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    About Yukita

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    About Yukita
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    Hello, my name is Yukita! (Well, it's my nickname on the internet, I'm not telling my real name, only if we become friends, maybe than:))

    I am 15 years old, (almost 16) and I love anime, drawing, singing, and more. I mostly read manga at the moment. And I actually have a lot of anime crushes (lol)

    Well, my reason why am joining this forum, is because I want to learn to lucid dream, and improve my stories, (To express more feeling, and that my story becomes more epic and cuter than before!)
    I also want to lucid dream about the anime world, and meet my favorite anime characters<3 And finally do the things I can't do in the reality world:)

    Well, I hope we get along, and I hope we have the same feelings here, to be in the anime world>/////< (i f you also love Anime of course, haha)

    Well, see you! ~Yukita.
    Country Flag:
    Drawing, Watching anime, Reading Manga, Fangirlingx'D and photography!
    I don't have any now
    How you found us:
    Because I was searching about lucid dreaming


    Meeting my favorite characters in my dreams would be the most amazing thing ever^^


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    Lucid dream #5 the G dragon concert

    by Yukita on 07-16-2017 at 10:29 AM
    (This was on the day where the ticket would be available to purchase. I wanted to go so much, but it was too expensive, I ended up just dreaming about it)

    Anyway, it was on 30 June that the tickets would be available. I dreamed about going to the concert on that day.

    I was together with my friend, who had bought a VIP ticket, so she could see G dragon from really close. This ticket was super expensivexD I couldn't buy that, so I bought the cheapest one and sat far from the stage. I could barely see anything, since there were huge people sitting before me, (yeah, I am 160 cm, those people were 180 cm or something lol) but when G dragon walked on the stage, I truly fangirled like crazy lolxD
    Even though I couldn't see anything, I saw something I guessxD anyway, he began to sing his songs.

    I started to walk off the stairs to try to see him more clearly (I wasn't even aware that I did, I actually had to stay still in my seat, but I couldn't, those titan people were standing in my vision lol) I than stood next to my friend, she said there were two people that went away for something for some minutes, so she told me that I could stand in their places for the time being. That was super amazing! I could see him so close, and it was awesome lolxD
    Than the two girl people came back and so I had to go back to my own seat...far from the stage...that was sad:') but I had an amazing time back then^^

    Than it was breaktime,
    Everyone went outside to get some fresh air, and walked in the hallway, together with my friend.
    Suddenly, the staff door went open and some people walked inside and outside the door.
    My friend was a risky one, and so she secretly went the staff door in. I was too scared to follow her, and it was already too late to do that, the door was already closed.
    I stayed to wait for her comeback. People walked outside for their break, and I was almost alone in the hallway. The hallway was white and the floor was grey. It felt super empty.

    I pressed my hand on the wall next to the ''only staff members'' door, trying to, maybe, get to the other side, I didn't really know why I thought I could do that maybe (I wasn't lucid at this point yet)
    Than the two girls from back then walked by and asked me what I was doing and what happened. I explained and I told them, ''So, if I press my hand to this wall and really believe init, I could walk through it, and find my friend. Afterall, this is a dream, so I can do anything!''

    ''Hey..this is a dream..so I can do it! IT'S A DREAM!'' I was super happy that I realised it was a dream al this time, so I was fangirling in the hallway, with the confused two girls who were like, 'What are you talking about anyway? a dream? what?''xD

    But trying to go through the wall didn't work at all with me, I looked like an idiot lol. But than, the door went open and my friend walked out with G dragon by her side!!!
    Me and the two girls were fangirling super hard and we were like, ''How did this happen?! how did my friend get G dragon here? Wouldn't she have been kicked out?''
    Than I began to introduce myself. (somehow..I went to introduce myself in Japanese, even though he is Korean lololol)

    But he didn't mind and could understand, he began to introduce himself as well,
    in a REALLY WEIRD WAY. He turned his back and made a jump into a push up to the ground, and than said he told his name, etc etc. I was like, ''Is this kind of introduction normal in Korea?xD'' I laughed my ass off when I woke up from the dreamxD (after a while from the dream)

    Than I saw and realised that the G dragon from this dream looked familiar with the unknown guy from the previous dreamxD oh well~~he sure was so cute<3
    Suddenly my sister appeared and we walked outside from the concert stadium thingy. I held my sister's hand and helped me to float and fly like this. I than landed on the top of a wall thingy, not far from the ground. I was super happy that all these things happened this dream. I could fly, I met G dragon, and he was as cute and sweet as the Unknown guy (because probably, the G dragon in my dream played the Unknown guy lol)
    We talked all for a while and than we appeared to be in a forest, running with each other through it, even G dragon was with us. WE WERE LIKE NINJAS!!! HAHAHA hopping from tree to tree, etc etc.

    Anyway, that's where I woke up..I wished the dream went on a little longer, but that was it for my lucid one hahaha:')

    I hope you liked to read my experience once again and I see you all again with another DJ entry^^

    lucid , memorable

    Ripped heart and the guy

    by Yukita on 07-02-2017 at 04:22 PM
    Finally, a vivid dream againxD and it was pretty long I thinkxD I had it two nights ago, so I can't explain everything in detail now, but I somehow know how...here I go!

    I was on my way to school I think..or at least, a place where there were lots of people.
    On this day, I was almost late, so I was in a hurry. I went on my bike.

    Than I was with friends somehwere in the dream, and arrived on the place where I had to be. It was on a car road and there was this small guy (an anime character from an anime I really like..) called Otani, who was really teasing me hard.

    I was so irritated and mad that I ripped out his heart out of his chest. That was so weird..Why did I do that? It felt really realistic as well..I throwed it away, and the guy (I usually like in the anime) was slowly dying. I had regret on taking his heart, so I wanted to safe him. Than there appeared this guy I now Always see in my thought during the day, who helped me to tell me how to safe him. He was super calm and kind to me, even though I did something that terrible..Anyway,

    The heart was on the car road, and there were riding lots of cars. It was to be lucky to not let it be crushed by a car..When the heart was on safe zone because of the wind, it moved away from the cars, I could pick it up.

    Than the kind guy explained to me to try to attach the heart to the blood vessels inside of him. I saw the hole where I ripped out his heart, I tried to put it in again. Explained to me, if I do it correctly, the heart would attach itself to the blood vessels. The heart was weird enough yellow, lol.

    I did it correctly, and the Otani guy lived again. I was relieved, and the guy who helped me was proud of me, still as calm and misterious as ever. I sticked with him more since I really liked him somehow. He let me fell good and happyxD
    The Otani guy also stayed with me and the guy and began to tease and pick on me again.. That was really stupid..but I couldn't get mad again, since I would rip out his heart again if I did. I tried to ignore him.

    The unknown guy tried to get Otani's attention by giving him a gift to get him to not tease me again like that. I was really happy with that. I saw at that moment that the unknown guy had unknown money that was rather pretty. He told me it was money from other countries to where he had travelled. I was hypnotized by the money by it's prettiness. He saw how cool and awesome I thought it was and gave me some of it with the number ''8'' on it. Really, only with the 8 on it. I wondered what that meant..but anyway, I really was happy by the gift, I really felt happiness>.< I maybe have a little crush on him lololol.
    He was happy that I was happy and had this really beautiful smile on his face. (wait a minute...Why did I not notice that this was a dream? I mean, money with number 8 on it doesn't exist...lol)

    Than the scenery changed to it of a classroom. I sat on a chair and I was injured, the unknown guy was nowhere to be found this time. but I had my Lucky charms were enough for me for now, but anyway, I couldn't do much and Otani had to solve the problems on the chalk board for me. He totally didn't want to do that for me and throwed the chalk to my face.

    Me and the teacher went mad and ran after him through the hallway of the school. It looked kinds funny on this part, but I woke up because of my mom at this point..I wish I could continue this dreamXD hahaha.

    Well, what my question is...Who was the unknown guy? before this dream, he would appear suddenly in my mind, not smiling, but really calm and misterious. I don't know his name or anything about him, but he gives me this warm and happy feeling when I see him. I also can't erase him from my mind, he keeps coming. I never thought of a guy, he is just there and I wanna know more about himT_T I know his figure by his black hair (and an asian look lol, but yeah) and a striped sweater. (HE'S SUPER CUTE)
    But yeah, he now appears in every dream of mine in another settingxD

    Next dream entry is about a LD I had last time^_^ I hope you enjoy them!

    Anime dream

    by Yukita on 01-30-2017 at 07:13 PM
    I had a dream that I was Yato...and Hiyori was kidnapped by a mean and scary witch. Me, Yato, tried to find her together with Yukine. I desperately searched for her in an unending hall, with blue, orange, and purple lights... And when I finally found her, we were teared apart again by the witch.
    I just couldn't get closer to Hiyori...and she was so precious to me, I could feel it. Me and Yukine tried everything to take her from the witch, but when we finally could touch her, and take her with us. The witch came, and I can't explain how creepy the witch was... Hiyori got absorbed in that hole again, the home of the witch, and I had to think of a plan all over again.

    And now, that I could talk to Hiyori in telepathy. I told her to at least take down the witch, and run as hard as she could to our side. Me and Yukine will try to throw the witch in an endless cave where she can't come out. (there was one nearby) I became Hiyori at that point, and tried it what Yato said to me. It worked, even when the witch became so scaryT_T I ran as hard as I could to Yato's side, away from that hole. I looked back at where the witch layed unconciouss, because I was too scared if the witch woke up.
    When I was luckily by Yato's side, I became Yato again, and ran to the witch. I grabbed her hair, and dragged her to the cave, where she would never could come out, but suddenly, that cave was sealed...I couldn't throw her in... So I told Hiyori and Yukine to run as fast as they can, we need to lose the witche's side. I threw the witch away, and ran as fast as I could together with Hiyori and Yukine.

    I could already feel the piercing eyes of the witch, and I told the others to run faster than ever.
    At some time..I don't remember very well anymore, but I convinced the witch to leave us, but I really don't know anymore how..so we finally were left alone, and had peace. I higged Hiyori real hard, and I began to cry, Hiyori had nany bruses everywhere, and I just help it...I cried out of my dream:'3

    That's my dreamstory for the day...
    Sorry if the grammar isn't all that okxD
    memorable , non-lucid

    Ld 4#

    by Yukita on 01-14-2017 at 11:17 AM
    I had a lucid dream this night! I did the SSILD method, and after a while fell asleep with a couple of sycles again. Than when I fell asleep, I apleared in the same room again where I'm sleeping, but than with a different layout, and bigger than our house normally is.

    The dream wasn't super vivid at the beginning, and I could wake up pretty fast if am not careful in the dream. I did a nose RC to be sure it is a dream, and it was! I was really happy but tried to stabalize the dream to shout "stabalize!" but it didn't work very well... So I tried to spin, and that worked a little better. It was like I really was awake. Now, it was night, and I wanted to make it day. My mom woke up in my dream, and suddenly my father was there too. I said to them that I was dreaming, and I can control this if I believe in it. So I shouted, "light!!!!!" "make it day!!" at first it didn't work. So I tried the switches from my bedroom to turn the lights on, but that didn't work either. So I tried to believe more in my control, and shouted again to make it day, and that worked finally. It became a sunny day

    I did a RC again, to prove that it really is a dream...becaus it's so hard to get a ld, and now I am here, just standing in a dream! I tried to keep myself aware that am dreaming, so that I don't forget it. My dream was not stable at some time, so thought of some stabalize methods I read at dreamviews. Someone said to crawl. So I tried that, but it became even more blurry. Almost waking up like. I didn't want that. So shouted, "stabalize!" again, and spinned. It was luckily more vivid. I opened my bedroom door, and saw that the wooden floor whom is normally darkbrown, turned in lightbrown. The corridor became much bigger... Our house has became bigger. It was really cool I tried to change my appearance, but that didn't work lol. So I decided to try it again later. I suddenly walked into a hairdresser, and decided to cute my hair a little there. After that, there were some weird men. Me and my sister read some weird documents, and it was probably forbidden to read them, because it where secrets. My sister continued to read them, while I already saw some shady people walking towards us. I tried to get my sister to flee with me, but she continued to read them, and it was already too late to run. They already stood before us. They took the documents from my sister's hands, and took them with them. They looked at me a bit scaryxD but I decided to leave that, and walked away with my sister.
    At the end of the dream, I wanted to try flying, because I am really difficult with it. I never manage to fly. Even though other people could. So in the living room, I practiced flying. My sister sat, and watched me. I jumped and it didn't work so well. (is it really, because I find it hard to believe? But if I can turn night into day, tan I can also fly. So I believed in it as much as I could, like I did with my other things, and jumped in the air. I could fly a little, but floated pretty fast to the ground. Maybe I have to think of happiness, and a lot of believe, and than I can fly? Peter Pan said so in the movie... So I thought of a lot of things that makes me happy, and believed in it. It worked! I could fly, but....I soon woke up after I managed to fly, and it was already morning at that.

    It was a fun experience, and I hope to do more in my dreams!!!❤❤❤❤❤
    I defenitely try SSILD again.

    2nd LD of my life.

    by Yukita on 10-23-2016 at 01:25 PM
    I am really ad at getting LD's how hard I try, but this time....

    I did have a lucid dream this time! And luckily a little longer then 10 secondsxD It could be 2 minutes, haha.
    I have gone to sleep at 22:00 and woke up at 4 AM. I did WBTB, and stayed up till 5:00.
    Then I did a WILD attempt. I did get hypnagogic senastions, etc. But there happened nothing like dreams or anything, I guess I fell asleep at some time? But what was weird was, I suddenly walked in a total different bedroom. It was day, and I walked to my bed. The floor was light brown, the wall was white. And next to my bed were windows. I layed my hand on the blanket of the bed, and suddenly I knew I was dreaming. I did a RC, and it worked! I was really dreaming. (Omg I was so happy, finally my 2nd LDxD)

    I also rubbed my hands together to really feel it, and get it more (vivid I guess??) Now, I walked to the door that was across of my bed, and stood still before the door. I thought, I will summon my favorite anime character! So I said to myself. When I open this door, I see my favorite character (Yato from noragami) before me. I take a deep breath, and open the door...... nothing... (Damn, I was so excited to see himxD but there is something that I didn't do right I guess...)

    Oh well.. I'll continue! I walked through the door, and saw a staircase that goes down. I think before walking off it. (Hey!!! I can try flying!) So I did. Again, I take deep breath, and say to myself, I can fly... I fly off this staircase downwards!! (I don't know if this was super bad grammar, I am sorry..) I take a big jump, and.... I didn't fly... But I did had a big float like jump down the stairs. (damn, I wanted to fly, but I jumped like a ninja from Naruto)
    When I was downstairs. In the hall, with a stone floor in the color that was like my floor in the bedroom.
    I also saw the main door, across the stair. I walked towards it, and stood still before the door, and turned from it. I then saw the stairs, and further a open door where the living room was. I then tried to attempt flying again. I looked at the ceiling, and said to myself again, (I can fly, I fly! I believe it) I made a little jump, and it was again, a ninja jump... why... I then forgot what I did afterxD I guess I lost my lucidity, haha.

    It was really fun, I hope to LD again, haha^^
    See you at the next DJ entry!
    (Sorry for bad grammar, you can tell me the mistakes, I can remove themxD)
    lucid , memorable