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      The site is like that for me now. The people are awesome. Anyway, your loss I suppose.
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      Lol you took funnyjunk over dreamviews? your loss i guess.
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      Happy bday mate
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      Its quite simple really, I have around 4-5 lucids/day, so it isn't impossible. You just gotta work really hard at this and done.
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      I've been busy lately but the sig shop is far from . We'll looking at an opening around August.
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    You know, seeing as I rarely visit here anymore, I've decided to let the cat out of the bag. Well, at least to the mods/admins. No one else would give a damn. This is actually my fourth account. All my others have been banned due to the stupid mistake of circumventing a one week ban. Starting with Psionics, then becoming TheMind for a while, having a short, abruptly ended stay as FirstRule, and then obviously Xedan. In short, all I want to say is... SCREW YOU MODS! Always trying to shut me down when all I aspired to be was a model member. I hope you're all ashamed of yourselves for fighting me over such a childish mistake as thinking a mod would laugh off an obvious trap link and then holding it against me all these years. But, as I've moved on from this site (nothing personal, just moved on to a different community known as funnyjunk), I forgive you. Also, I'm sure most of the mods now don't even remember who I am or what I'm talking about.
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    by Xedan on 11-22-2010 at 04:04 AM
    [SPOILER="Drugs and Sex, Parental guidance strongly suggested"][INDENT][RIGHT][SIZE="1"][COLOR="#696969"]19.11.2010[/COLOR][/SIZE][/RIGHT]
    [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Black"]Explicit[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="#696969"](Non-lucid)[/COLOR][/SIZE]


    [COLOR="#696969"][/COLOR][COLOR="#696969"]My recall on this one is spotty, and doesn't start at the exact beginning, so bear with me.

    [/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]The best way to start it off would be the part where I was with my friend Alex showing him this new form of marijuana cultivation I pioneered that starts with putting a dry bud in water and somehow it ends up multiplying. We were in my backyard [/COLOR][COLOR="#696969"]-It belonged to me in the dream though I'd never seen a place like- [/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]which had three fountains perfect for the new technique.

    We plant the buds and then, using regularly obtained weed, get high before heading to a bar [/COLOR][COLOR="#696969"]-which is also in "my" house and sort of looked latin as far as architecture went. [/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]Eventually these two girls come up to us, one young (about 15 like me), beautiful, dark haired girl who just sat back and didn't say anything, [/COLOR][COLOR="#696969"]-Actually this is one of the few times my dreams have used a face I recognized, the girl is an aquantince of mine though that wasn't who she played in the dream and wasn't exactly how the rest of her body looked-[/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"] and another sexy older woman who had an air about her somewhere between Female-military-official and Experienced-hooker. She asked if I wanted a fun time tomorrow, and I said sure, against Alex's advice, because she looked like someone with honest intentions and a trustworthy character. As it turned out she was. Tomorrow was something along the lines of "Make-a-guy-happy day" or something, and she decided to do it through sexual favors, though her only intention was solely to make guys happy. She didn't even want money, though Alex insisted they always got something out of the deal. I signed in a tiny little agenda notebook and saw a lot of other names on there. The fact that they were essentially hookers got me thinking about disease, but somewhere between being desperate and loving ganja, I happened to forget about it.

    The next day my doorbell rang and, much to my surprise, it was the young girl, and not the older, one that was standing there. She never told me her name or, more likely, I just don't remember it after waking up so long ago, but we started talking about ourselves for a while. She said she that this was the first time her mom (the older woman) sent her out for a job and she still wasn't totally comfortable with it. I respected that and told her to just forget about anything sexual, it didn't matter and it's not like I was paying to begin with. So we just talked for a while, showed her my now filled to the brim Marijuana Fountains in my backyard we she mentioned how she smokes, and basically we just hung out for the day. Some time probably around five Alex came to look at the progress with the fountains. We went out there but I stopped him when I saw a guy ride by on a NASA vehicle on the other side of my fence which faced a road [/COLOR][COLOR="#696969"]-In this dream NASA was basically interchangable with any policing group- [/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]and he actually rode into part of my fence, knocking it down. But surprisingly enough he just went right on through and ran down my fence on the opposite side too so he could leave (I'm guessing my backyard was just some sort of shortcut he had to take).

    Later that night, me and the younger girl went to the bar again, both of us smoking before hand. We had a great time and when we were about to get on a train back to my house [/COLOR][COLOR="#696969"]-though I'm not sure where exactly it went since my house and the bar were the same building just at different times- [/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]but out of the blue she kissed me. Obviously I kissed back, and we both got on the train. But then the real shocker hit; the train was totally deserted and we sat in the back where not even the driver could see us, and she started undoing my pants and givving me a hand job. I told her she didn't have to do it just because of what her mother was going to do, but she said that wasn't why. soon it turned into a full blown BJ and she was pretty good considering she claimed to be a virgin. That's as far as it got and we had to say our goodbyes for the night pretty soon after reaching our destination. But then the next day came tradgedy. When I woke up I knew I loved her, and I wanted to see her soon, but when I turned on the TV my heart sank. She'd be hit and killed that night by a speeding car that fled the scene. I was destroyed, but part of the dream reality must've been slipping through because I knew I could bring her back. [/COLOR][COLOR="#696969"]Unfortunately I was woken up before that could happen.[/COLOR][/INDENT][/SPOILER]
    non-lucid , memorable

    House of dread

    by Xedan on 07-21-2010 at 06:43 PM
    God. Dear god. I don't normally have nightmares, but this is a fucking whopper. I honestly have to get this out of my system. And don't think I'm overreacting, because while you may be able to read this, you'll never be able to read it.

    To understand why I don't become lucid, this is my logic: I'm watching horror movies on TV. That's all. But I can't help but be pulled into them as if they're reality. But that's not the real problem, because I really am becoming part of it. Now carry on.
    It's starts off innocently enough. A nightmare, to be fair, but nothing like what's to come. I'm a kid in this weird sort of daycare that seems to be in the middle of a desert on the outskirts of town. Suddenly, bombs (assisted by parachutes) slowly start drifting towards the ground. I can only crawl, but I have to get away. The bombs only blow up enough to kill one person within about a foot of it when it touches down, but there's plenty of em. I scream for everyone to get away, but no one listens. You'll come to realize in this dream no one ever listens. One kid, my best childhood friend in real life, dies. Thus the scarring begins. There's something dangerous outside. I take refuge (now I'm my normal age, late 14) in a hospital/bank/mansion called "Eurao" (it only holds that name as a bank, as a hospital or mansion it is nameless). This will come to be my life's worst decision. For there can be no escape from Eurao.

    Our responsibility (placed upon us by some boss, as at this point we're working for some reason) is to rescue all the people of this hospital. Me and a more informed buddy of mine were working on people in the second floor. He was telling about who I was assigned to. He said they were called throaters, people who for whatever reason want to be in the hospital so bad they totally wreck their trachea. There are two staircases to the second floor. I'm on one, and I notice the other is strange looking. When I investigate it, I discover that each step is actually a movable slab, used for housing morgue drawers. I then come to find everyone on the second floor is dead. And the third. I wished with all my heart I could save the poor kids in the surgery floors and intensive care, but there was no way. The second and third floor residents were now zombies, and they chased us back to the first floor. The mansion. Now try not to get lost, because my memory mostly falls apart here.

    What I do know: The house (or spirit of the house) is alive and malevolent. I also know it is testing us in scenes. Meaning there is one distinctive enemy or threat at a time, and never do threats overlap. And there is ever so slightly time between scenes to regroup. Now I don't remember much of this part. I believe someone died by the zombies. But then came Hook. His own little scene in himself, he wasn't what you'd expect of a dangerous killer. He looked homeless. HE wore a big brown robe made from some large sack. His hair was oily, orange, short, and in dread locks. He had one tool with him. A small toy scythe, maybe with a two inch blade. But it was razor sharp. How he worked: He would only kill one person. He would cut off a body part. He offered them the choice of what he should cut off, but no matter what it was you died. One more of my group died, and I had the horror of being in their POV at the time.

    Next thing I remember, I was isolated at the end of the house in one large room, home to the morgue stairs. I don't remember what happened, but it was big. After the scene, I ran to the other end of the mansion to the room where my friend was, alone. We were now the only ones alive. His POV. In this final scene, the house itself possesses a ceiling fan and wires. Only the ceiling fan could kill anyone it hit, and the wires were like tendrils, looking to strangle anything they could find. Now my friend had a gun. The only way he could stop this thing, kill the house, and save our lives was to shoot out the five lights attached to the fan. Which with five bullets, a faulty pistol, and the rapid movement of the fan, was very tough. But, coming to a very close call, he did it. He survived. We heard people coming in. We locked the doors (always the threat of zombies) and looked out the windows. They were family and friends, come to celebrate the end of whatever catastrophe had been occurring outside. As we turned around to greet them, a tendril shot across the room and pierced straight through my friend's head.

    I couldn't celebrate. Everyone but me had died. The house was still a threat but no one believed anything had really happened there. There is no greater stress than having knowledge that could save everyone's lives and not having them let you. I even got five of my closest friends into a car at one point and floored it, but I couldn't get away fast enough from the house. I pulled over to have an emotional breakdown and another person took the wheel. Ten minutes later we were back. But there was one person in the house I couldn't let stay. My sister. I made her promise me she'd get in her car and drive away, as far away as she could. I guaranteed her she would die today if she stayed. But her word was broken, just as everyone else's was. Then came Hook. He was back for round two. Now facing me. But I knew his tricks, his moves. I knew him now. I ended up pulling away in just the right time and stole the scythe and killed Hook. To my joy, my sister finally understood and left for good. To my dismay, no one else did.

    I come back inside, wandering a light-less corridor where I could swear we had night-lights to guide the way. I come to the main living area at the end of the hall and see a family friend there. But she's the only one, and eventually leaves. The TV comes on, and I know the face I see. It's the face of the house. After surviving once, the house knew it had to rid the world of the one that got away. I run to my bedroom. The lights go out and I hear movement. I break the window to the next room and jump through. I land in an impossible room, housing a machine of death made by the house. It was very Rube Goldberg, and almost resembled the game mousetrap. I knew there was nothing I could do, so I prayed. and right before I was crushed, the machine malfunctioned, then collapsed, then disappeared from existence. I'm now in the large room parallel to my bedroom, lights and all on. I hear a person coming down the hallway and lock the door. It's my mom. This is our house. My sister's fine and well in the next room. I've been watching too many horror movies...


    by Xedan on 07-10-2010 at 09:31 PM
    Me, my sister, and five of so of my closest friends were on some sort of road trip by bus and we stopped to see some ancient ruins. One of them made me lose the game while we were in the field outside the ruins which was swarming with fireflies. When I finally went in, I knew something was wrong. I got the sort of sinking feeling that comes with opening a Pandora's Box. Something shocked me in the neck almost like a tazer and the next thing I knew I was running through a tunnel which eventually blended into a hallway in my house. Once I got to my house my memory blacked out. The next thing I remember was calmly putting away some things in the bathroom like soap and toilet paper. When I close the bathroom closet I'm hit with a crippling pain in the back of my head which knocks me to the ground face first. Then I feel a different kind of pain, like someone's grabbing me by the back of the head, and then I float into the next room hanging from an invisible hand still gripping my head. In the next room I see a women who I instinctively know is possessed by the evil horror I unleashed in the ruins and that I was running from. She's holding her hand up like Vader when choking someone with his mind (presumably she's the force holding me in the air).

    I know I'll never forget this dream because even after waking up the crippling pain was still very tangible.
    nightmare , memorable