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    1. Hi there. My names Raymond and I love dreaming!

      I've been so slack lately in writing down my dreams but I'm determined that, as long as I have access to internet/keyboard to write down my dreams, re-learn lucid dreaming and participate more in this community.

      Well, you're welcome to read through my dream Journal. I've recently become a Christian, so after each dream, I humbly attempt to share lessons from that dream which have meaning to me, and perhaps have meaning to you as well.

      Hmm, that's all for now. Hope you're having an awesome day! Gods blessings and love to all of you!!!
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    Fun Adventures around the hippy town

    by Yar on 08-04-2019 at 12:02 PM
    Dream of spending time around a time like Nimbin, wearing dress, old massage school, herbs, health foods, find pants, fighting boys, flee town.

    In this dream I spent a afternoon and night adventuring around the town of NB. The town had a real hippy alternative feel to it with lots of market stalls, lovely colors everywhere etc etc.

    Well, I find myself in a Shopping mall wearing a Dress! ( I'm a guy ). Somehow, I fit right in with all the other crazies and all's fun and good. I bump into some people I knew from years ago from a massage school I attended. They were running classes in a side room in the shopping mall.

    I waltz into the room in my dress and peer around. Theres half a dozen people inside inlcuding the teach, they are all practicing Shiatsu! Tapping the teaching on the should, who I recognize, I yarn with him for a bit then happily move on.

    Outside, theirs a nearby shop that sells clothes and healthy foods! Hmm, I wanna find some trendy hippy hemp pants so I go in the shop. However, I feel a bit like a poor hobo and the shop lady eyes me of suspiciously. Acting innocent, I look around, eye of the food and clothes then walk back outside.

    Continuing my mission to find pants and get out of the dress, I walk up and down the street, looking at various stalls and trying to find the right one. Its night time by now. Finally, I find some nice pants and YAY, i'm out of the dress.

    Walking around town, I see a bunch of young teenage guys goofing around on a small bank next to a road. I walk up to them and next thing I know, they are attacking me! Well, being much larger and stronger, I hold my ground and toss them around playfully, but you know what? Theirs strength in numbers! I start getting a bit knocked about too and start getting a bit aggressive.

    After tossing them around, knocking a few heads together and blackening a couple of eyes, I feel like my frustrations have been vented! One of the boys starts crying and runs off to find his dad.

    Just then, my dad turns up in his car! "Quick, lets leave" he loudly whispers to me, "Those boys you beat up have rich and influential parents!

    Hmm, time to go, I jump in the car and escape!
    non-lucid , memorable

    hiking and Ladder lessons

    by Yar on 08-02-2019 at 04:21 AM
    Dreamed that I was hiking along a public, populated track that followed along the top of a cliff line. I was hiking with my Sister, Mother and my nieces/nephews.

    At one point along the track, it went through a small cave that exited suddenly onto a rocky ledge with loose rocks and a few clumps of grass. At the end of the small ledge/natural platform was a Steel ladder up a short cliff, 4 meters tall where the track then continued on.

    I was the last person through the small cave and when I exited through the other side, I was wobbly on my feet and almost tripped over the edge! You see, the ledge was right next to the cliff face! Thankfully, my sister was kind enough to be nearby and she grabbed my arm! Tottering ahead of everyone else, I climb up the metal ladder.

    All of a sudden, theirs lots of other people on the ladder, mostly guys, all yahooing and egging each other on, out for adventure and excitement! It seemed as if they were seeing how many people could fit on the ladder at one time!

    I was up ahead, feeling nervous that the ladder had too much weight on it. I rushed up real quick and as I did, I noticed that the bolts were vibrating and moving slightly! I leaped up the final rung and kept walking down the track.

    I seemed to have forgotten my family left behind.

    Up ahead was a large and fancy looking restaurant built into an existing, huge cave, in the cliff. Strange thing is, their was no staff in it and no food!

    Lessons to self: Don't just say thanks, show it!
    Don't shove to be first, its best to be last.
    Self-renunciation - Don't put self first, help others first, even at the cost of your life!
    Practice mindfulness, be aware. When danger strikes, don't react, think! Put loved ones first, then strangers, then yourself.

    infiltration / discovered

    by Yar on 07-31-2019 at 01:25 AM
    I'm infiltrating the compound of someone who was stomping around the house in a exoskeleton mech suit! Carefully evading them I sneak into their place only to find myself trapped once inside!

    Not sure how I got it! Inside, all the walls and exits are protected with very powerful electrical wiring, like a electric animal fence kind off. Prowling around the borders I eventually decide to dig underneath the ground and come up on the other side. However, half way through my vigorous evacuations, the owner returns out of his mech suit!

    Well, ah, I pretend to be asleep, sprawled out on the floor and think up a quick lie as to how I got inside

    He expresses surprise when he sees me but isn't violent or aggressive. I pretend to wake up and act surprised as he is!! "How did you get in here?" He asks. Well, I tell him that I teleported in accidentally while sleeping, haha! We argue for a bit about that, he's rather dubious and I'm trying to act innocent and convincing.

    All of a sudden, a young girl and her pet dog rush in from a nearby room. The young girl is his daughter and her pet is named, 'Muggles'. "Ah, I just love pets! Come here Muggles" I crow enthusiastically. I pat the pet lovingly as the girls Dad looks on with a warming expression on his face.

    Seems like I wasn't such a bad guy after all,

    The tunnel, inversion of gravity / Trump shoots me

    by Yar on 07-31-2019 at 12:07 AM
    I dreamed that I had been involved in some sort of fight, the memories are vague now. Anyhow I find my self falling down a deep perpendicular tunnel about 5 meters diameter with levels in it. Each level had a hole in it.

    The tunnel seems never ending and goes on for a long time. Just when I despair of ever reaching the end, down is now up! I climb up the last few feet and get out.

    Once outside, I'm on a manicured lawn of some mansion and its evening time, the area is lit up with a few lights. Donald Trump is their slinging a six shooter and firing at me! I try my best to dodge and duck whizzing bullets but end up getting shot up!

    In the dream, I die while shouting out some final forgotten insults Lol...

    Family stress relief lol

    by Yar on 07-30-2019 at 12:21 AM
    Short but funny dream fragment.

    I dreamed that my Uncles and Dad were all lined up for a swim at a River. They were lined up standing side by side on the river bank. Each one of them was holding an object. It seemed they were doing some kind of crazy macho like masculine challenge where they'd each grab something and run into the water while screaming crazily!

    My dad had a large Machete, one of my Uncles had a Chainsaw and the other uncles, well I didn't see what they had. Then, they all ran as fast as they could, jumped into the river while screaming and brandishing their 'weapons'.

    I'd say that's an interesting way to relieve family stress?
    dream fragment