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    March 17
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    An empty dark world
    video games,dreams,taking pictures,and talking with friends
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    I googled lucid dreams.


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    Fly(X)Meet my dream guide( )Eat dream chocolate on a stick( )Have 2 lucid dreams in a week( ), Fly to Mars( ) Grow two extra arms( )


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    My book

    by zark on 12-14-2010 at 03:55 AM
    I was in a canyon with high gray walls all around me, but I walked through like it was normal. An old woman was walking through with a child around 3-4. She walked up to me and asked me to watch the child. I say yes not really caring. I find a bench to sit on, and sit on it with the child. The woman leaves. I tell the child to come closer so I could read to him. He comes closer. I take a small book out of my pocket. Its a guide to lucid dreams. I open it to the part on flying thinking the child would like the idea of flying. So I read about flying in a dream for a little while. I read a part on how to stay flying once you are in the sky. It was in red text. Here is what it said. When you begin to take off clear your mind, and only think of what it will feel like. Think of birds and the g-power you will feel as you fly. Finally imagine that you can not touch the ground because gravity has been weakened. The child asks me to show him. I get up and start to fill my mind with thoughts of flying only. I begin to lift into the sky. I then realize that I was in a dream. Then just at the right time my mom tells me to wake and that I missed the bus. I wake up in a bad mood because she woke me up right when I realized it was a dream.

    Dream Fragment (non-lucid)

    by zark on 12-13-2010 at 07:43 AM
    There were little people fighting. I was the leader of one side. Both sides are dead except for the two leaders. The enemy leader started going as fast as sound. I can't keep up with him. So I find so coffee called "Supercharge". Then I pour liquid light into it. Now I am going four times faster than he is going. I start shaking because of all the power the liquid light gave me. I start searching for him. As I am starting to smash his face in I wake up.
    dream fragment

    Second lucid dream. :D

    by zark on 12-09-2010 at 06:44 AM
    I was walking in Walmart with one of my friends. (I will be calling him JP from now on.) I don,t really know why we were in Walmart. I think we were just bored. Anyways,we stopped and looked at football cards. They were in some weird Pokemon containers. I look away then I look back. The cards were completly rearanged, so now I do a RC. My finger gos straight through my hand. I stare at it a while , and then take it out. In instinct I clear my mind, and begin to lift off the ground and fly around Walmart . I start thinking about my finger going through my hand, and then I decide to try and fly through a shelf or two. I go straight through two shelves, and come out into a hospitals hallway. JP pulls me down to the ground. I start to fly again,and JP pulls me back down. I throw him at the wall getting mad at him. I try to fly through the ceiling to find my dream guide,but instead I smash my face into the ceiling. I land and start flying again. Now JP is holding onto my leg. I try to slam him into the ceiling, but he is to heavy,and I fall back down to the ground. I fly out the window into a families living room. They have hot chocolate and cookies while the children' s mom reads them a christmas story. They can't see me so I wonder into the kitchen. A kid is sitting there eating his carrots. He sees me and freaks out. I tell him i' m a ghost thinking that will calm him down. He doesn't get it so I show him that I can put my finger through my hand. My alarm clock gos off then so I wake up.