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    1. Not much lately, unfortunately. I had a dream about the power steering pump going out on my truck, and that's about it. xD
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      Hi! How's it going, are you having cool dreams?
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      Hey, there! Haven't seen you around lately, hoping everything's okay!
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    I'm a relatively simple country kid. I love my truck, I love my family, I love my friends.
    What makes it difficult is that I'm transgender. I was born a girl, but I'm a man inside. Look like one too, apparently.
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    Hampton Roads, VA
    working on my truck, mudding, hunting, fishing, soccer, reading, writing, politics
    Lawn Care, Newspaper Contractor, Scrap Metal Collector
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    Meeting in the Public Bathroom

    by YotaLife93 on 10-31-2013 at 02:52 PM
    I went into a public bathroom in an unknown location. (I may have been at Long Shots, the local pool hall I go to, not sure.) I entered the men's bathroom, because I identify as, and appear to be a male. I was surprised to discover that the restroom was passably clean. It was also not the same bathroom I had been apparently used to- it had possibly been remodeled. The stalls were a gunmetal gray.
    I walked into one of the middle stalls, undid my fly and sat down on the toilet to take care of my business. A couple minutes later I suppose, somebody enters the stall to my right. I look down to see a pair of black, gray, and yellow Adidas running shoes, all ragged and worn. I get all excited, because I know who that is. That's my best friend Robert. He must have realized that he was next to me as well, for when I threw a wad of toilet paper into his stall from underneath, I promptly received one in return. I duck my head under the partition between us, and am amused to find him doing the same, both of us leaning off the toilet to talk to each other."Eww, it's that guy," I say, grinning at him with one hand shielding my junk from his view, just in case he was trying to get a peek- yet, I was looking for his. "Thought those troll feet were yours," he says, and we both retract our heads back into our respective stalls to finish up our business. A little while later, while we are both still sitting on the toilet, I hear him say "We've gotta do this more often."
    Then later, I'm in a public bathroom again, and my dad is in the neighboring stall. While sitting there, I proceed to tell him all about the meeting with Robert earlier in the bathroom.

    Updated 10-31-2013 at 02:53 PM by YotaLife93 (Correcting a grammatical error!)


    Sleeping on Robert's couch/lap, and then some! O_o

    by YotaLife93 on 10-31-2013 at 06:08 AM
    First Entry!
    Sorry if this ends up being a bit graphic towards the end- I'll try to keep it relatively clean.

    In the dream, I remember being half asleep on Robert's couch in the den. I believe the television was on, though I can not be sure what was showing. In his den, there are five light bulbs- there is a single one in the center, and four larger ones placed around the room. Only the center one was on, so it was rather dimly lit. The door to the den was closed at first. I was trying to fall truly to sleep when my friend Robert came into the room. He tried to wake me, but I was being stubborn- half asleep, and deciding that I would continue to feign sleep, to see what would happen. I wanted to see what he would do- would he be sweet and tender, maybe cuddle me or cover me with a blanket? Or would he just let me sleep undisturbed on his couch? His attempts to stir me were somewhat rough at first, talking loudly and prodding me, as we generally do to each other. I felt his hand on my backside at one point, and I remember being distinctly pleased by this. But I was still determined not to stir. He began to speak softly, touching me gently and trying to get me to rise from the couch. I remember thinking that I could no longer feign sleep, and so I rose halfway into a sitting position and got to my feet, feigning grogginess. He sat down on the couch and I simply stood there for a minute before sinking to my knees and resting my head on his knee. I remember at that point believing that I could pretend to plausibly doze like that in a sly effort to get close to his "junk." Not to try anything, but just to be in close proximity to it. All I remember after that was him being mildly amused at my position and apparent sleepiness before he undid his zipper and started to play with himself with long, rapid strokes. After that, I do not remember anything of the dream. I do, however, recall waking up somewhat, acknowledging to myself that I had just experienced a strange yet satisfying dream, and slipping back into oblivion.