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      01-10-2021, 03:07 AM
      Hi! I suppose I'll go by Berry. I'm in my early 20s, and coming back to lucid dreaming after a few years hiatus. I was lucid dreaming very regularly...
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    Two Lucid Dreams, Two TOTMs and a Lot of Fun!

    by Xtaberry on 04-21-2016 at 11:44 PM
    I had a pretty lousy first part of the night, waking up at 4:40 with no dream recall yet. I jot down the time, so at the very least I can write that down in the morning, then roll over and go to sleep.
    I find myself in a non-lucid dream. I'm in my room with 3 people I know in real life, they're a couple with a baby. I'm holding the baby, and he's screaming at me and crying. I'm worrying what the parents are thinking, he seems so angry at me in particular. They take him and try and put him to bed, and I realize we're in my bedroom, in my house, and they're putting the baby to bed in my bed. Before this can sink in and I can get lucid, they're suddenly all naked. Baby, mother and father are absolutely naked with a Sims 4 style blur over their parts. I walk out of the room, kind of stunned and unsure how to proceed. I walk downstairs. On the counter, there's a Subway Restaurant cookie in a bag, and for some reason this transfixes me. I have a strong false memory of buying the cookie, but everything about the cookie being there feels off to me. I'm so, so close to lucidity when I'm startled by the baby running down the hallway into the kitchen and the father following. They're still naked and still blurred out. I finally reality check, and of course I'm dreaming. I look around the room for an object to eat before settling on a magazine. I grab it off the side table beside the back door and take a bite. It tastes like when you lick an envelope, but stronger. I take two more bites for good measure, but it's pretty gross. I turn to my mother, who's materialized in my kitchen, and inform her it tastes just like you'd expect paper to taste. I walk out the back door, remembering that i have to drain the colour out of an object. I find almost everything is covered in snow, and therefore already colourless. I notice a blue flower pushing up out of the snow at the back of the yard, so I settle on draining the colour from it. A kneel beside it and start, but once I do I realize it's hard to tell if I'm making progress because the blue is already so light and close to white. I focus on the centre - the flower resembles a daisy with a bright yellow centre - and the colour runs out like water colour paint. I remember that my third goal, a personal one, is to swim. I know I'll need to teleport for this. I fall backwards, but it doesn't work. Now I'm just lying in my backyard in the snow. I start to roll towards the house as fast as I can, picturing a beach. I find myself in a washed-out, not very vivid sand dune scene. There's no water, and I'm not very stable. I don't want to be there. I decide that when I turn around, a new, better scene will form, but don't choose specifically. I find myself standing behind my old elementary school, but instead of a school it's a factory in an industrial area. I decide that I want to fly around an industrial area. During the dream, I felt like this was a goal of mine that I'd decided on ahead of time, but flying around an industrial area has never crossed my mind before. Regardless, I try to take off and am having some trouble. For whatever reason, I kneel down in the grass I'm standing on and punch upwards with both hands. This works very well, and I sort of blast off into the air. I fly over the school and see the name on the side of the building isn't correct. I say it out loud to myself, but I didn't recall it when I woke up. I fly over the roof, which has brown shingles which don't exist in real life. I notice all these things. On the other side of the building are smokestacks, power lines, big factory buildings and all these huge metal spirals painted yellow sticking out of the ground at an angle. They're many stories tall and and more than an arms length around, but they don't look surreal. I fly towards them, Superman-style, but find I'm losing altitude. Instead of being bothered, I extend my arms behind me, like a jet plane. This works better, and I regain altitude and get more control. I fly to a spiral and push off with my feet, doing a back flip then push off another one. I notice two young children, both boys, and their mother. If they're based on real people I didn't recognize them, and the mom was leaning over so I couldn't see her face anyway. I remember my goal to see a recurring dream character once again, the woman who pulled me out of bed during my first ever induced lucid dream and once appeared and vanished a window when I was getting frustrated at not being able to faze through it. Since she never looks quite the same, so I figure that lady could be her. I picture her face as I fly towards her, then make her look up. I'm shocked when she has no face at all, just smooth skin flanked by brown hair. I start vibrating and losing stability and I hear a strong ringing in my ears as the faceless void fills my vision and consumes me.
    I "wake up", but it's not a real awakening. I'm in my room but it feels smaller and there's green light emanating from under my bed. It's also pitch black outside. I don't notice this right away, because my alarm was going off. The radio voices were flawless, so realistic, and the clock reads 7:30. I freak out, because I need to be out the door in the mornings at 7:20. As I panic, the alarm stops itself. I look over and the clock reads 6:45. My alarm wouldn't have gone off yet. I nose-plug reality check, and find I can breathe. It's not my normal full breath though, it's raspy I feel like my nose is half plugged. To double-check, though I'm pretty sure I'm dreaming, I push the heel of my fist into the wall. While it doesn't faze through, I leave a deep dent in the wall easily. I get up and walk downstairs. My mother is walking up, so I nonchalantly redirect her down. I am not in the mood for dealing with a DC and the stairs were only wide enough for one. I want to resume my fly. I walk outside and kneel in the grass, repeating my technique from the previous dream. My sister takes off beside me, and I figure it'll be fun to fly around the neighbourhood with her, albeit a version of her entirely in my own head. I punch up, and a huge hydro-electric tower has suddenly materialized in my flight path. I remeber thinking "Who built our house so close to a hydro line?" and losing some lucidity. This actually happens a lot, I can think of at least two or three dreams where hydroelectric towers get in my way when I'm flying. I land on it. My sister has entered one of two tree houses on the tower. Both look like mud huts with thatched roofs, and one is at the base while the other is just above me, maybe halfway up the tower. I decide to climb over to the upper hut. There's only a small step up between me and it, but the step is sizzling with electricity and has a "Warning - High Voltage - Do not Touch" sign, and a protective cage around it on all sides but the one where I need to step. I'm not totally lucid, and electrocution doesn't sound fun. I yell "This tower is f*ing hard to climb! And I can fly! F*ing ridiculous!" I'm not the type to swear, but my anger was irrationally intense. I couldn't think straight and just fly away.. I eventually climb around the box, but by the time I do I'm not lucid anymore. I arrive at the tree house where my sister and friend E are. E says she's looking for a plastic tiger we used to play with when we were little kids, and mom who has suddenly materialized on the porch tells us the tiger isn't really in the tree house, she just told us that to my sister wouldn't get homesick at summer camp. She'd thrown it out years ago. I nod along to this, because in my non-lucid state that sounds logical. The actual director of the summer camp where we went as kids arrives on our lawn and asks if we could add honey to a bowl of lemon meringue filling he's carrying. My father exits the house with a box of Honey Nut Cheerios, saying something along the lines of he took out all the nut Cheerios of only the honey ones were left. He dumps them in the bowl, and the director whisks them into his filling. I wake up for real, at 5:50, slightly relieved I don't need to eat chunky lemon meringue pie. I also had apparently crossed my legs funny at some point, and had really bad pins and needle in my right foot. I kind of wonder if that affected my dreaming.

    A Very Embarrassing False Awakening Which Ended in a Failed TOTM

    by Xtaberry on 04-17-2016 at 06:25 PM
    Note to self: This lucid dream was actually on Tuesday April 12th

    Alrighty, I've decided that from this point forwards, I will dream journal my lucid's here on Dreamviews. I want to be more active, but writing all my dreams here wouldn't realistically happen. I'm writing this more to myself then you (whoever you are), because once it's on the internet I will feel accountable.

    I have a false awakening in which I walk downstairs and sit down in the chair in my living room. I promptly feel as though I've pooped myself. This is disgusting, and at the time it felt as though it was real. I panic and run to the bathroom and try to clean my underwear. I finally get them somewhat clean and start to put them back on to discover that my shirt and pants, which in the dream were on my body, had fallen off and into the toilet bowl. I grab my old and ratty beach towel - which I realize shouldn't be in the downstairs bathroom - and wrap myself up in it. I scoop up my clothes and run upstairs. I'm still not lucid, and I'm worried someone will see me running, wrapped up in a beach towel carrying sopping wet toilet clothes. No one does. I go into my bedroom and notice everything is both open and empty; my water bottle, my paint tubes, the drawers and the dresser. Every item that can hold contents is both open and empty. I think in the dream that I've been robbed. I'm exasperated at this point. How could my morning go so terribly wrong? I'm so close to lucidity at this point, when I notice one item is not empty. It's a DS game box on my desk, which is odd in itself, holding two Pokemon games. I don't own two Pokemon games in real life, and I'm finally jolted lucid. I'm also miraculously clothed again, but that doesn't register until I wake up. I plug my nose and stand there, breathing through it and staring at my dresser. I eventually realize that being able to breathe through my plugged nose means I must be dreaming. I'm still not fully lucid. To double check and confirm I am dreaming, I try the thumb-through-hand reality check. I've nose-plug reality checked dozens of times, but the thumb one I've always avoided. It's never worked for me before the few times I've tried, and kind of grosses me out. In the moment, however, I felt like I needed more confirmation I was dreaming. I closed my eyes, held my breath and pushed my right thumb through remarkably realistic skin, flesh and between my hand bones. I yanked it out, and felt the urge to check my hands to see whether or not I'd wounded myself. There was no hole or wound in my palm, but both hands looked slightly bloody.
    Finally aware of my dreaming state, I try to remember the Task of the Month. This month was the first time I'd really decided to attempt them. All I could recall of the "eat an object that isn't edible" task was "eat", so I walked down to the kitchen, a surprising logical thing to do considering the illogical things I'd done so far. I found that there were huge signs hanging from the ceiling advertising sales as though my kitchen was a grocery store, which I focused on to keep my lucid. My family starts pestering me, speaking mostly gibberish and nonsensical things like "What are you doing filling the swimming pool up there?" and speaking it all with a tone that implied an insult. I open the fridge and grab a block of cheese, but wake up before I can eat it. I'm pretty disappointed I didn't become lucid sooner, given all the ridiculous things that happened, and that I couldn't remember the task in it's entirety. On the bright side, it was a wonderfully vivid dream and I was much better at focusing on my surroundings to stay lucid and stable.

    Updated 04-17-2016 at 11:20 PM by Xtaberry

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