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      No problem and thanks I really like yours too
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      Hello yumiko, I happened to notice your dream entry and thought I'd welcome you to Dreamviews! I hope you have many lucid dreams, and I'll be happy to help you if you need any, or if you need a friend here
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    I have a tendency to spaz out in my waking life, whereas I am completely calm in my dreams.I'm pretty sarcastic either way. It seems, however, that I am the reason I never accomplish my lucid dream goals.
    Also, a nightmare isn't a nightmare if you can ultimately control the outcome!
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    Georgia, USA
    Taco Chicken--No, I still won't give you free food.
    How you found us:
    ...Okay, it was actually a thread on Gaiaonline.


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    Grandpa Returns

    by yumiko27 on 06-19-2014 at 11:15 PM
    I haven't posted in a long time because of work.

    I'm at my great-uncle's house when my grandfather shows up. We're hanging out and I'm feeling quite happy that he is visiting me. Suddenly, I say to him, "Hey, grandpa, why are you here? You're dead."
    He casually replies, "'They' said I come back down here for a while."
    ...Who is 'they'?
    Later, I'm trying to make him something to eat, but he tells me that it's time for him to go. The moment he leaves, I wake up and the dream is forgotten until it comes back in a flash hours later.

    I do believe my grandfather visited me. Besides the fact that we were at his brother's house, something about the dream was...different. It was similar to the way my dream with my great-grandpa was--he leaves, I immediately wake up, and the dream comes back in a flash hours later.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Ghost Library

    by yumiko27 on 11-05-2012 at 06:53 PM
    I haven't updated in a long time because I haven't been able to remember my dreams since that last lucid one. I don't know why. I think it took a lot out of me.

    I'm in this enormous library with my family and this old man named Dave (I think my brain based him off Dale from The Walking Dead). The thing about this library is that it is filled with ghosts. Also, uh, apparently you can keep any book forever but you absolutely have to ask a ghost if you can keep it--I didn't know this at the time. Otherwise, you're cursed and you die. Now, all the ghosts are making me nervous and I leave with Dave and half of my family. The other half--the stupid ones--decide to stay. I eventually come back to the library where a ghost librarian tells me that they aren't going to hurt me as long as I ask permission. There is this Hayao Miyazaki film I really want but I decide not to get it because I don't trust the librarian.

    Then I woke up.

    Insert Title Here

    by yumiko27 on 05-01-2012 at 04:53 PM
    Non-Lucid Part:

    I'm with my siblings and my sister, Hannah, is trying to kill me with that psychotic look on her face just like with my previous lucid--which I did not bother to write down. Only, I'm not lucid.
    I'm freaking out right now and wondering just what I have done to her. I grab a pair of scissors and try to threaten her with them, but she just yanks them out of my hand with monster strength. Soon, we're both wrestling around with several pairs, trying to kill each other. I manage to push her next to the cabinets in the adjoining kitchen, but then...

    Lucid Part:

    "Oh my god! I'm dreaming,"I shout.
    My siblings stiffened in surprise. My other little sister didn't seem to care and my little brother glared at me--but, that isn't anything new. He does that in real life, too.
    I didn't care about my other sister's reaction, though. Now, I just wanted to leave. I hate hanging around my house or town in my lucid dreams. Everyone is so dull and lifeless--or trying to kill me--in that area.
    So, I wasn't about to get stabbed today. I'll leave out this next part for everyone, but it was a complete struggle.
    I won, though.

    So, I stole a glance at my other sister and said,"I am not about to be here if that...thing...is still moving."
    I whipped out the door and flew off--literally. I think I've been flying out of sheer desperation rather than enjoyment.
    Anyways, I said for it to be daytime, but instead my brain just made it rain.
    Hardy har har on you, brain.
    I love rainy weather.

    By now, I had landed in a nice white house. I landed on some pretty blue staircase carpet, but quickly backed away when I saw some couple getting their children ready for school. The moment they walked out of the foyer, I ran outside.
    However, I wasn't afraid or cautious here. I don't know why, but the further I travel away from my house or town in my dreams, the more human everyone is.
    I rang the doorbell, while one of their kids that was already waiting for the bus was outside. I said hi as they looked at me curiously. Suddenly, the wife looked out the window and saw me. Opening the door, she asked what I needed.
    "...I'm...Wow, uh...This is a dr..."
    "Yes, I know what you're saying. No need to get upset that this is the Dreamworld."
    She smiled at me and I finally got a good look at her. She was a slightly overweight woman of average height with dark red hair that reached her shoulders and a face that put her age at about late 30s or early 40s. She had on a pair of dark blue jeans and a purple sweater.

    "Thank god. Wait, I've asked this before, but doesn't it make you kind of annoyed if someone asks or tells you that you're not real?"
    The woman, who I think was probably named Pamela, smiles and says,"Come inside."
    She tells her children to leave for the bus and as we are walking in the house, she talks.
    "You see, in what you call the real world, many of you believe that is the only reality. Well, in what you call the dream world, this is our real world. It is our reality."
    I stare at her, then say,"Yeah, but don't people from real life create you?"
    She smiles and replies,"Yes. But, don't many of you believe that a god created you? What makes that so much different?"
    I look at her in wonder and I can't help but think that I wish this woman was real.

    Pamela leads me into a sort of massage room where a man is standing nearby. He is in his forties and he is bald on top. He looks at me with interest and she says,"She's from the other world."
    "Ah. Well, it's nice to meet you. I'm her husband."
    I nod and say,"It's nice to meet you, too, sir."
    We shake hands and I ask what they're doing in here. Apparently, the man has back problems and his wife is going to massage his back in their massage room. I'm talking to them about random things for a long time when I notice a pile of cooked bacon. Pamela explains that her husband is a huge fan of it. I really want a piece because it smells delectable. She actually did say I could have a piece. No, that isn't right.
    She offered to make me breakfast. However, I left before I could take her up on that offer.

    I'm getting ahead of myself, though. I really take a good look at them, fully expecting for their appearances to change, for the scenery to change. But, nothing is different. It is literally like real life, and it is a wonder that I don't relapse back into a state where I think I'm actually awake.
    Noting that there is an enormous mirror, I take a look at my appearance. I look normal, except for the acne covering my forehead.
    Crap! It's high school hell all over again! Hah! And I bet this is before I started drinking tons of water to get rid of this.

    I try to get rid of it, but I can't for some reason.
    Giving up, I realize I've been wanting to find my dream guide. I explain this to Pamela and her husband.
    "You're welcome to shout for it as much as you'd like,"she says.
    For some reason, I can't make the words out correctly and I end up sputtering out,"Subconscious, I want to see my subconscious!"
    Then...Uh, things got slightly weird. This small figure wearing a grey hoody comes up to me. It is on a scooter skateboard thing and I take a good look at the...thing's face. There's nothing there. Just a black pool of nothingness. I knock it down, and some of the pool comes out.
    "F*** off. Get out of here."
    I push the thing away, visibly disturbed. Nearby, that couple just can't help but laugh about this. Not my foul mouth, but what came in.
    I try to say it again and I finally manage something. Now, I wait for my dream guide. That person never come, though.
    I look at Pamela and her husband and say that I need to leave. They nod and tell me goodbye.
    "Damn. I might not get that breakfast after all,"I grumble as I run out.
    I ran and ran until I made it to an airport terminal. I look at all the people when my eyes lead me straight to one particular woman. She is an overweight black woman with honey colored hair and an extremely intelligent and knowing look on her face. She was looking straight at me with a smirk now. Somehow, I felt drawn to this woman. She hands me some sweet and I eat some. It actually tasted like food. I don't finish it, though.
    Then, she proceeds to tell me that my dream guide left me a note explaining that she was sick and tired of everything. I quite listening after this. Because, I have a sinking suspicion that she is actually my dream guide--but, she is screwing around with me.
    I had a good reason to think this, by the way. I cannot accurately describe this, but when I saw this woman, I felt...connected and drawn to her. She felt entirely different from anyone else.
    The rest of the dream just involved me trying to get back to Pamela's house for breakfast. Too bad I woke up.
    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    The White Mansion

    by yumiko27 on 04-24-2012 at 06:53 PM
    I think this is one of those dreams where you've had so many dreams in a row that once you fall asleep you easily recognize you're asleep and dreaming.
    Now with pictures!

    Non-Lucid Part:
    I was with this slightly older, heavy-set guy. In the dream, we weren't together so much that he was like an older brother to me. He told me to come to the backyard with him because he had to show me something.
    "It's in the woods, but you always played back there, Ash. So, it will be fine."
    I gave him a suspicious look.
    "Hey! What? Don't worry."
    I followed him into the sparsely crowded woods behind my father's workshop until I started to lag behind him.
    "Hurry up, Ashley!"
    "Yeah, yeah..."
    All of a sudden, he vanished. Far too quick for someone who was just a little farther ahead.
    Then, the realization hits me.

    Lucid Part:

    It is about time I had one of these. Although, I don't think this is what I had in mind...
    Pleased, I gaze up at the woods and all the light brown leaves covering the ground. I have no interest in following this guy. He probably doesn't exist anymore to begin with. I turn around, eager to get away from the entire area.
    No. The entire dreamscape itself.
    I run toward this hill area near my father's building and jump, flying in the air. Funny, how this thing called flight comes so easily to me, yet I only use it for "emergencies" in dreams. I fly forward, past the ugly blue house I call home and decide to dream spin to another dimension. Realizing the consquences if I do not think of a place to be in, I vaguely think of a moor. I don't know why. I think I was thinking about my ancestors, but I don't even know if Scotland and Ireland have moors. Or whatever they are called these days. I read too much old literature to know or care.
    Amyways, I spun. If you can call it that. It was more of a graceful, kind of floaty spin. Almost like a pirouette.

    I found myself in a...white mansion by the rocky, green tipped edges of a pale grey sea.

    I know it was white, because it felt like it was a white. I walked past several windows covered with beautiful white curtains floating in the breeze.

    I had a sudden urge to go through a wall at this point. I had heard someone mention in the DV forum how you shouldn't think about the wall itself, but rather the destination. I thought of the word moor again, but I knew I wouldn't get this. How can I see what I have never seen?
    Alas, I could not pass the wall. However, the window seemed rather welcoming.
    I gently touched the glass pane with my right hand, never using force. I felt the glass turn to a goo, then it gradually succumbed entirely. I gazed out and looked upon a helicopter, a ship, and several cargo trucks by a seemingly endless sea. Some of the men had guns, but I don't think they noticed me. I wonder if they were guards for the mansion's owner.
    I looked around, but everything was blurry, to my immense dismay. However...
    Oh, yeah. That clarity thing...
    "Clarity now!"
    I suddenly remembered to look at my hands. They and the scenery got clearer.
    "Clarity now!"
    I did this several times until the quality of my dream was so detailed and I could the lines in my hands so well, it felt uncomfortable.
    "Aw, what the heck. HD-Vision now!"
    Okay. Clearest dream ever. Probably even clearer than real life. However, the guards noticed me and started to shoot. I ran away from the window and walked down the hall.
    "Bastards. You're lucky I don't use you for my diamond castle."
    I notice a door slightly ajar. Peering through, I see a woman with greying hair tied in a long ponytail.
    "This is a story about the young master. About a time long gone. About a doll that became his dearest companion."
    I looked to the left and saw another room, but one filled with forgotten memories. Yet, also with a sort of unforgotten sadness. There wasn't any death or evil here, but there was a feeling of what might have been. Suddenly, I felt my vision go out--I came as close as you can to fainting in a dream.
    I heard voices, traveling further and further back.
    Where am I going? Am I traveling in time or is this just me going to a different dreamscape?
    These thoughts raced through my head as the grey-haired spoke to another person--I can't recall who.
    "I'm sending her back in time. Maybe she will be able to talk to and warn the young master."
    "But, her body is right there."
    The woman smirked.
    "In body, yes. In spirit, however, she is crossing time itself."
    I heard nothing else.

    I arose from the floor, slightly dazed, and not noticing the boy in a white seat faced away from me. I walked, or rather stumbled, into the other room. I looked around and didn't feel sadness, but a potential for it. I gazed over and saw a hideous doll with orange hair-no, it wasn't Chucky. I was a bit frightened, but gulped down my fear and walked over to the doll. Gently picking him up, I realized that the doll was alive. He looked at me and then looked around. I smiled at him and, as gently as I could, said,"Sweetie, I'm looking for your owner..."
    I was startled to see that he had changed from a hideous doll to a cute one. I am guessing that no one except his owner treated him with kindness because of all this.
    "I...I've traveled from very far away, yet not so far."
    He looked interested and I gazed past the canopy bed behind us. Past all of the things that crowded the room. Past everything and anything.
    "From a dream long gone. Or perhaps from a dream just beginning. Who knows what real life truly is."
    I look back at him, and I see that he is intrigued.
    "I'm not from this world. But, I assure you, I will help your friend. Regardless of what happened and how little I know."
    He looked towards the other room and his gaze stayed there.
    "He's over there?"
    The doll nodded and I gently put him back in his little white rocking chair. I thank him and walk out.
    I walk towards the round, white table and take a seat. Finally, I notice the orange-haired boy. The grey-haired woman is there as well, except her hair is a mousy brown.
    "What are you doing here,"the boy asked. He is well aware I am not from the area or even that time.
    "I'm from...Well, that isn't important. I think that woman wanted me to save you."
    I pointed to the woman who now sat across from me at that white table and she nods.
    "Yes, master. Something happens to you, and I sent this young woman to help save you."
    Would you like to know why he needed saving?
    Me, too.
    Because, unfortunately, I was woken up!
    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    I Just Read In This Dream...Seriously.

    by yumiko27 on 04-09-2012 at 05:22 PM
    This dream is probably the result of me training myself to read in dreams. Believe me, it is more difficult to me than it seems.

    First, I was reading some book where Christians did a bunch of experiments--including one involving some sort of Pagan(?) ritual and scientifically testing the density of...rocks. I should probably refrain from saying why I should have known it was a dream, or else I'll sound like a major jerk.

    Then, for some unexplainable reason, I read an Ed, Edd n Eddy fanfic... WHY is beyond me. However, I do remember parts of it:
    She was so beautiful it was almost non-canon.

    I probably shouldn't read the rest...because it totally had nothing to do with that kiddy show. It was more about a pretty girl's strained relationship with her father.

    Lastly, and I can understand why I would have this part of the dream, I read a bonus manga of Vampire Knight. They all--as in Yuuki, Zero, Kaien, Toga, Senri, and Rima--went to the movies. Hilariously enough, Senri was wearing a baseball cap with teddy bear ears. I guessed in the dream it was because he was so good looking. XD
    I was a little disappointed that Kaname wasn't with them. But, man, that was a good bonus manga! I especially liked the part when Senri and Rima just left in the middle of the movie. But, in the beginning, there were three panels, showcasing members of the group over the years. It said above the panels,"Most of these guys really aren't the types you'd see at the theaters."
    Then, it pointed to Zero and said,"Especially this one!"

    Although, when I said I wanted to read Vampire Knight, this wasn't really what I meant.
    non-lucid , memorable