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    1. Deconstruction can be a good thing. But in this case I think that Khh and I each had a clear understanding of the basic concepts like existence, and we may have been heading for an interesting conversation about that crux you mention. Instead I wound up arguing about words, semantics, and tautology, which only took us all away from the conversation.

      Please forgive my frustration; I knew quite well that I was coming in from left field (I've done this many times before), but I was hoping to get people to consider the role our concept of time plays in all this... perfect definitions were not needed!
    2. My only motivation for my line of conversation was that I genuinely think that it is the crux of the matter, and in my experience, although ostensibly simple, it is something regularly misunderstood. The importance of being deconstructive was the constructive point I was trying to make, it's not just being gratuitously cynical or something. No hard feelings.
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