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      I'm doing good. Just buried in schoolwork though, which unfortunately has been interfering with my dreams. How are you?
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      yeah im good tar
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      alright there buddy
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      Ah yeah that's MILD. I do that too, it gives me the best results.

      DEILD is when you wake up, don't move and then get back into a dream again, but consciously. It's kinda like WILD except you were dreaming beforehand.

      I almost flew into space once. I was about to get out of the atmosphere but stopped and flew back down But I plan to fly to Jupiter as soon as possible because during a lucid dream a reacurring DC rang me up and said he lives there, so I'm going to visit him if he's there.

      The training IS hard. I went there last week for his passing out parade and only 15% of the original troop had made it to the end.

      You done your training and then left? Ah well, I bet it was fun... In a painful way Good luck with the Air Corps
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      Brain repitition? Do you mean MILD? I can't do WILD either, but like you, sometimes I wake up in SP and I can DEILD my way lucid xD

      Are OBE's as good as lucid dreams?

      Then you'll know it rains all the time and that we like to chase haggis around the mountaintops? And cool my brother's in the Royal Marines.

      Aaah, the south west... I've only been to Exeter, the scenery's gorgeous though

      And oops I accidently posted this in my own visitor message board...
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      That's awesome considering you started later than me You must be a fast learner. If only we were all naturals eh? What's your preferred method?

      I don't know if I've had any OBE's. I don't really know the difference between them and lucid dreams to be honest.

      I live in Scotland actually, though I have family in Wales too. I live in Fife, which is just north of Edinburgh. Travelling to Wales is not nice...
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      'Sup Wrighty

      Em... I'm not sure. I started LDing at the beginning of last August but only started counting this year. Probably around 40? But that's including fragments too
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      Happy birthday!
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      Veterinary Medicine.
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      gah horrible but tbh i didn't have much inspiration to try to get some but yeah i'll be trying some WILDs today if i get the time
      ty for asking and i responded to that thread of yours

      and wow i know yours has been epic and obe and everything
      mind sharin some info on crystals and whatnot i have some at home and if i could figure out whats what it would really help?
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    Hi my name is Aaron im 21, still feel like a kid, im a short ass 5,4ft, I love music and playing instruments especially the drums,i also love Dreaming, crystals, life, and am very curious person and love to learn new things, im a nice person love to get on with anyone and have a laugh Namaste!
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    Dorset United Kingdom
    Gardening, Crystals,Life,Pagans,Dreaming,Music,Games,
    Kitchen porter,Gardener
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    scrolling the net


    To Be Born to experience life! Then to die to experience death! Then reborn to experience life!


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    Semi Lucid Meeting my Freind who died :)

    by Wrighty on 01-26-2011 at 01:34 PM
    I became lucid 3 times this morning which only only very short ones

    I met my great freind tash i was asking her how she was and she said she is doing ok she is sad tears in her eyes.

    I had this feeling it really was her because she wasnt like any other DC she acted in her own way and i could feel energy from her

    I gave her a hug and we were both crying a little i kissed her on the cheek and she kissed me back she said she had to go but i just didnt want to let go and neither did she i finally let her go and she walked off down my street and faded away was a really touching moment at least i know i can contact her now thank you for listening

    Semi Lucid Meeting my Freind who died :)

    by Wrighty on 01-26-2011 at 01:28 PM
    I became Lucid 3

    Count Down To Nuke and The AfterLife

    by Wrighty on 01-25-2011 at 07:55 PM
    Now this dream was a death experience.

    I was With Family and some freinds and it was nightime, there was a derilict building in the distance and Mega phones on the sides of the building. It Turned on and this sound boomed out a count down for Destruction.

    There was nothing we could do, we couldnt exactly run far enough to escape the blast we excepted the fact and we all gave eachother hugs and kisses.

    The count down went down from 10 to 1 and this building roof top opend up and you could see the bomb/Nuke, the building imploded then exploded and we was consumed i saw everyone get consumed and disintergrate i closed my eyes i could feel intense heat and slight pain everything went white and i was now dead, that explosion was real enough to feel like i was being disintigrated.

    I now appeard in this very vivid world i asked my self is there where we go when we die this ladys voice in my head said yes this is where you go when you die i was in a lovely house with all of the family and people who regognized who i havnt seen in reality quite strange i was so happy then i faded out of the dream and was like woa when i woke up that was intense!!

    BATMAN And The JOKER!!

    by Wrighty on 01-25-2011 at 07:07 PM
    This dream was pretty random haha I was Batman going in and out of 3rd person, I was flying around then it went into an old film set out and peopl were taking the mic out of me, i flew around these sky scrapers then met the joker he had a camera and flashed me which blinded me, the joker dissapeard.

    I was Now the Joker i went into a shop and grabbed a camera, went into 3rd person out side of the shop and i threw this guy out of a window went into another building and batman was there i flashed him then ran up the stairs everyone was shit scared of me and i was walking by,

    I then turned into bat man and was running up to the highest point, to enter that special room just like in Inception where i saw 3 black people they were talking to me about something i wish i could remember because i find these things very important for waking life or to find things about yourself. but the dream ended

    Was awsome to play the joker and batman in a dream

    Alien Abduction

    by Wrighty on 01-24-2011 at 01:58 PM
    I was at a farm, it was Night time and the Farmer came up to me and said iv seen alien ships flying over alot lately.

    I walked up to the Barn area and in the distance i saw a UFO flying towards me, it was quite big!

    There was a flash of light!! I woke up in a dark area of the ship but this time i was in space, i could see earth, it was very beautiful.

    I then encountered my first Grey Alien, she/He had no mouth or nose just a pair of glisening beautiful big black eyes,

    I wasnt scared atall he/she was very small bout same hight as me 5,3-5,4ft

    The alien spoke to me and said can we do a few tests on you i was like yh ok.

    I removed my clothes and the alien turned this machine on to view my DNA, this involved non of those probes or sharp things like its torture,

    The aliens long tubed hands started searching for certain areas of my body, it was like it was trying to activate something in me, The alien found two things it was looking for but couldnt find the last part to activate.

    The machine was saying no DNA match, so i was like hmmm ok thats pretty strange

    The alien said you are now free to walk around the ship i came across different aliens aswell others had mouths and were taller than the ones without mouths.

    I asked if the alien breaths oxygen one said yes but we breath something else aswell began with N dont think it was nitrogen,

    But yh the ship started moving away from earth real fast and went past the moon in minutes!!

    I got teleported back to earth at the farm again and then the dream destabalized and went into a Bat man dream lool!