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    signs in the sky / the DEW caused fire

    by Yar on 03-04-2019 at 09:53 AM
    I dreamed that I was traveling in our land cruiser at night time in our family car. We were on a long journey somewhere, i'm not driving and along with my parents and siblings, my brother in law Cjoe is with us.

    I look outside the window and notice that theirs a full moon and that the moon is this ominous weird blue color instead of the normal silver grey. I point this out to CJoel and he looks up while muttering, "Signs in the sky, signs in the heavens"

    I wondered what it meant and if it was an omen of disaster.

    Not long after, while watching houses pass by on this semi urban/rural laneway, I saw house after house starting to spontaneously combust! With a growing sense of urgency and horror I point this out to my family...

    "We must go back!", my mother screams out. "No, keep going forward, its too late, keep going!" I thunder out as a feeling of intense urgency and danger builds up in my chest. The fires seemed to be an attack from a DEW ( Direct Energy Weapon )

    The colonial boys' adventures in the old diary

    by Yar on 02-28-2019 at 10:48 AM
    I dreamed that I was looking through my attic when I came across this old diary. It was the diary of a boy back in the wild west colonial times in America.

    Flipping through the book I came across a very unique page. The page was displaying the stories in diary on a moving screen build into the page, which felt like every other page. Watching the moving pictures, I was drawn into the story of the and part observed, part participated in a number of adventures.

    Inside the diary now, the boy was one of three. He had a brother and a sister, Dad and Mum. They were quite a wealthy family in the upper class of that time frame. They had black American servants and wore fancy dresses.

    The boy was lonely though, and he had a pet cat. Him and the cat had fun playing together and romping around their country estate.

    One day, the boy was wandering in the woods and he came across a Indian brave. Him and the Indian brave became good friends! The Indian brave used the friendship of the boy for his own purposes and got the boy to help him sabotage a key Industrial building...

    So, the brave got the boy to help him collect kegs of gun powder and dynamite. Then, they sneaked down one night and planted it around this building, a very important one for the boys fathers business. It was located near a swamp and a river. BOOM, it went up in smoke and ashes.

    The boys father held a meeting. In their large hall in the main house, there were many soldiers, servants and the whole family was there. The father was very angry!! He was discussing with the soldiers there about who had done it and interrogated the servants.

    Later on that day, the boys younger brother found his diary which had all his mischievous adventures recorded in it and gave it too his Mother. She instantly know what had happened and quietly put it back down as the boys father was in the room then.

    "Huh? Whats that? Let me see that Diary" The father swaggered over...

    "Its ok dear, its Allen's Diary. You know, boys that age need their privacy" she reasoned as she nonchalantly took it from his hands...

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________
    Next fragmented Dream:

    I dreamed that I was an opera singer performing in a large Orchestra. Some musical people in my family were there and I was trying to impress them with my voice. I had to sing some songs that I hadn't sung before....

    Hitch hiking to the cricket match / Its all in the perspective....

    by Yar on 02-28-2019 at 10:21 AM
    In this one, I'm on a road with my friend and we're have just come from a party. Now, we are trying to hitch hike to a nearby cricket match!

    we try and flag down a few cars with no success, then two more guys hike up the road and join us. Some more thumbing at cars and a truck pulls over with room for us all. We pile in the truck.

    One of the guys is worried about losing his stuff in the truck and the driver tells him not to worry. Then, we talk about a few different topics including inflation of products like....bottled water! We yarn with the driver about how the price of bottled water has gone up due to inflation from this amount....to this amount!

    Arriving at the cricket match, we pile out of the truck and walk down. My friend is auditioning to join the cricket team or something like that. He goes out to bowl on the field while we watch, then something weird happens.

    I'm seeing him bowl from the perspective of two other senior members of the cricket team, a guy and lady. Its like I'm watching their imagination in my own dream mind.

    The senior cricket lady watches him bowl and sees a super sexy strong athlete. She admires his long hair ( was't that long ) and gives it a extra sheen and also adds more muscle definition.

    The senior guy in charge of the team watches him bowl and well, his imagination is boosting my friends bowling skills! In this guys mind, some of my friends ball actually curve in mid air and one actually bounced twice in the opposite direction before landing in the middle of the stumps. Weird right?

    Of course, my friend was accepted into the team and he thanked me for my support. haha
    non-lucid , memorable

    war, planet earth self destructs & Aliens Part 2

    by Yar on 02-27-2019 at 01:50 AM
    So in the continuation from the last dream, Some type of humanoid Alien had saved me from earth which was self-destructing and I was now in a space vessel orbiting Earth.

    The alien was discussing with me about his different ideas and thoughts of how to save earth, undo what had happened, reverse time etc etc. Stuff, I don't quite remember. The alien had developed a clone of me which was in a 'regeneration' tank.

    Apparently, the clone was being used to try and help with extracting my memories of the events which happened but wasn't working. So the Alien now wanted to try something else.

    He showed me this headset device which straps over my head and instructed me to imagine being back in the memories of the disaster. Then, the device would record my memories and project them onto an outside screen in his laboratory.

    So, I put this device on my head, a little worried about the radiation. The alien re-assured me that it wasn't a problem.

    All was black at first, then I could start to see flashes of my memories of the previous dream. Very weird. Next, I'm back in the previous dream and I literally re-play the dream, with only a few 'idiosyncrasies' and differences.

    Feels weird to have re-played the dream later in the night in a Alien spaceship with a VR like headset strapped to my head!

    war, planet earth self destructs & Aliens Part 1

    by Yar on 02-27-2019 at 01:41 AM
    I dream that earth has been in a large catastrophic war, not sure who between. I'm standing up on a mountain with brother E near a large city looking at the effects of the war.

    The war has created a plague of black 'corruption' that is constantly spreading out and over the planets crust causing major tectonic plate splitting, earthquakes and general mayhem.

    Realizing that humanity is doomed, we take off down the mountain in our car to have some last minute 'fun'. We zoom around at top speed dodging cars, people and the odd pocket of black corruption floating in the air, a precursor to the disruption of the crust.

    At one point, we go inside a house that has a meeting of young people taking place. Meals are being served and the youth are discussing the disaster. We act cool and try and fit in...

    back outside we zoom off out of the city and decide its time to suicide. Somehow, we had gotten our hands on some kind of nuclear material in the shape of a gas cylinder. I graciously let my brother, E go first and he kneels over the cylinder while I gas him with the intense radiation.

    Just before I do it, something stops me and the dream blacks out...

    The next dream in the next dream REM cycle is a continuation of this dream, it seems.
    non-lucid , memorable