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    Kinder Eggs

    by Yungen on 01-02-2012 at 07:30 PM
    I was in my school and my music teacher gave me a strange sort of Kinder Egg, only as a bar with a hazelnut goo inside. We all took one and went off. I saw another boy from my year and followed his group down into the hall, but I fell and woke up.

    I had a few other dreams too but I forgot them.

    17th/ 18th November 2010- Developing chain skills.

    by Yungen on 11-18-2010 at 05:23 PM
    I am in a small field with a large blue building at the edge. There are 2 people at the side on deck chairs. A sexy cat woman (Yes, I really thought this in my dream) and a largish man. They spot me and run for me, and I am scared, but I have a huge chain wrapped around my hand. I flick it and just catch them across the face. I then realise that one of my best friends is caught up by them. I whip at the man and the woman, without trying to hit my friend. My chain skills are getting better. Every so often, they throw it back at me, but it only stings me. I eventually manage to get the chain wrapped around them, so they can't move.

    4th / 5th November 2010- Missed signs

    by Yungen on 11-05-2010 at 10:54 PM
    I was next to a boxing ring, caught up in the wires at the side, and I decided to remind myself of the levels of lucidity.
    I chanted to myself,
    "1- Subconscious awareness of dream." I flipped my position to sleep, "2..." It continued like this with me leaning either way with each repetition until I got to 10,
    "10- The dreamer is fully conscious of their dream state and can alter her vision, causing sight abnormalities."
    I saw a flashing, shiny arrow and a square to the left hand of my vision, but thought nothing of it.
    After that, I leaned to the right side in the ropes and said to myself, "I KNOW that if I go to sleep IN THIS POSITION, I will become lucid."

    I woke up and cursed myself...again
    2nd time I've missed something so obvious.

    25th / 26th October 2010- German and Spanish speaking subconscious

    by Yungen on 10-26-2010 at 05:31 PM
    1) (fragment) I was somewhere when I heard a woman say, "At least I can say 'Ich liebe dich'! Haha!"
    What's odd is that I don't know any German, but I understood her.

    2) (another fragment) I am practicing my 'ser, estar and tener' Spanish homework.
    Someone says "What is 'I am'?"
    I reply "Soy, Estoy and tengo"
    "What is 'You are'?"
    "Eres and..." I faulter. The dream ends

    How sad 0_o...

    3) (yet another fragment lol ) Looking after an old woman, her pelvis being scanned, going into class and getting an approving nod. Drinking gold glitter.

    23rd / 24th October 2010- Spiders and snowy suicide.

    by Yungen on 10-24-2010 at 10:09 PM
    1) I am in my Spanish teacher's class and I have been asked to draw on a map at the front of the room. I draw a circle to show the inner-city roads and a line moving upwards to Leeds. She praises me and I do it several more times on different maps. The class finishes and I walk down to the car-park and find my brother. I gloat at him and say "Haha! I drew on your map!"
    He gets really annoyed and storms off to find out whether or not it was true.

    I woke up here, but I was disappointed that I hadn't remembered more dreams so I went back to sleep, possibly chaining 5 dreams in 2 1/2 hours. I forgot 3, but remembered these:

    2) I am in the school-hall listening to a speech of some sort. Then we are invited to come and look at the light and sound systems used. We gather round and look at the spotlights and speakers. Then when I am on the east stage (that's new ), C spots a spider and screams to me, "LOOK OUT, V! THERE'S A MASSIVE SPIDER!"
    I run to the other end of the room, on the south stage but see that it is only the size of a bog-standard tarantula.
    "C, it's tiny."
    "No! Not that one! Look lower!"
    I lower my gaze and see two HUGE spiders, legs hairy as a gorilla and with a diameter of at least 75 centimeters.
    "Oh my God."
    It starts to move towards us, and we scramble further on, but one of the older teachers approaches with a straw. She coaxes the spider to crawl onto it a little, and she flips it over, revealing a purple underbelly. Another, younger female teacher rushes up and stabs it square in the thorax with her stiletto heel. I ask for directions to my house, and the older teacher says "Well, about half-way to Blackpool..." But I'm off out of the door before she can say anything else. I meet my brother under the canopy of trees on the way out of school. He stops and looks at something. I follow his line of sight and see the 2 spiders looking at us. We stare back. I feel no fear, but respect, and I know they have it for us too. We nod (?) and leave.

    3)I am at a door with professor Layton . We can't open the door so we look at the instructions (always a good idea lol) we do something with spaghetti and open the door. We go into a room (well, not really a room. More of a park) Layton goes to a corner and sinks down to his knees. I read his thoughts and find out that he is committing suicide. I notice that he is wearing rags. It is very cold and starting to snow. I try to haul him up, but he won't budge. A fat policeman walks by and says, "It's a bit cold for it, isn't it?" But he doesn't help. Several hours later he walks back and says "Now this is getting just silly. Get up." But still, he walks on.