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    my 3rd WILD!

    by youngjedi on 12-27-2010 at 10:00 PM
    So I was able to have my 3rd WILD, this sunday DEC 26th. I had had my first two WILD's the prior week, one on tue the 21st and the second on wed the 22nd. I tried the next couple of days but with so much on my mind with the holidays it seemed that I would try but would end up just laying there thinking about random stuff for about an hour and I would just give up and fall asleep normally. I still have not been able to become lucid during regular dreams either, only the WILD method seems to work for me becoming lucid. So sunday around 6pm I decide to give it another try and this time it works. LUCID #3; I wake up looking at the ceiling in my room and I notice that the scenery is not stable so I realize that I am dreaming right away, I roll off the side of my bed and land on my knees, at this point I crawl over to the first thing I find in my room which happens to be my shoe on the floor. I grab it and try to perform stabalizing techniques by putting the shoe about six inches from my face and examining the texture but not too carefully, also by feeling the shoe all the way around. This helps the dream to become clearer but not by much. I then stand up and rub my hands together and this works abit better, I continue by feeling my legs and stomach which I can feel but still does not stabalize the dream to where I want it, so I walk to my room door and open it to go to the living room. When I open my room door I see my dad come around the corner and he asks me if I can go with him to see my mom in the bedroom, he says "we are going to wake her up and surprise her for her birthday". At this point I make a weird face at him and think to myself (I know its december and it cannot be my mothers birthday, also my dad is trying to lead me to the backroom of my house and I know there is no way my mom would be sleeping over at my place) I am kind of scared of the fact that it could be my sub-concious trying to mess with me since I really dont know what the hell is stored up there, and so I totally ignore him and continue with my "goal" I had planned out. I had wrote down what my goal would be for my next dream (stabalizing my dream by engaging all five sences) I had planned to do this by going to my kitchen, grabbing my roomates coffee can and opening it, smelling the coffee, grabbing a small amount in my hand and then tasting the coffee ,and finally throwing the can as hard as possible against the wall so I could hear it (even though I had heard my dad talk to me and had knocked sound out already). So I go to the kitchen and open the pantry but the coffee can that is always there is missing, I get paranoid that my dream will fade out so I keep rubbing my hands over and over, I look in the pantry again and grab what looks to be a bottle of vinegar or oil which is filled to the top. I open the lid to smell it but once I put it up to my nose and breathe in, I accidently breathe in the fluid which feels like water (similar to being in a pool and breathing in water) I immediatly have to cough as it messes with my "dream breathing", however I was not able to smell anything. I forget to throw the bottle or to try to taste it due to me having coughed and trying to get my nomal breathing back, I just lay it down and decide to walk outside. I yell to my roomate on my way out because I can hear what seems to be the tv or music in the living room, I say " hey im taking off" to which he replies " sounds good man". I am happy that I could hear him and that i took care of hearing in my dream (even though I had heard my dad talk just a minute earlier but not payed attention to it). So I walk outside and the view is similar to the street I live on but different in a way as well. There seem to be more buildings than houses on my street and I know very well there is no business buildings anywhere around my neighborhood. The weather is also strange, it seems like it is about to rain by how cloudy it is outside, the clouds also seem to be very low to the ground for some reason ( about as low as a two or three story building). As soon as I decide to run out on the street and see exactly how far I can walk away from my house, it starts to sprinkle and I can feel every single drop hitting my body which was very cool. I get about a block from my house and decide to try to fly since I didnt have much luck in my last two lucids to do this, I get a good run going and then dive outward but I do not go up or down, I just glide at about waist high for about 10 or 15 yards then slowly start dropping and land on my stomach. From here on out I seem to either lose lucidity or I simply start thinking of something else, but before I know it I am in what seems to be an old dorm room at my old highschool. I do not recognize the room or the kid in it but I am still somewhat lucid. I look around and rub my hands to stabalize the dream again since it seems very hazy, it works but not that well. I look around the room and I spot out a bag of sunflower seeds, I instantly grab it and stick about four or five in my mouth, the taste is very real, they are extremely salty ranch flavored seeds and I get very stoked at the fact that I have knocked out "taste" as well. At this point for some reason my eyes just open and I am wide awake.
    I was unhappy that I woke up but yet very excited that I had another WILD since I was getting frustrated from my prior attempts that week and weekend.

    I would appreciate tips as to how I can prolong the dream state and also how I can make it as lucid and clear as possible. I have tried the common methods of stabalizing (rubbing hands, engaging sences, trying to look at the texture of something) but they do not seem to work that well or atleast they didnt this time. For some reason my dream still seems to want to fade out pretty often. Thanks guys!

    Updated 12-27-2010 at 10:19 PM by youngjedi

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    my first and second succesful WILD'S! perfect recall, could use tips

    by youngjedi on 12-23-2010 at 01:37 AM
    So this is the first and second succesful WILD's I have had, the first was me going into the sleep paralysis state and hearing the familiar buzzin sound/sensation I had remember from the first couple times trying but waking up to excitement. This time I remain calm just stabalizing the buzzing sound and then the dream begins. LUCID #1; I am waking up in my bed, doing a reality check as soon I get up. As soon as I realize I'm dreaming I start to float slowly, I think its due to the fact that iv been wanting to fly in dreams again so badly so I slowdlly drift towards my room door as if I have to swim in the air at a sloow rate like gravity is not present, it is night time in my dream as I am concious that it is around 4:40 am ,(that's when I had set my alarm to try the waking up and going back to bed technique which works like a charm by the way), I open my room door and start to make my way to the front door to go outside but something pulls me back before I can grab the door handle,I turn around and there is pure darkness ,I can't see anything and I woke up. Remembere it very clearly and it was on Tuesday at about 5 I'm guessin because I woke up around 530.

    I have not yet been able to become lucid in a regular dream, only the WILD method seems to work for me becoming lucid, if anyone can help with tips please do so.

    Today Wednesday I had my second, in this one I was much more aware and tried a few techniques that I read up on. I tried the waking up and going to bed method I tried the previous night, same time, but this time I just fell asleep and had a pretty cool normal dream that I woke up and wrote down in my journal. I then got up for abit and went back and layed in bed at around 1:00 pm listening to some binaural beats I had downloaded. After about a half hour I got to the sleep paralysis state, or so I think, that I hear and feel a strong buzzing sound that I can somewhat control and calm down if I focus on my breathing at that point, from then on the dream starts. LUCID #2; I wake up in my bed again and do a reality check where I look at my hand, my handlines are very mixed up and moving and I have two half fingers or stubs. I am very excited at this point that I am dreming so I try to keep my brathing calm, I still hear the buzzing sound coming in but I try the method of rubbing your hands and at that point the dream bacame a lot more lucid. I get up out of my bed, it is day time in my dream as I had gone to sleep at about 130 pm I'm guessing, I walk out of my room and this time I am walking so I notice the gravity unlike my first dream. I walk towards my front door and walk outside, the day is nice and clear, I walk out to my door without a problem this time, I stand in my front yard and decide to jump up to fly, I get up to just over the tree in my yard and I start to drift down slowly. I keep doing the rubbing hand method as it makes the dream a lot more clearer and I can also feel the rubbing of the hands which is cool, ( I made using all five senses as one of my dream goals), so I walk back into mmy house and I see my rromates pitbull come around the corner, I sit on the floor and can feel the carpet, I am very excited at this point that my dream has lasted this long, the dog runs up to me and I can feel its weight on me, I could not smell the dog but I tried, I push him off after petting him and walk into my room. At this point I try to imagine jacki fromt hat 70's show, forgetting sarah marshall, (which is another one of my dream goals) haha. I look towards my dresser and try to imagine her behind me. I turn around but instead I see this asian girl which kinda resembles her in a way, kinda like a asian jacki which was still very good looking and she is wearing a school like skirt. ( haha I thought to myself, i knew my sub-concious was somewhat perverted). At this point I get her on top of me and i can feel her grinding on me, I can also feel her legs which feel very smooth. I mentally try to make her do what I want but she just keeps grinding on me. For some strange reason at this point I naturally open my eyes and I'm wide awake. The time is 215 pm. The most vivid dream I have ever experienced! I am so stoked to try again tomorrow.