mode Using Bow and Arrow [ ], Morph Hand into a Claw [ ], Win a Fight [/], Teleport [X], Summon Swords [ ], Blow S#!t Up with My Mind [ ], Master my Heart Rate to Stop from Waking Myself Up [/], Use a power [X]


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    First time flying in over ten years

    by WinRic on 07-26-2011 at 04:46 AM
    Mama has lots of gundam models and I ask if I could help build some. I choose to build Dynames and a Ginn. I do the Dyames and have to make an improvised pistol for it. As I'm doing that something shows up.

    Dream: (Flying )
    I am at the mall and the group I'm with were going to go up a weird floating elevator (platform like), I take it up and and get my leg crushed and dematerialized (like tron) and after it someone says they are going to fix it. I'm like a blue ghost-like thing and start flying, not really sure if I was evil or good for the next part, kinda like I was split and fighting myself with fragments from each perspective. I fly by using fire powers, I can shoot heat or energy (kinda) from my hands (never could pull off shooting fire as an attack in the dream) and shoot fire from my hands to fly.

    Think it might be from after my first dream. I'm doing missions, one I fight a giant sea (lake) monster with tentacles with spikes on the ends getting stabbed multiple times (don't remember killing it).
    another mission, at a hockey stadium and there is a guy all geared up and I need to beat him (not at hockey), so I sneak on a rail over him and start hitting him with a hockey stick.
    non-lucid , memorable

    First Shot at Dream Incubation

    by WinRic on 07-21-2011 at 02:29 PM
    Multiple dreams, no solid remember:
    For most of the night my dreams were about gundam battles (Though I only remember a sliver after a battle), can't really remember anything solid though.
    For the last hour of sleep I had around 5 dreams. I was trying to get new parts for mobile suits so that stefon would have a better chance against me, and I remember in my last dream I was using Nu Gundam.

    Sadly I cannot remember any fighting in the dreams =(

    My first shot at dream incubation, hoping with enough practice incubating gundam dreams I'll get better at remembering them (and might have to make a gundam dream sign list to help remember)

    Saving the World from my Grandma's Dog's plot to take over the World

    by WinRic on 07-21-2011 at 06:09 AM
    At walmart with mom, russ, and stefon. I go to get our spot in line and wait for mom to come with groceries. The line is weird takes groceries to car, after finished I call russ to find out where the car is and he won't tell me. I leave without the others and go to grandmas, watch tv, her dog Tea starts acting weird and attacks me. She has 2 red (fangs?) that would come out of her chest and when she stabbed me in the hands with them it drained all my energy from my hands (really painful) and they went numb. Tea is trying to take over the world and I have to kill her. I get my old karate staff and try to figure out the fastest and least painful way to kill her. I kill her, but I'm pretty sure I started crying.
    (Tea is really old and needs to be put down, so anyone who thinks I'm horrible, she is 14 years old, deaf, almost blind, and can barely stand up on her own)

    Lake, giant snake surging across, dead
    movie about aliens

    Truly Lucid

    by WinRic on 07-19-2011 at 02:53 PM

    I'm in some woods and I'm lucid (don't remember anything up to that point, or know how I became lucid). I think someone else was in the woods with me, as soon as I realize what is going on I say "lucidity now" (I panicked a little and just said the first things that came to my mind),"clarity now", and rub my hands together.
    As I was rubbing my hands together I was looking up into the branches of the trees and the branches had already looked amazing, but when I rubbed my hands they gave off more of a magic forest look.
    After that I think I blinked, or closed my eyes for a second to choose what to do next...

    And lost it. I couldn't open my eyes back up, I remember just staring into darkness trying desperately to make something appear.

    The dream probably only lasted three to five seconds, but it is the only dream where I have remembered emotions (that weren't negative)
    lucid , memorable

    Meeting Jason Segel and Russel Brand

    by WinRic on 07-13-2011 at 10:00 PM
    Dream Fragments from last night:
    Fighting a dragon with stefon. Using Tilex on my shower.

    First dream:
    can't remember well: I think there was some fighting. I'm on a boat and important stuff has happened, Mama and Dad were on the boat. I leave the boat and get sick, mama follows and starts talking to me.

    Second Dream:
    I'm at Home Depot looking for pills to help me with lucid dreaming, I even remember seeing the word "lucidity" on them, but they were for tanning (?). I'm wlking down an Isle putting some kind of lotion on my back for a rash, and when I get to sthe end I hear a conversation. Russel Brand is working at a counter, I walk away because I have my hands covered with lotion. I get the feeling I should go back and when I do Jason Segel is there also. I tell them how awesome they are, Russel Brand acts like a douche, but Jason Segel is real cool. He lets me hug him, and we both go to the bathroom so I can wash off my hands. Half the bathroom is shut down, but I get one of the good urinals and go, while going a girl makes a sex joke (Lotion on back). (Starting to wake up so dream goes weird) Scene changes to a boy asking the girl to wear a promise ring.