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    1. Hi there. My names Raymond and I love dreaming!

      I've been so slack lately in writing down my dreams but I'm determined that, as long as I have access to internet/keyboard to write down my dreams, re-learn lucid dreaming and participate more in this community.

      Well, you're welcome to read through my dream Journal. I've recently become a Christian, so after each dream, I humbly attempt to share lessons from that dream which have meaning to me, and perhaps have meaning to you as well.

      Hmm, that's all for now. Hope you're having an awesome day! Gods blessings and love to all of you!!!
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    Asian Wife / Mucus clear / Frisby game

    by Yar on 06-08-2020 at 01:46 AM
    I'm back at my childhood home, my older brother is living there with his family. Anyhow, somehow, I now have an asian wife! Not sure if she was 'paid for' to travel to Australia or If she was Australian. In any case, she was a cute little pretty Asian girl, all mine

    I play around, flirting with her. I kiss and tease her all over the house. She playfully squeals and runs away with me chasing. It was good fun

    next, I'm outside where the clothesline used to be. I feel like one nostril is blocked so I pinch one and blow hard. Amazingly, a huge amount of snot pours out of the other nostril! This huge steaming mass of mucus pours out of my nostril and when its unblocked, I feel like a new man! Calling my brother over, I showed him and we both puzzled over how much could come out of my nostril....ahah.

    We head down the paddock below the house and play a fun game of frisby together. It was fun We were competing to see who could catch the most.

    Indigo's plight

    by Yar on 06-08-2020 at 01:07 AM
    I'm a young woman called Indigo who is trying to immigrate to America through the mexico border legally. The immigration checkpoint is this candy/snack store manned buy a skinny Uncle Sam like person who wears a shirt and a big top hat colored in the American flag. The skinny man also has Amish style sideburns and beard.

    Well, when I go to the checkpoint, I can't enter unless I have a pass or a legal guardian. Their just so happens to be his rich ecentric old guy around who's willing to be my guardian and take me in! So I go to his place. The rich old man looks ugly with lots of wrinkles on his face, he works in his own huge factory which makes a number of different industrial products like paints, gases, etc. The old guy was also a inventor and tinkered with new products etc.

    I visited a nearby city while staying there. It was night time when I visited, I looked around a bit but one shop stuck in my memory. It looked a bit like a bank. The bank had like maybe a dozen staff in it wearing navy force like uniforms and hats. Their was a big line up of customers being served in rapid fire fashion, they seemed to be handing in cheques to be processed. It was all happening very fast and rapid fire like. I poked my head in, and then kept on exploring around the city.

    Meanwhile, things were getting dark back at the factory I was staying at. I discovered that the old guy was not only a inventor but a evil genius one! He was inventing sci fi like weapons including lazer/plasma weapons, toxic purple colored gases and....he was producing and storing radiation in large gas cylinders for storage and transport!

    He had an incident one day where the production line broke down and radiation started leaking! With radiation everywhere, I knew I had to escape, I thought to myself that I'd have to research ways to de toxify radiation poisoning.

    The old man, however, must have been worried I'd escape and leak his secrets. He had setup a huge amount of secret traps outside the exit to the factory! All the traps where invisible unless triggered. There were lazor/plasma weapon traps, gas and radiation traps, invisible electrified wall traps etc. Well, I danced, leaped, tip toed and did my best to get through! It was very painful and hard as I triggered a few traps. After a huge painful struggle I escaped!

    After I escaped, I ran back to the immigration checkpoint candy shop with the skinny Uncle Sam. No legal guardian, no pass? You have a Deficit! He says....

    The monk and the lion

    by Yar on 06-04-2020 at 01:49 AM
    It started off as an ordinary dream where I was in a large city at this Bank. I thought about how cool it would be to be a security guard and I became one! Strutting around looking tough and watching out for thugs was the job

    Then, something happened that may have implicated me. Perhaps I stole something? I found myself sneaking out the building and then doing a 'runner' to the nearest underground trainstation with police sirens not far behind.

    The next minute, the cities behind me and I'm roller blading down the middle median strip of this large highway still escaping, I turned my head and looked back to see a large plume of smoke and flame in the city. What did I do? In front of me there were several large fire trucks speeding towards me. One of them somehow flipped and was sliding towards me. No probs, I just jumped over it as I sped on my way down the hill.

    I stopped roller blading and looked to the right of the road. There was a cathedral/temple like building there with large wooden doors. Uphill from the temple there were trees on the bank down from the road with a cleared flat area an acre in size just adjacent. Bordering the flat there was a river meandering through the flat and beyond into the trees. I could see a faint path heading down the bank towards the green grassy flat area and the river.

    However, I looked at the doors of the cathedral/temple and became lucid enough to realize, 'I can walk through those'. So I walked through and in doing so, became mostly lucid.

    Upon entering there was a gong like sound. Looking ahead of me I was in a large rectangular temple, just one large room. It was artfully decorated but I wasn't really looking at those, my attention was on the far end of the room where a monk life figure was. He had a lion on chain next to him. The chain was perhaps two meters in length. Immediately, I was in a spiritual soul searching mood and went up to the monk.

    The lion acted like it wanted to eat me but I overcame the fears, walked right up to the monk and lion. There seemed to be a barrier around me and the lion came to within 6 inches, was stopped and returned back to its master and sat down. I then knelt respectfully and asked the teacher for spiritual guidance as I was struggling with things.

    Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact details of all of our conversation. I can remember thinking to myself, 'try and remember Ray! Oh man, I'll never remember all this!'. He solemnly shares half a dozen sentences on life, the 'requiem of the soul' etc. I said how I knew what the right things to do were but couldn't do them..................fast forwarding some blank spots..........'in order too....a Sahgii ( follower ) spends a hour a day meditating in ( Mahdnii )." Wish I remembered more.

    Now comes the funny part. All of a sudden, the beast on the chain next to the monk lunged forward and grabbed my crotch in its mouth. I was almost overwhelmed with pain and fear! Still being lucid however, I quashed the fear and called out to the master there while gripping the beasts jaw to relieve the pressure. He called of the beast and said, "oh dear, it seems that ...( name of beast )...has decided that it's time for you to go now. He helped me start to limp towards the door, half bent over from pain. Going towards the door I allow myself to feel a bit angry and it surged up like a tidal wave! I swung around and scream out vehemently that if I ever met that lion again I'd rip him apart with my bare hands! Said this a few times haha. The monk took this in his stride with a calm demeanor and placid smile an continued to help me out the temple.

    Once outside we were then walking up the road and started walking on the faint track heading down the bank towards the river. Still a bit in pain, anger gone, I saw the funny side of things and said to the monk, 'he really had my by the balls back there didn't he?" He and I then laughed uproariously for a good while.

    My ex tries to kill me / scuffle with a strong guy

    by Yar on 06-04-2020 at 01:37 AM
    So I'm hanging out with this bunch of conservative Christian girls and we're playing the 'verbal chess game' so to speak. They're asking me questions trying to figure me out and I'm saying funny things that make them laugh plus other stuff I can't remember.

    Anyhow, somewhere in all this half forgotten dream I get attacked by my ex gf! She sends me this explosive sphere that has a super compressed cord in its interior that holds the charge. When the cord is released it explodes! Well she sends the sphere at me and releases the cord! I raise up my hand like Neo in the Matrix and grab the explosive sphere redirecting the blast in a cone away from us like a superhero! Her plot to kill me fails. I understand that its not her but her father wanting to kill me.

    ......In either the same dream or another one.....

    Next, I'm in this crowd of people, there's a huge tall strong man, a leader of some sorts walking towards me. As he approaches, he expects me to move out of the way, but I don't. I fearlessly stand in his pathway. The tall man stops and grabs me by the throat, lifting me up in the air!! As I dangle, I'm, not scared, its what I predicted would happen, I await my punishment for my bold daring. The man holds me for a few seconds and then sentences me for 'something'. I initially tried to use a martial technique and break his choke hold but his grip was too strong!

    I die with my parents / Rebirth and heavens registry?

    by Yar on 06-01-2020 at 06:19 AM
    In this dream, its the end of the world. The Apocalypse. The forces of evil lead by Lucifer, the deceiver have trapped my parents and I in this pit.

    Satan arrives and presses a button on top of the pit. Next, the pit starts filling up with acid!

    My parents and i embrace each other in a triangular shape. We love each other so much and share some final precious last words, prepared to die for our faith rather than cave in to evil.

    The acid starts to eat our legs, I fall first. I embrace my parents legs as the acid kills me. The light fades and I welcome the blissful release into the oblivion of darkness....

    ...after dying, I end up in this simple square room with my dad! Amazed at being alive again and full of strong emotions, I look around the room. It has no furniture apart from a table in the middle with some chairs around it. A huge book is on top of the table. Its a book we have to write down our details on to register for the afterlife, heaven.

    "Dad, we don't deserve this....Where is mother, she didn't make it?..Why did God save us, why are we here!!!" I was full of questions and asked my Dad. "Son, God is merciful, so very merciful. God knows every heart.

    I woke up then really disturbed. The dream affected my emotions a lot! I still felt I had died. It was so real...