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    The Softest Kiss (Corny)

    by Xibran123 on 05-20-2011 at 06:11 AM
    We were at some kind of huge house party. The place looked like a giant warehouse. At the entrance was a queen-sized bed where a girl, who we'll call Julie, was laying. She looked very sad so I naturally wanting to comfort every sad person I ever encounter went to go soothe her soul. I sat on the edge of the bed and asked what was wrong. I believe she said something about breaking up with her boyfriend. I got closer and gave her a comforting hug. Then, a girl who we'll call Tamy, arrived and laid down on the vacant side of the bed. She's texting on her phone. Now, a little background about Tamy: I've liked her for some time now and every time I see her, I get nervous and feel like I can fly with all the butterflies in my stomach.

    So I get up and go around to her side and say hi. I was just about to start conversating when Julie starts to cry even harder, trying to catch my attention. And as I try to reach over to tap Julie on the back, I'm slyly going in between Tamy's legs and acting like I don't know it. But she looks at me oddly and me playing the fool act like it was an accident and get off her with a nervous laugh. I reach over to Julie and she picks her head up, eyeing me with a glint of what could be lust or love. She lunges at me trying to kiss me but I place an arm out and block her face. I push her off strongly and yell,
    "What the hell are you doing?! Get the fuck off me?!"
    So much for wanting to make people feel better, right? She responds,
    "You are perfect for me Brian! You are so perfect for me!"
    But I have absolutely no interest in this woman. And all the while this is happening, that girl I mentioned earlier, Tamy, is witnessing everything. But she is still texting on her phone acting like she's not paying attention.
    "I can't make it seem like I'm interested in this girl. I still want a shot with Tamy!" I thought to myself. And I stormed away from the bed and into the interesting part of the warehouse, the dance hall.

    Strangely, the lighting here was darker and the golden light of the previous segment of the warehouse did not seem to penetrate the dance hall. I'm pushing and shoving away dancers trying to reach the bathroom. I finally reach the bathroom and instead of a door, there was a drape that could be seen through if one tried hard enough. The wall the toilet was attached to barely reached up to my neck, hardly covering anyone trying to use the bathroom. But I unzip and relieve myself. I then see someone dragging Tamy to where I'm at and they're saying Tamy wants to talk to me. This action has been done in my real life. I tell her that I'm about done and I'll meet her at the bed (hehe). I finish paying the water bill and head through the sweaty dancers again to reach the bedroom once more. This next part is where the dream was the juiciest for me I see.

    Tamy is all tucked into the bed laying on her side. She looks disappointed. I open the covers and lay next to her, adjusting the pillow so my eyes could be level with hers. She asked,
    "Why didn't you kiss that girl earlier, huh? You really let her down..." and as she saying this, she looks away from me and looks almost jealous. I respond,
    "I don't like her, how can I be forced to kiss someone who I have no interest in?" to which she replies,
    "She seems like a nice girl. How can you expect to receive chances from someone when you yourself won't give girls chances?" I had a perfect rebuttal. In real life, I asked her out. And she turned me down . So I told her,
    "Oh, kind of like how you gave me a chance when I asked you out, right?" I said that with so much sarcasm hoping she would get the message I was trying to convey. She was left speechless. All that came out of her mouth were small chuckles and broken explanations. But then, she stopped. And she no longer looked disappointed when she looked at me. She looked innocent with her big brown eyes. The eyes are the gateway to the soul, they say, and her soul was telling me that she indeed liked me, but something was getting in the way of us having a relationship. I could feel it. Then she smiled and said,
    "Ok, but this is a one time thing." and she said something else but I can't remember what. Then, as we looked at eachother, I knew what was coming next. We both had a mutual understanding. It was as if telepathically she was telling me "Kiss me, you idiot." I reached my left arm over her right hip and placed my hand softly on the back of her head. I played with the curls of her ponytail for a second when I lean in close. She smiles and looks away for a second to lick her lips and straighten out. She turns to me and closes her eyes. I do the same. Then our lips touch in the gentlest, softest, warmest, and the most firework inducing kiss I have ever felt in my short 18 years of living. It wasn't wet, but it wasn't dry. I gripped her gently. It was like our lips were matched up perfectly by destiny to form the greatest and most passionate kiss ever. She kisses my upper lip as I kiss both of hers. I didn't put my tongue out, seeing as how I didn't want to seem like a pervert and ruin a passionate kiss. But her tongue touched the tip of mine, inviting me to explore her mouth. So I did, but only briefly and not like a starving wildebeest. And as I put out my lips to make another cycle, she quickly pulls back and ends it with a quick peck on my upper lip. She shrugs and then smiles at me. The dream fades. The feeling of that kiss still lingers on my lips as I type this. It was incredible ...

    Updated 05-20-2011 at 06:16 AM by Xibran123

    non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment

    Got cheated on? Drown yourself in McDonald's!

    by Xibran123 on 07-17-2010 at 11:22 AM
    So this dream attaches to the previous one about the frozen lake. But I consider them to be two different dreams since I see no segway. Why am I having so many dreams about cheating and stuff?

    I am here in my girlfriend's room cuddling and what not. Everything seems peaceful until she gets a text message. I pick my head up and acknowledge that the phone chimed. But she seemed suspicious. She didn't let me see and she tried to hide her texting way too hard. So I kindly asked,
    "Who is it babe?" and she replied,
    "None of your business!" I grew extremely jealous at this point. So I took her phone and looked through it. She didn't even try to take it away. It seemed like she wanted to show me something but couldn't muster up the courage to say so. I look at her face and her eyes tear up a bit. I then look at her phone. It's a Samsung Behold. Anyone who has owned this phone knows what the messaging looks like. So I see the message she got and it's from a person who she entitled on her phone "Brace " His message read,
    "Well, I got to go." and her response to that was,
    "Ok. Te amo." "Te Amo" means "I Love You" in Spanish. And my heart sank to my feet. I didn't want to jump to conclusions so I asked her, in a very loud voice, if she was cheating on me. She never looked up at me and didn't say a thing. I knew then she was. I couldn't believe what had happened to me. I got cheated on. Man, worst feeling in the world! I was depressed and just didn't care about a thing anymore. So I magically arrived at this seaside McDonald's on the shore of the frozen ocean. The place looked futuristic. I walk forward and a big glass wall gave the people an amazing view of the ocean and their nearby pool. (Why?) Yes, they had a pool. But this pool was steaming, and I could here my parents walk through the doors and saw them head to the pool. I turned around to the register and ordered some food. Only thing was I ordered one of everything on the menu! After a few minutes, I took my tower of food to a seat in the corner where no one would see me in my sorrow. Magically, I finished everything in only a couple of seconds. Yet, I felt empty inside. The End.

    Wow, I need to work on my conclusions haha...
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Frozen Lake

    by Xibran123 on 07-17-2010 at 10:42 AM
    Second dream posted in here. Awesome! Well, here it goes...

    So me and every one of my cousins that I have ever known decide to go swimming. We all get our swimming gear on and head off to the lake. The thing was that when we arrived at the lake, the whole thing was frozen! Every bit! There were people ice skating, ice fishing, and building snowmen on the surface. All in winter gear. We couldn't understand, it was the middle of July! (BIG dream sign I missed ) But, none of the less, we all rush to enjoy the day anyways. I follow up and theres a point when the ice breaks and a little river flowed through in which we had to jump to get across. But right before I make my jump, I see to my right a large kid in a brown sweater with two white stripes sandwhiching an orange stripe attempt to jump across. Sadly, he Superman-ed and took a blow to the face by the edge of the other side and fell into the cold, cold drink. I laughed SO hard I almost didn't make it across myself. But something about a fat guy trying to jump an icy river makes me chuckle. Does that make me a bad person? Anyways, we get across and climb a small mound of snow. To my surprise, I realized this wasn't a river. It was an OCEAN. Frozen as far as the eye could see. We kept running until I felt the ice crack a bit under my feet. I said,
    "Whoa! Hold on! Let's not all go at once!"
    And we all went in three's. Except for one of my larger cousins. I let him go by himself hahahaha! I tipped-toed all the way. Then, as I was surveying the area, I hear an enormous crack! this is what I saw before the ice broke. I turned my head swiftly and I see two of my cousins drowning in the water! Somehow, they couldn't swim. I dash to the water and dive to save my family. The water was SO cold!!! It made me gasp and I took a bunch of water to the lungs but I continued to make my rescue. My first cousin wasn't that bad to get to the surface. He's real skinny. But my second cousin was a little chubbier. I was trying to pull him up to the surface but he kept kicking and using my face as a foothold. He eventually got up but mysteriously, I kept sinking. I was at ease for some reason. Like it was inevitable. I accepted it and closed my eyes. The last glimpse being the distorted sun hitting the water surface. The water was the deepest blue you could ever imagine! Suddenly, I open my eyes and I am sitting next to my girlfriend in her room.
    non-lucid , dream fragment


    by Xibran123 on 06-19-2010 at 08:33 AM
    First dream entry on this journal. Yay! Is it bad to have a dream about cheating on your girlfriend with your best friend's girlfriend? I don't know. But anyways, here's the dream:

    It's only a fragment but I remember the important part. I was at a gathering with some fellow friends when I saw my best friend's girlfriend in an empty room. Being the nice guy that I am (no intentional bragging, just like to make people happy ) I went over to comfort her. I asked,
    "What's wrong? Why aren't you enjoying the party?"
    She looked up at me with teary eyes and slumped back into her folded arms and continued to weep. So I asked again. But I couldn't hear through her gasps of air. I gently placed my hand on her back and started to draw random shapes on her back. I just did what I could to comfort her. She finally gathered herself together and told me what happened.
    "My boyfriend dumped me..."
    "What!? Why!? You're such an amazing girl! Why would he want-..." I asked and she cut me off.
    "He wanted a girl with more 'ASSets'. Emphasis on the 'ass' part."
    "That doesn't sound like him. I thought I knew him. He always kept bragging to me about how great you are."
    "Well, now he's gone. And I got no one!" The crying continued. Her sad voice almost brought me to tears. The way she sounded just tugged at my heart strings. She sounded powerless and scared. I knew that my next choice of words were going to sound way different than I intended them to, but I wanted to calm her down. I said,
    "Don't worry. You got plenty of people. Friends and family. You got me." She slowly raised her head and wiped away her tears. Then a small smile grew upon her face.
    "There we go. You have a nice smile. Show it off!" she then gave me a hug. But this hug felt nothing like a hug. It was more of an embrace. I felt strange. She then looked up at me and our eyes locked. It's like we were communicating telepathically. We both knew what would happen next. We inched closer to each other until our lips met in a passionate kiss. I didn't know what was happening for the 5 seconds that it lasted. Until I snapped out of the trance and pushed her off.
    "What are we doing!?" I asked.
    "Let's forget about this world." She whispered to me and we continued to make out until the dream faded.
    It was wrong but yet it felt right. Wow, I am messed up haha.

    Updated 06-19-2010 at 08:37 AM by Xibran123

    non-lucid , dream fragment