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    Oblivion or something

    by zagabar on 09-25-2010 at 12:14 PM
    Yeye, it was a long time since I remembered a dream enough to write it down.

    First there are some vague memories of playing trackmania with kim. Then I was playing (or experiencing) some other game that I think was oblivion. I was in a very dark hallway with a huge sword. Some undeads or something approached me and i had to slice them. Even though I was there myself, it did still feel as if I steered from a computer or something. For instance, I had to drag a mouse to swing the sword and it was somewhat difficult to time.

    I proceeded through some hallways and corridors that were really dark with undeads here and there. Outside it was winter and really cold and windy. It was snowing those really small snow flakes that kinda stings your face when it is windy at the same time. The surrounding was quite different now and I had no sword or such. I walked around switching on lights to make it bright because the undeads wouldn't spawn then (lol i didn't realise before, but minecraft?). The place was some kind of apartment. Suddenly simon and some other friends that I can't remember was there. When I had lit up a part we said that it was a really cosy small apartment or something. It was a living room and some bedrooms.

    I continued on to light more switches and realised that the place wasn't that small. I found a second living room with a really strange bass guitar hanging on the wall. I _think_ that I thought something like "Oh, that is a fugly bass guitar. It is only because this is a dream." or something but I didn't become lucid. I went down a basement (that I also lit up) and from there I found paths to the hospital culverts. I thought that was really cool because I have always enjoyed exploring the culverts. I saw a doctor that I followed. After a while I arrived at some kiosk thingy that were selling candy. I wanted to buy some. While standing there in queue, I took up my wallet to find two tio-kronor to pay with. I could only find one because my wallet were full of foreign money. Many were Australian, lol. I don't know where the other foreign money was from but many were really similar to tio-kronor and I never managed to find two.

    Post apocalyptic FPS

    by zagabar on 09-06-2010 at 12:04 AM
    I intended to write this dream down earlier but I didn't for various reasons. Now I have forgotten some parts of it.

    There was some part involving me ordering fast food at some place where their card reader were broken so I couldn't pay. Therefor they wrote down the IP addresses of all people who ordered and I was like "uhmm, what is the purpose of that? People can just give you some random number and even if they give the real IP there isn't much they can to with it to demand money".

    Then I was in some computer room or something, talking about the CSN web page that had something to do with paying for the fast food. You needed some kind of application similar to windows media player to pay for it and I was annoyed by this.


    Somehow I was now in some post apocalyptic looking city with abandoned withered buildings and empty streets. I walked near a house that was some kind of storage house with many rooms. I knew that there was a death metal concert in it. I entered and met a vampire looking guy who just stood there. It had to do with the death metal image and I wasn't sure if he was a vampire or not. In any case I showed my hands and made sure to convince him that I didn't want to fight.

    The people in this house was like a battlefront for those who still lived in the city and I joined them or something. We knew that some army of shadows or shady creatures was about to attack and I was on the roof of the warehouse. From there I could see a river passing through the town. It had two bridges leading to the evil side where the shadows lived. One of the bridges was already filled with shadowy things marching in lines towards our place. The mood became rather tense and hurried.

    After this followed a battle episode where I fought the evil stuff along with the other people. They weren't shadows anymore though. The first wave of attackers consisted of people with baseball bats lol. I had one too.

    I fought with a big one that also had a gun in one hand. I managed to disarm him and take the gun. This is followed by a part that I don't really remember. There was something about me acquiring a powerful gun that I used to destroy much (it looked kinda like an FPS game at this point so it didn't feel like I was actually fighting something for real). Then when I was low on ammo I saw some care-taker looking guy and I asked him to cheatingly refill my ammo which he did. Then the "god" of the world appeared and he looked like morgan freeman (lol bruce allmighty?) and he scolded me for trying to cheat by refilling my ammo and he turned my gun into something that could only pour out a small stream of water or something like that. My memory fades at this point.

    Forest, skiing and voodoo

    by zagabar on 08-24-2010 at 10:30 AM
    Me and some other randoms were in a forest place that was rather cliffy and had some kind of canyon. Some savage-ish kids appeared and started to throw rocks on us. They threw quite big ones so dodging was easy since they threw slow. I tried to throw back some fist-sized rocks but somehow I couldn't throw right in a very dream like manner.

    We started to run away instead along the canyon which was now a forest stream. I ran through it since I had rubber shoes. I stopped and saw a Physarum Polycephalum (lol) on a mossy branch and I thought "Awesome! Too bad I don't have time for this now... :/" and then I kept running.

    After a while we arrived in a place which I can't say if it was outside or inside in a large storage thingy. There was a cliff in there at least. I noticed how the surface of the cliff was loose in a huge chunk. I realised that it could be nice minerals behind it so I bent it over, exposing what was hidden behind. I found like five or six different crystal pieces.

    [Now there was a small memory loss but I think the next section still was a part of the same dream somehow]

    The place we were at was now a skiing place with tall hills you could ski down from outside. Fred was there. Somehow during a short part of this section I had a discussion with kim on irc while the other stuff happened. I don't recall about what. I was wearing skis and I went out to go down one of those hills and I think I did. Don't remember much of it though. Then we all decided that we wanted to buy some food, so we went to a food store. It was snowy outside.

    In the store I was suddenly wearing ice skates. At the checkout, the checkout girl said "Sorry, you aren't allowed to wear those in here" or something. I excused myself and she said that I had to help in the store because of it. She showed me to the shelf were they sold batteries and I was instructed to tidy it up. I said that I know how it is done because I had worked in a store before. I started to line up the batteries nicely on the shelf and removed some empty boxes. Then I saw some half-rotten fries with dressing in the corner of the shelf. I thought "wtf" and started to take pieces of it and throw it away in a garbage can. Under the fries there was salad and some burger.

    When I had dug below the fast food, there was some other stuff. I only recall that there was a red deformed potato and a piece of ginger both wrapped in plastic. I continued throwing the stuff away until I saw some human teeth below the stuff. I was disgusted by it and noticed how the teeth was stuck in some strings in a circle or something and in the middle of the circle was two voodoo dolls that someone had hid there below all that stuff.

    I was a bit creeped out by it and I didn't want to touch them. The other people who I was with poked them in the face and they were slimy. We discussed a while about them. Then strange things started to happen because they touched them. Some strange nick joined the irc and posted some threatening stuff related to the dolls. I don't know if much else strange than that happened, lol but everything had a "strange things are happening" feeling to it. Fred wanted to go home so he went to get the car (he can't drive irl). I told him I wanted to get a ride home. When following his progress on a map we could see that he got lost.

    I think I woke up at this point. It was not a nightmare, but it had a creepy feel to it.

    Various things

    by zagabar on 08-19-2010 at 08:48 AM
    At first I dreamed of minecraft. We had a new map on the pallkars server which we explored. You were able to view it as a map. I remember thinking that the water on the map was too spread out evenly. No huuuge oceans and no huuuge landmasses. Only randomly placed water here and there.

    After that I dreamed that me and a couple of friends had sneaked into the culverts of a hospital. There were empty corridors with branching doors here and there. Some of them were made of armoured glass and some were locked. We weren't allowed to be there and we hoped no one would find us. What we were doing there was to "fix" the place a bit. I don't remember for what reason but I for instance painted the wall so that it looked nicer (All though I had no paint so I had to use my hands by licking on my hands and stroking them over the wall so that they became wet. Then they got a darker colour, lol.).

    A while later we went up from the culverts and got into some kind of school. We were spotted by an old teacher I had back in primary school. He didn't see to care though. I don't remember really what happened then.


    I was sitting at my PC writing down the dream about the culverts into this DJ (this was still a dream). <--Very vague memories of this part

    There was something about how I was planning on taking some extra courses along with my program because the extra courses was really easy. They were about extended python programming and basic PHP.

    Then there was a part in which I was at my grandpa's place (he lives in the mountains near norway). I was lying in a bed there. I got up to go to the bathroom. First I was going to drink water from the tap in there. I thought about how cold and fresh the water always is at their place. The water was quite nasty though because there was some brown slime coming out of the tap sometimes along with the water and I drank only a little. Then I was going to use the toilet, but that didn't seem nice either since the bathroom had many windows without any cover and my grandpa was working on something just next to them, lol. I tried to cover the windows with some curtains but they were semi transparent anyway.
    non-lucid , false awakening

    Mini minecraft

    by zagabar on 08-18-2010 at 02:03 AM
    I just remembered that in my dream last night I was in some place that I suddenly realised consisted of minecraft blocks. There was some strange fancy 3D filter on that I didn't like.
    non-lucid , dream fragment