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    Lucid #9: Out the Window

    by womp on 08-13-2014 at 12:44 PM
    I don't remember too many details of this one because I was asleep for a while between having it and writing it down. In fact, I almost forgot it entirely.

    I'm in a room interacting with a DC when I become lucid. I remember my goal of attempting the second basic TOTM and robbing a bank with only a banana. The first step, is getting out of the room. There's a window, which I open and lean out of. The room is many stories above the ground.

    I decide to jump out. I do a couple of RCs to make extra extra sure I'm dreaming, then slither out and fall. I expect it won't hurt and, though I do feel a definite crunching sensation when I hit the ground, there's no pain. I get up but big black spots start appearing in my vision. I attempt to stabilize but become convinced that my IRL body is moving with my dream body. I decide to hold on for a DEILD.
    That's the last I remember.

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    lucid , memorable

    Lucid #8: First Flight

    by womp on 08-09-2014 at 07:57 AM
    This dream was from yesterday morning, August 8th.

    I'm in a small apartment with the drummer from Rage Against the Machine. He's cooking omelets. I'm thinking about what the band's politics likely mean about his beliefs when I become lucid.

    I had a theory the previous night that talking to DCs would draw me into the dream and increase stability, and anyway I wanted to attempt the basic task of the month. So I turn to the drummer to ask him to tell me a word in a foreign language, and its meaning. Before I can ask, it becomes clear that he's morphing into my dad.

    I don't worry about this too much. "Can you tell me a word in a foreign language?" I ask.

    "Maybe," he says.


    "Spelled m-i-g-h-t."

    I either interpret this as a success or decide to give up. I must decide to try flying, because I hop and realize I float a bit on the way down. I start hopping higher and higher. My dad looks impressed. Finally I get airborne and am flying around the small apartment. I make a tight loop. It's pretty fun.

    I decide to go looking for other DCs and try to fly through the wall. My eyes are closed before I reach it and I feel this "bonk" feeling, like I slammed right into it. This drops me into something like the void. I try to use Xanous's gladis trick but I'm having trouble controlling my body.

    What comes next is either a real or a false awakening. Everything looks black, but I see a small triangle of light that looks like the aperture at the bottom of my sleep mask. I try to lift it with my hand, but I don't think it changes. This probably means I'm still dreaming, but at any rate I decide to settle in for a DEILD.

    The next I remember, I'm having a false awakening where I'm journalling the dream I described above. However, I get all the details wrong (i.e. it's not the drummer from Rage Against the Machine, but rather the guitarist) and I have to keep crossing them out. The dream evolves in typical non-lucid fashion from there.

    Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

    Lucid #7: The Styrofoam Taste of Success

    by womp on 08-06-2014 at 10:44 AM
    I'm sitting in class and interrupt the teacher two times in a row. I resolve not to do it again but find the urge almost overwhelming. I also notice some jaw pain, which is one of my dream signs, and decide to do the finger-push RC. My hands end up in a configuration with weird geometry and I realize I'm dreaming.

    I leave the classroom, which has become a room in my childhood home. My goal: finally take a bite of that Krispy Kreme burger. Things appear a little flickery, and I attempt a light stabilization by feeling my forearms and paying attention to the scenery as I walk. This seems to work, and I realize that the flickering is just a result of the fluorescent lighting.

    I briefly attempt to look for the burger in the fridge before remembering I don't want it to be cold. Next I try the pantry. Before opening it, I close my eyes and picture the bag the burger will come in. But then I get nervous that I'll wake up if I keep my eyes closed for too long and stop. I open the pantry and the bag is there. But by this point I think I'm rushing, and things are not very vivid.

    I look inside the bag, but instead of the fat donuts and juicy patty I'm hoping for there's a really sloppy burger with a disheveled, stale bun, a greyish patty, and two tiny strips of limp bacon. I'm a little disappointed and resolve to re-try the summon, with more concentration.

    I re-stabilize and go into the living room, expecting to find a better burger on the piano bench. It's not there. I take a couple of seconds to visualize the kind of burger I want and tell myself it will be under the bench, but again I get nervous about closing my eyes and rush the summon. The burger is not under the bench.

    I decide time is running low, and I should just take a bite out of the burger I already have. I do. If it had a taste at all, I don't remember. Likely I wasn't focusing on it at all.

    My goal achieved, more or less, I don't know what to do next. I notice a small package on top of the piano. After doing a quick RC just to verify I'm not going around opening other peoples' mail, I open it up. There's a chocolate inside! I take a bite, and this time I think it does taste like chocolate.

    Now I don't know what to do, and decide to try to summon my girlfriend. But before I can, I feel myself start to wake up. I prepare to do a FILD/DEILD but my IWL girlfriend is moving around and
    I wake up for real.

    Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

    Lucid #6: Hold on...

    by womp on 08-01-2014 at 11:07 AM
    I'm upstairs in my childhood home, texting with my high school friend K on a device like a big gameboy. She suddenly starts writing pages and pages, and then the doorbell rings. We don't have a doorbell, but I say "I'll go check anyway."

    Outside, on the front stoop, is a bunch of stuff belonging to my mom and an old passport. Where the photo should be is half of a small oil painting of a face. I know this stuff shouldn't be outside, and I bring it in. I close the front door and lean on it. This just doesn't seem right, so I attempt the finger count RC. I'm having problems counting, so I use the fingers of my right hand to pinch each finger on the left as I count.
    There are six.

    My first feeling is one of relief and excitement. Then I experience a kind of "whooshing" sensation. Whereas a few seconds ago I had been certain everything going on was totally real, the world has now lost a lot of its stability. Or is it that I just didn't notice it before?

    I decide to skip explicit stabilization (again forgetting to ask out loud for more stability) and head into the kitchen to summon beer and a burger for my lucid goal. I want the (non-existent) Flying Dog "Island Peach" IPA from my last dream, and try to get it from the fridge. It's not there, which doesn't surprise me as it was in the ice tray of the freezer last time. I try in there, although without giving too much time to the summon as I think I'm trying to rush.

    Sure enough, there's a beer in the ice tray, but it's not a Flying Dog. The label is clear with small white letters and the beer is slightly too yellowish. I figure it's a Corona, and try to rotate the bottle to see the logo. However, the small white letters (like ingredients or bottling info) continue all the way around the label. I do see what I believe is the Corona logo, but it's small. After a couple more seconds of investigating the label, I wake up.

    Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

    Updated 08-01-2014 at 11:11 AM by womp


    Lucid #5: First Summons

    by womp on 07-27-2014 at 08:50 AM
    I find myself semi-conscious and decide to attempt a FILD. Almost immediately I hear the crackling noise from my last SP experience. The crackling intensifies as I move my fingers faster, and I decide to attempt an OBE. This fails and I decide to try to visualize a new dream instead. However, this too fails and I find myself awake. In my childhood bedroom. My friend T is trapped in a glass box on the floor and is screaming and beating on the side.

    I realize the FILD worked after all, but I'm still scared. I leap out of the bed, screaming "I'm having a lucid dream!" I trip over something and find myself in the void.

    I decide to try a trick I picked up from CanisLucidus's dream journals and imagine swinging a sword around in one arm. I begin to hear shouts and clashing steel and wonder if I'm going to end up in the Coliseum. I'm not sure if I'm ready for something like that, and soon I end up right back in the hallway outside my childhood bedroom.

    I realize I'd better stabilize and start looking at my hands. I feel stability slipping away, and since my last three stabilization attempts lead to early awakenings, I decide to just skip it and go for my lucid goal: eating a Krispy Kreme burger and drinking an IPA.

    I fly (perhaps literally) down the stairs, briefly marveling at their similarity to the real ones. I decide the burger won't be in the fridge, since I don't want to microwave it. Rather, I think to myself, "that's right, my parents said they'd leave it for me on the piano bench." I go into the living room, and sure enough, there's a greasy white bag with "Krispy Kreme" written on it. I pick it up and it feels pleasantly warm.

    I consider taking a bite right there, but I want that beer to wash it down. I go into the kitchen, expecting it to be in the fridge. But there's no beer there. I try to make my expectation more specific: "OK, there's a Flying Dog IPA right in the ice tray in the freezer..." I open the freezer door, and the beer is right where I thought it would be. I take it out
    and wake up.

    Not trying to stabilize seemed to help prolong the dream here, although I got the impression that the dream wasn't particularly vivid. I wonder if I'm doing my stabilizations wrong: perhaps focusing too intently? Anybody have any ideas about what to do differently?

    Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

    Updated 07-29-2014 at 07:06 PM by womp