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    Giant Octopus that looked like a giant crab - 13 April 15 at approx 05:00

    by wintertime on 04-13-2015 at 09:01 AM
    The 1st half of the dream I was getting ready to return home. On the way they way I was going to drop off my daughters are their mams.
    I was waiting around for something before I could leave.
    While waiting and to pass the time I decided to clean the car. I noticed I had 2 bottles of soap and a bottle of something else in my hands. I also had a dry cloth rolled up like a cigar. I squirted soap on the back of the front seats and began cleaning / wiping it off. To keep my daughters busy I went inside and asked my youngest daughter to sweep the floor. She couldn't find the sweeping brush so I decided to help her look. I found it in the hallway on my way out.
    Also in the house were my daughters step sisters. I picked up the youngest of them who had no shoes on to say hi.
    My dad asked me if I would run an errand for him. I said no. Later when I was busy and my back was turned my youngest sister started to drive off in my car to do the errand. I caught her and hold her that I had already said 'no' to dad. I said this to her when she was half way down the drive way. My dad overheard because he was in the garden beside the driveway.
    I told me sister to turn around at the first available opportunity which she did.

    Back at the house I went out the front door of the house. I noticed that my dad was cutting the tall and unattended trees that ran parallel to the front of the house. He was using a silent motorized saw. I quickly put my hands up to protect my head from a tree that was falling. I caught it just in time. Also the last tree I noticed had several full horizontal cuts and I remember wondering how it was still standing. I remember telling myself this is allowed because I'm dreaming.
    I then walked to my left and noticed movement. I noticed a large octopus approximately the size of a car moving towards a damp shaded clay patch beside me. It was a dark'ish color with moss and old twigs on its back. Looking at it front ways it looked like a giant crab.

    The crab saw me. Its mouth was approximate 4 to 5 feet wide. I felt I would need to be on guard so I picked up a long think branch to poke it if it came close. Which it did. I pushed the branch into the back of its mouth. It stopped. I then noticed a 2nd octopus behind it. I noticed I was at the bottom of a dark and damp steep hill. I felt the only way to back away from these creatures was to walk backwards up the hill. As I started walking the 2nd octopus climbed over the 1st one. Again I had to use the stick. But I started to fear I might not out run them. I proceeded up the hill. As I got higher and higher I no longer saw the top. It was like climbing a mountain were you just see a new higher horizon.
    I felt the creatures could appear at any minute but I couldn't see them.

    My initial thoughts:
    I don't get on with my dad at all. I always say 'no' to him. But I don't tell others not to do something he asks. Normally I'm ok with someone borrowing my car.
    I've never been too fond of the power of an octopus to crush things nor do I like the look of crabs.
    lucid , non-lucid , nightmare

    Jungle / river dream - 13 April 15 at approx 02:30

    by wintertime on 04-13-2015 at 09:00 AM
    I was returning to work with others to the remote jungle. The whole dream takes place on boats as it was all rivers. Apple pie-preparing. 2 of us sliced the apples but we knew we would not be able to make the pie until the next day as we would have to look through our baggage or obtain supplies to make the pie.

    I knew returning would be very, very tough. We were expecting lots of trouble but nothing like what we encountered. Every minute of every day were were been chased by armed gangs who's sole aim was to rob and kill us. I think I had sensed this even before we began.
    Suddenly a secondary school teacher I had for 1 or 2 years appeared. She is not something I would ever have thought about and she is someone who I would describe has having a neutral relationship with at school.
    She got hit by a stray bullet in the back. I grab her as she was falling. In the dream I instantly recognized a volcano of emotion rising up in me. I proceeded to carry/drag her to a bed. I knew she would be dead in a few minutes. I started to hold on tighter and tighter and tighter to her. She or another person offered to shake hands. I said to myself I'm going to see how hard I can squeeze this person hand. I squeezed very hard but I was unable to squeeze hard enough to break their hand. I was away that I was dreaming and felt the tears well up in my eyes (which were there when I woke up after the dream was over!).
    I decided I would like her have her last moments alone so I said 'see you later or see you next time' and tore myself away.
    Shortly afterwards spoke to another and we agreed with every once of our being that we had enough running and trying to dodge these gangs. We decided we would proceed in a way that got us as far a way as possible from them.
    Suddenly we found ourselves in a remote town. We were on the street and were glad to see the local police chief. He agreed to help use find safe passage. When I turned around there was the leader of the gang. He and his hundreds of followers were dressed in the same uniforms as the police. There was to be a dual which I felt we would not win.

    My thoughts/comments.
    For 6+ months now I have scarified or given up living by my own free will. Instead I have found a way to connect with my spirit guide and I have been living life by their indications. e.g. what to eat, would it be good to watch such and such a TV program, etc, etc. Recently I have been putting ALL my energy into preparing to 'return' to South America to start a new life i.e. I sense I will leave for a minimum of 2+ years (either travelling or working with medicine plants deep in the jungle). I have been doing this at huge person cost i.e. people would view me as abandoning my daughters which I have effectively done already by following my spirits guides indication not to take up access. And do yo know what ? It feels like the right thing to do. i.e. I viewing this as short term pain (2-5 years away) for long term gain (developing to be the best person I can which in turn will benefit others) , failing to socialize, etc, etc.
    If an outside person was to view how advanced my preparations were they would report that I am fully ready.
    lucid , memorable

    11th April 15 at 05:00

    by wintertime on 04-11-2015 at 09:16 AM
    Dreamed I was back working in my old job (working on a worldwide corporation) but in a totally different position. Every few minutes I caught a woman giving me the eye - as in I fancy you look.
    I sensed that her and her boyfriend who had been together for a very long time were either splitting up, or she really wanted to breakup / try something new or they both wanted to tease each other by telling themselves they were going to date someone new.
    After avoiding direct contact with her a number of times I decided just like that to ask her out. I did so when I was after leaving a room were I had been asked to leave because the seat I was sitting on had been pre booked.
    Her friends then chased me to ensure I would not escape. Eventually the trapped me!

    Before leaving the room I was in I was sitting beside an former work colleague. Like real life I felt a sense of guilt and shame sitting beside him because he works hard to support and maintain himself and his family. Even though I was a level above him at work I always felt shame, guilt and insecure around him because I didn't have the qualifications he had. Instead I had deep first hand experience of the job itself which in many ways allow me to see his position in its entirety. I was a Portfolio Manager and he was a Project Manager.
    Another way of putting this is that he is 100% engaged in normal western life while I am 100% engaged in a spiritual path. So sometimes he can't understand when I tell me I'm not interested in looking for a job.

    While sitting beside him - we were among a large group of people attending a lecture or meeting, another very senior figure sat down beside us. The more I reluctantly told him what my job was (I was telling him about my last job as if it were my current job), the more and more intrigued he became. But in the end he still choose to ask me to leave because he was the person who had pre-booked the seat I was sitting in. I didn't take this personally because that's the way pre-booking things work.

    Directly before all of the above I was in a very small community (<10) people who were getting ready to vote on a national issue. But they were deeply concerned that their problems would not be represented because although the vote counting system was the fairest it could be, they ultimately belived that they were simply too little in number.

    Night of March 21th 2015. Bed from 21:30 to 06:00.

    by wintertime on 03-21-2015 at 02:39 PM
    I very so depressed telling myself that I don't know how to dream or interpret my dreams that in the end I decided to simply go though the motions of getting out of bed and writing down my dreams. My intention being to want to write down my dreams.

    1-2 dreams but didn't record them because I felt whats the point.

    I dreamed I was asking my daughters granny (not my mum) if it was ok to eat really soft/over ripe avocados. She said yes e.g. by spreading them on bread (which I do in waking life). Then her husband said 3 spoonfuls.

    Both of them knew I have not seen my daughters for 4 months but they don't know the reason. Also they way I asked the granny was with total respect. The house we were in seemed like a holiday home/cottage.

    Attempt at interpretation:
    These people and I really don't get on. When dating their daughter and even now I must appear as a ghost to them i.e. someone who is lost within themselves. From their position, they are forced to side with their daughter even though she brought great shame to the family i.e. blood is ticket than water.

    I dreamed of having a physical disability (not been able to walk) and then been cured. I was aged 40 in the dream which is my current age.

    Attempt at interpretation:

    A later dream featured a person from secondary school. We were working, doing the same job. He kept letting dirt fall on me. We were both so good at our jobs we could have been team leaders. I kept telling him next time.

    Attempt at interpretation:
    Reflecting on the dream at the end I felt that if I started laughing I may not be able to stop.

    Night of March 20th 2015. Bed from 22:00 to 06:00.

    by wintertime on 03-20-2015 at 04:38 PM
    Can anyone spot a common theme in my dreams from last nigh
    Night of March 20th 2015. Bed from 22:00 to 06:00. Before going to sleep I asked my guardian angle/helping spirits/spirit guide and totem animals to review themselves to me in my dreams in a way I would recognize and understand.

    Did not record first 2-4 dreams.

    My mum had come up to the city to help me out with something. Towards the end of her visit she asked or I offered to accompany her while she drove out of the city or all the way to her home.
    On the way out of the city she often asked for directions. What I felt she was really doing was abdicating responsibility for taking such and such a road or exit.
    I then answered only once when asked by her which way she should go. This made her panic resulting in her driving down the wrong side of dual carriage way at night. I spotted this and told her she need to get off the road. She insisted she was going the right way until we were caught in the headlights of a large truck coming towards us. She curved and drove the wrong way up a slip road to get off the dual carriage way.
    Next we found ourselves in a service station on the outskirts of the city. We'd stopped for something to eat.
    While queuing up I noticed a person who had recently passed away standing in the queue. When I told my mum who I saw she said that was impossible as that person was dead. Then I thought is this what its like to see a ghost or spirit. e.g. 100% normal if you choose to believe other 'worlds' exist outside of the physical.
    I then returned to my old mood asking mam if she would be able to drive home from here by herself or if she would like me to accompany her. She didn't answer so I told her I was going home and left.
    Outside I just missed the first bus. Luckily another bus came quickly after this. Buses didn't stop unless people were at the bus stop waving them to do so. However buses did slow down at which point I called out to see if the bus was going to my town (where I no longer live but were I rent out my apartment). It was, stopped and I got on. The collector told me to go ahead when I offered to pay the fair because of my nationality.

    My thoughts/attempt at interpretation:
    I treat my mam like that in real life because a large part of me feels she does abdicate responsibility or rather I feel she did so in the past. Maybe its now time to acknowledge this and just accept her questions with the view that maybe if I adopt this approach she will come to see me as more relaxed and open.
    As for the dead person apart from wanting to see a ghost! While I acknowledge the person gave me employment when I was young I felt they were nothing more than a slave driver.

    I found myself at the gym having not been there for sometime either due to injury or because I had been attending to other higher priority stuff. I sensed that maybe in my job I was a police man.
    Not sure where to start I lay on an inclined bench and picked up some loose weights that were there. I then put them behind at head level and straight up by straightening my arms. When I put them behind my head and tried to straighten my arms they rubbed off the wall. I thought they would fall off and then observed that there was nothing holding them onto the bar.
    While lying on the bench an ex female president also attended the gym and took a spot to my right. She was surrounded by a few companions.
    Next a gym attendant a middle aged woman who I felt knew my from before by the way she approached and asked “if I could help her”. I replied 'sure'. My 'sure' was how I would answer a friend or 'sure' in a genuine way, not in a 'sure, just let me put your request on my to do list and I'll get to it sometime'.
    I accompanied her to her room/office/work station. She asked me if I had travelers cheques. I said 'of course'.

    My thoughts/attempt at interpretation:
    I never like police and at my age I won't be joining! In saying that I can sense what it would be like to be a guardian of order / justice but served with compassion.
    As for the gym I don't use a gym but felt how good it feels to return to an old or totally new activity.
    Regarding the travelers cheques I need to travel but at the moment I don't have any money. Perhaps had I been mindful enough in the dream I could have told the woman I don't have any but that I would like some.

    In another dream I found myself on the road beside a fence behind which was a large factory or institution. All of a sudden a helicopter approached from behind and spotted a name on the tail. Brian Cox. Then the helicopter was blown violently backwards. It then proceeded to land safely. A group of children disembarked. They were on school project to move fish to a new location. They have a fish each. One fish I saw was a turbet.
    When I saw this I became irate because I automatically assumed they have not consulted with the national fishing body responsible for maintaining eco policing.

    My thoughts/attempt at interpretation:
    When ever I think of the name Brian Cox I think of someone who attained a top job but who always flew under the radar – excuse the pun.
    Regarding fishing, I like fishing and I do get angry when I think of how non native species are allowed to be introduced without any governance what so ever.

    In my final dream it was morning and I was at work/in collage in a very large institution in the Netherlands. An communication was sent out that every worker/student would receive €31 in their next pay packet due to a surplus. Surplus was the result of over charging or business having been good. I wondered why the institution had not decided to reduce next years registration fee by this amount but then I thought maybe increasing moral in the present moment was more important.

    My thoughts/attempt at interpretation:
    I worked in the Netherlands as a general operative when I left school.
    I need financial help at this time.